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You lived: the cheerful Coruña fashion store that exports Italy in every garment

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La ropa que comercializa Vittoria Pascarosa rompe los esquemas y está pensada para "chicas todoterreno" que buscan diferenciarse, darle color a la vida y atreverse a ser ellas mismas
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Prendas llenas de color hechas en Italia y vendidas desde A Coruña a «chicas todoterreno». Así es Viveste, el proyecto de vida de Vittoria Pascarosa, una joven que busca transmitir su alegría y su amor por la moda a sus clientas, a las que asesora en cada compra.Viveste: La alegre tienda de moda coruñesa que exporta Italia en cada prenda Viveste: La alegre tienda de moda coruñesa que exporta Italia en cada prenda

The pandemic marked a turning point for the Italian, who moved out of love to the Herculine city and for the first time in seven years was deprived of the necessary visits to her family. Pascarosa was responsible for sales in a wholesale company and decided to leave her job to seek happiness and fulfill her dream of translating through fashion the joy of living that she transmits with every gesture.

  • Viveste is the acronym for "Vittoria Veste", which in Spanish means "Vittoria dresses". The young woman seeks to convey with her mark the excellence of "made in Italy" in the textile sector. "they are different garments, which break the schemes and at affordable prices," says Pascarosa. Viveste is a way of expressing the philosophy of life of the Italian woman, who defines herself as a nice and honest person with her clients, with whom she seeks a closeness. "I Don't just like to sell the garment, but I want to transmit something else", she firmly assures the head of the store.

    The autumn season is already here

    "I fully assume all the costs of the project and I have already spent much more than I expected," explains Pascarosa about the difficult beginnings he is facing. The investment to become autonomous and bring the first clothes, as well as to hire the advisory services to deal with the red tape and marketing tasks (now carried by Sara de Nortecreando), was large and has not yet recovered.

    Viveste: La alegre tienda de moda coruñesa que exporta Italia en cada prenda

    But the Italian woman does not lose hope or illusion and, after opening her business in May of this year with different clothes perfect to wear in summer, the head of Viveste has already begun to import the clothes for the autumn season. "I have bet a lot on the suits that always follow the same philosophy: colors, stripes, asymmetric games …. Breaking clothes for off-road girls, "explains Pascarosa.

    The target audience of the store are mainly girls between the ages of 25 and 55 who flee from the conventional and who bet on clothes that differentiate them and break the schemes. The store has two slogans that perfectly explain the Italian philosophy: "garments made to say adore" and "dare to be yourself".

    A personalized treatment

    "you lived in full embodiment of my personality. I'm not a sober person, nor do I like sober things. I'm looking for an alternative product, with different garments that you can combine your personality with, convey your mood, "says the young woman. Thus, Pascarosa wants to provide Galician women with the opportunity to dress differently and give life a little color in the grey days.

  • Viviste does not have a physical location, although its manager does not rule out opening it in the future if the opportunity arises. Now, a room in his house serves as a shop while making a hole in Galician cabinets. "A physical store is a showcase. I am a showcase for the social media, "says the young woman.

    This does not, however, prevent her from maintaining a close relationship with her clients, whom she advises and accompanies in the purchasing process to help them choose the size and design that best suits them. "I love having a close relationship with the customer, seeing everything a little at the level of sizes, colors, measurements... ", says Pascarosa. This closeness is also reflected on the web, where the characteristics of each garment are accompanied by different options to combine it according to the occasion on which one wants to dress.

    Quality garments

    Viveste's clothes can be seen both on his Instagram and Facebook profiles, as well as on the store's website or on the company WhatsApp on phone 682405025. The latter does not allow completion of the purchase, but interested people can write to Pascarosa, who explains that he admits returns up to 14 days after the purchase with flexibility.

    The young woman, who sells all over Spain except Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands because shipping costs are very high, does not rule out extending the range of products to male fashion in the future. "I would love to have clothes without gender, so that everyone can wear whatever they want," says Pascarosa, who would also like to be able to market accessories in the future.

    The affection that the Italian woman conveys through her project is reflected in every detail: she herself travels to Italy to choose her clothes with complete care. "I always look for clothes that are of quality in order to be able to buy less and better, that is, a garment that you can wear on an elegant occasion, to go to party or work and that lasts over time..." explains Pascarosa, who is going to start a shopper staff course at Goymar school to continue his training and strengthen his project.

    Knowing that the textile industry is considered to be one of the most polluting causes the Italian industry to begin to see fashion differently and, in fact, does not use plastic in its packaging and is committed to a less consumerist way of life and more focused on special details. "sometimes we love so much when we really need little to be well, happy and arranged," Pascarosa concludes.

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