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What and what cannot be paid with the balance of my scholarship to start 2020

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Last Sunday, November 1, the guaranteed education trust (Fidegar) began the distribution of my scholarship to start 2020-2021, the balance will be reflected in the first 10 business days of the month.

Recall that this support delivered to all basic education children who have already registered in the app obtains more, is intended to buy food and items necessary for students to continue with their studies.

Being an economic support that functions as an electronic wallet, the balance can be used as a payment method in different stores and shops, but it has its limits.The scholarship to be used only in necessities.Then we explain it to you.

Where they accept the balance of my scholarship to start 2020-2021


The balance of my scholarship to start 2020-2021 is received as a form of payment when buying pantry in self-service stores, such as Walmart, Bodega Aurrerá, Sorian.Also in affiliated shops that you can locate in this league: https: // www.Registry.com/home/shops


Through the app obtains more and with the electronic voucher or green card you can pay pharmacy and medicine items.In establishments such as Farmacia San Pablo accept them without major difficulty.

Qué sí y qué no se puede pagar con el saldo de Mi Beca para Empezar 2020

Also in store pharmacies such as Walmart or Superama is also valid as a payment method, there are also local pharmacies in which they accept it.Check here which is closer, you just need to enter your postal code: https: // www.Registry.com/home/shops

Clothes and shoes

For the 2020-2021 school year, Fidegar deposited support for school supplies and uniforms in the electronic voucher of my scholarship to start 2020-2021, a balance that could be visualized in the app obtain more.

This money can be used in uniform stores affiliated with the program, as well as in Zapaterías León, Elite, Karele, La Vega, Converse Shoes or Price Shoes.

Stationery and school items

This is one of the fundamental aspects in the Mi Scholarship program to start 2020-2021, in the CDMX there are hundreds of stationery members affiliated with the program.Also stores like Lumen, Office Depot, Tony or Merchand you can make your purchases.

Remember to constantly review the list of affiliated shops to know about new places that accept payment with the balance of my scholarship to start 2020-2021: https: // www.Registry.com/home/shops

Things that are not paid with the balance of my scholarship to start

As we mentioned at the beginning, the electronic money of the Fidegar scholarships must be used in a responsible manner and has its limits.Some things that cannot be paid with this support are:

In addition, it is strictly forbidden to change the electronic balance for cash.People who are caught doing this will be discharged from the program and those who dedicate themselves to this practice can have criminal consequences.

If you have more doubts about the balance of my scholarship to start 2020-2021 consult the following notes that we have prepared about this program with official trust information:

How to get quotes in trust to clarify my scholarship balance to start 2020

Fidegar: Third deposit of my scholarship to start 2020 will be on November 1

Balance of my scholarship to start 2020-2021: all ways to consult it

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