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5 Converse models to wear according to your style

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In the fashion universe, trends rule, we all know that. But it is also true that there are certain garments that never ever leave our closets. There are many examples of these designs: straight jeans, a black blazer and of course Converse sneakers. Among fashion insiders there is a very common saying: 'who has Converse, has a treasure'. Few things work as well as these sneakers that were created to play basketball. You did not know? Well yes, they were designed in 1917 by the player Charles 'Chuck' Tylor, who made them fashionable in 1921 by wearing them in all his games. Since then they have become a true basic in any wardrobe, there are true Converse lovers, including us.5 Converse styles to wear according to your style 5 Converse models to wear according to your style

After this little lesson in fashion history, we want to ask you a simple question: why always wear the same model? Yes, we know that white or black are perfect for any 'look' in our wardrobe, but there are many other versions, just as ideal and that will steal your heart and that can give a different touch to any of your ' winter outfits. These are our five different Converse for those who want to innovate and succeed.

With embroidered logo

5 Converse models to wear according to your style

This design is perfect for any woman who likes to dress in a classic style. Designed in Italy and with the embroidered logo all over the boot, we love the bottle green tone that will add a touch of color to any of your looks. Its price is 95 euros.


With super platform

The Converse with platform are not a novelty, but this model with such a high sole is. It is the perfect shoe for those who want to be comfortable without giving up the extra height that heels give them. Its price is 85 euros.



The perfect shoe for those who say that canvas Converse are only for summer because they are cold in winter. Thanks to this model, you will keep your feet warm. You can design it on the brand's website with the colors you want. Its price is 115 euros.


Made of lace

A superromantic and special model. Surely as soon as you put them on, everyone will ask you about them. They are ideal for long dresses and romantic looks. Its price is 90 euros.


With treck sole

This Converse model, which you have in brown or dark green suede, reminds us of the boots we use to go to the mountains, but with much more style. Ideal for off-road women. Its price is 150 euros.


Surely now you are looking with different eyes at your white or black Converse.

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