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Trans umbrella: What do the three 'T's mean in the LGBTI+ community?

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If you've ever wondered what the three letters 'TTT' mean in the LGBTTTI+ acronym , today we tell you more about it.

The three letters exist to name transgender people, transsexuals and transvestites. And the abbreviation “trans” is sometimes used to encompass the community. However, there are differences.

1. Transgender

Transgender people are those whose gender identity does not match the one assigned at birth, thus making a transition to the opposite gender (or to a non-binary gender).

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The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) states that gender is performative, which means that it is made up of ideas and behaviors, as well as social indicators (clothes, hair) that are associated with what it means to be a man or a woman. .

“Gender identity is the personal and internal conviction of how each person perceives himself. Trans people can adapt their gender to masculine or feminine, or not”, he points out.

Paraguas trans: ¿Qué significan las tres ‘T’ en la comunidad LGBTI+?

The CNDH also explains that recognizing the trans reality implies two things: on the one hand, understanding that there are stereotypes built from a patriarchal system about what is masculine and what is feminine, and, on the other hand, that not all people feel identified with the gender construction assigned to them at birth.

Generally, transgender people only adopt a hormonal reassignment to adapt their physical appearance to their psychic, spiritual and social reality, indicates the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred).

2. Shemale

Transsexual people feel and conceive of themselves as belonging to the opposite gender and sex to which they have been socially and culturally assigned, indicates Conapred. Such people may opt for medical interventions such as hormonal therapies and surgical interventions.

3. Crossdresser

Transvestites are those who like to present temporarily or permanently an appearance opposite to that of the gender that was socially assigned according to their birth sex.

That is, transvestites usually wear clothing, have attitudes and behaviors associated with the opposite gender, explains Conapred in its glossary.

There's one more 'T' we need to talk about...

The trans community Being trans is one more manifestation of human diversity. However, the people who make up the trans community suffer discrimination and violations of their human rights, both in Mexico and in the rest of the world.

This is why we must talk about an extra 'T' that is not part of the community, but affects it: transphobia.

Transphobia , explains Conapred, is the rejection, discrimination, invisibility, ridicule and non-recognition of gender identity or expression of people who are part of the trans community.

This hostility against trans people derives from prejudice, stereotypes and stigma towards people with trans identities, expressions and experiences or those who are perceived as such.

Rejection and discrimination can lead to extreme violence against people, such as hate crimes against trans men and women. This crime is not typified, but Conapred uses the term 'transcide' to talk about these cases. In the case of trans women, both Conapred and other organizations use the term transfeminicide , which emphasizes the double condition of being women and being trans people.

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