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World Environmental Education Day: 10 tools to contribute to environmental care

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Fire, high temperatures, drought in some places and intense rains in others, show us that the time has come to take urgent measures to take care of our planet. Sabemos que las pequeñas acciones pueden convertirse en grandes soluciones pero para eso, es necesario que tengamos educación ambiental y la pongamos en práctica.

We must start from home taking care of the water, turning off the TV when we are not watching it, taking advantage of sunlight, planting a tree and using our cell phone consciously.

Si, el uso de tecnología de forma responsable también aporta a la protección del medio ambiente, por eso en esta nota, te proponemos 10 tools para cuidar el medio ambiente y aportar a la disminución del impacto del cambio climático.

10 tools

La educación ambiental desde pequeños es cada vez más importante en los tiempos que se viven.Learn that water care, protection of trees and animal species, the separation of reusable and organic waste is key for newer generations to have a habitable planet.

Por eso, en algunas provincias del país, como Chaco, se establecieron programas de Educación Ambiental para que los niños tengan conciencia sobre la importancia de cuidar el medio ambiente. Estos 10 consejos para proteger el medio ambiente pueden servirte a vos también.

  1. Enseña a tus hijos a ahorrar agua:

Water for consumption can be exhausted and is a vital liquid for our survival and that of nature. Cerrar el grifo mientras te cepillas los dientes o te enjabonas en la ducha, tirar de la cadena del váter usando la mitad de la carga, cerrar un poco la llave de salida del agua para que no salga tanta cantidad o cambiar la bañera por el plato de ducha son gestos que tienen impacto positivo en el medio ambiente.

En ese sentido, debe recordarse que la bajante del río Paraná llegó -en enero- a 22 meses y genera una crisis hídrica permanente en todas las ciudades costeras de la Cuenca del Plata.The strong reduction is recorded since March 2020.

This situation also generates droughts in the NEA and increased fire risks.For example, in Chaco, satellite detection registered more than 400 heat spotlights distributed throughout the provincial geography, especially concentrated in the grasslands of the provincial east.

  1. Separa los residuos con tus hijos:

Día Mundial de la Educación Ambiental: 10 tools para aportar al cuidado del medio ambiente

Do you know how to separate waste?It is simple, you can reuse paint and decorate tubes to differentiate what goes in each.To separate waste you can establish three options: organic, plastics and glass, and paper.You can also recover batteries, appliances, clothing and furniture.If you take them to a clean point, they may have a second life and so you don't have to manufacture new.

  1. Recicla el papel:

In our country, there are extensive tree plantations dedicated exclusively to paper production.It is one of the productions generated by the deforestation of native forests.All those notebooks or leaves that you use and throw in the trash, can have another second life whether you use them completely, as if you recycle them and take them to the paper and cardboard container.

  1. Uso del transporte público y la bicicleta:

Nafta or Gasail -based vehicles emit an amount of carbon monoxide to the atmosphere that causes direct damage to everyone's health.You can reduce that damage using public transport or bicycle.This action implies savings in economic terms and helps to avoid all that contamination so harmful to the entire ecosystem.

  1. Utiliza bombillas de bajo consumo:

Focos or bulbs are necessary in modern life but have great effects of pollution and the use of electricity.If we use low consumption sources, the use of energy is reduced, it takes a long time to change it and, therefore, the residues they generate are reduced.

  1. Apagar tus dispositivos si no los usas

If you are not going to occupy the computer, the TV, the coffee maker or the microwave, unleashed.Electrical devices consume energy if you keep them suspended or plugged in.The cell phone can also turn it off during the hours when you do not use it, so you save electricity and extend its useful time.

  1. Ahorra calefacción y aire acondicionado

Do not abuse heating or air conditioning!It is an energy expenditure and a danger to health abusing a temperature too cold or hot at home, it is advisable to be about 20º in winter.The more heating or more air conditioning you use, the more electricity consume and, by extension, the power plants emit more CO2 to the atmosphere.

  1. Reutiliza el plástico

Plastic is one of the most polluting elements because it takes years to disintegrate.Surely you will have seen plastics in the river and the sea, also in the streams.Therefore, it is important to recycle it and also change plastic bags for fabrics bags.This is an initiative that many governments are implementing a long time ago.

  1. Aprovechar la luz natural

Turn off all the lights of your house when you don't use them.It is important not to abuse electric light and take advantage of natural light to the fullest.In many countries of the world, the clock is advanced or delayed during the summer to take advantage of sunlight.In Argentina that does not happen, and it is important that as citizens we are aware and teach our children to take advantage of the sun instead of the electric lights.

  1. Usar la imaginación

Environmental education should not be an imposition or something boring for children, it is essential that they learn and understand that they do not need plastic toys and other polluting materials to develop their imagination.Use boxes, fabrics, woods, to make decorations or toys crafts, plant trees and plants can bring them closer to environmental care.

The impact of fires on the environment

Por otra parte, es necesario recordar la importancia de enseñar a los niños cuán peligrosos para nuestro medio ambiente pueden ser los incendios forestales.The woody vegetation of the bushes and trees of greater porte suffer damage that can take more than 30 years to recover.

In turn, the loss in flora affects animal species, which often die or lose their habitat.A situation that generates an imbalance in the predator-presa system since the former have more possibilities to quickly locate the latter.

Meanwhile, fires alter the collection of water, generating losses of organic matter, changing the acidity of rivers, lakes and preventing the development of livestock activity.It also makes it difficult and more expensive for water, since it drags all types of sediments and increases the possibilities of floods or droughts, as is happening with the Paraná River.

Cuidar el medio ambiente es una responsabilidad de todas las personas, tomar conciencia y llevar adelante pequeñas acciones pueden aportar a la disminución del daño que se está produciendo en el planeta.

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