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Two Basque friends fall in love to the world with their baby accessories

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Sarai Vázquez

Maite Quintana and Maitane Rekarte met at the Institute.Since then, these two 32 -year -old Algorta young people are great friends.Their relationship became even narrower when they also became members of their most personal project, 'Mimae', an accessories for babies.They wanted to devise clothes for the little ones in the house, but soon they noticed that the world of complement was easier and there was less offer.Maitane, a child professor, already commented before the pandemia to Maite, fashion designer and in charge of the 'Atelier' by Maestro Javier Barroeta, her idea of founding her own brand for babies."But I never considered getting into this sector, I was very happy with my girlfriends and custom orders," he admits.However, during the quarantine they began to set their project: "As we did not know what was going to happen, we elaborated the business plan, and there we saw that there was a hole in the market," they say.

Maitane Recharte and Maite Quintana, founders of 'Mimae'.

Throughout these months, these two friends have formed the perfect tandem.Maite, who has the technical knowledge of fashion, is responsible for elaborating the designs, always taking into account Maitane's opinion, which is daily in contact with mothers and knows their tastes or needs.After an exhaustive search, they found the fabric suppliers and workshops where their children's accessories are made today, located in Bolueta and Irún.

Last summer, Maite began to devise the prototypes of the products, which are designed to pamper the little.Already in February, the articles of these Biscays made the leap to their Instagram account, which already exceeds 3.500 followers.«At the moment, this social network is our only sales channel.The customer can acquire the products through direct message, ”they need.His first orders came from Valladolid and Huelva.«There we realized that not only our friends liked what we were doing.It was a climb! ”Remember.And, shortly after, they received another pleasant surprise from outside our borders: "The Instagram reach is the pear, because the same week in which we created the profile, a woman bought us a sack of chair from Belgium".The price of products goes from 20 euros to 110.

Quality and design

Dos amigas vascas enamoran al mundo con sus complementos de bebé

The quality and design concepts shake hands in the articles of Maite and Maitane.The accessories are made with 100% cotton from Euskadi and the Valencian Community.«It is the most appropriate fiber for children, who have sensitive skin.Polyester and synthetic fabrics can give them allergies or make chafing, ”explains Maite.On the other hand, the firm is committed to the classic style.Plumeti mixture and 'vichy' and 'Liberty' prints have become its identity sign."There were already in the market, but they are difficult to find," they say.And despite the fact that this last 'print' is usually designed for girls, Maite and Maitane democratizes him so that boys can also sign up for him.Because with these fabrics in their hands, these two Biscay friends do not stop dreaming of new designs: «We ride some movies...»They add laughter.

They get maximum in the firm during the little free time that their jobs leave them.In fact, they run the brand from their homes, Maite lives in Amorebieta and Maitane in Algorta."We talk on the phone every day," they need.And, as in good teams, work is divided: Maite has more weight in the design area, while Maitane takes care of the firm's communication."For the two it is being a learning process," they recognize.At the moment, they also store the stock of their products in their homes."We want to rent a warehouse, but little by little," they advance.

The needy and bibs of 'mimae'.

Amatxus are their greatest fans, because "they fall in love with prints".Among its variety of 'prints', all timeless, the ones who triumph are the 'Liberty Haize', which has the name of one of Maitane's daughters, because it is their favorite;The 'Blue Mara' and the 'Liberty Mae'."Every time they produce again, they run out very fast," they recognize.Recently, they have included in the firm a line of household items with bedrooms and cushions, which "they are also liking a lot".And the thing is not there: "We have just sent a commission to Lasarte with a cover cover that we have not yet shown on Instagram," they say.And they advance that travel and blankets will arrive in the coming weeks.

They look to the future wanting to 'mima' grow: "We want to make more production, for this, we are already in contact with other bigger workshops, with which we will work from this fall," they say.After summer, they also plan to open their own website to facilitate their clients to buy their baby accessories, and this fall will look like their own prints.In addition, they study introducing Biscay designs in multi -brand stores from different points of our country, such as Elche or Almería.The friendship that was born in the institute has established itself thanks to his signature: "We are happy dedicating ourselves to this".


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