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She is Gerber Baby 2020 and the first girl adopted for the campaign

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(NOTICIAS YA).-Gerber has announced the winner of its 2020 Gerber Baby search and their choice is making a splash.

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Magnolia Earl, an adorable little girl from California, who is the first adopted child to represent the company's campaign, according to Fox 8.

The new Gerber Baby, who was adopted by her family last year, will celebrate her first birthday on May 9.

She is Gerber Baby 2020 and the first girl adopted for the campaign

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"Magnolia has brought so much joy to everyone she meets. Her personality is beyond happy and joyful," Magnolia's mother, Courtney Earl, was quoted as saying by Action News 4.

"At a time when we yearn for connection and unity, Magnolia and her family reminded us of the many things that unite us: our desire to love and be loved, our need to find belonging, and our recognition that family goes beyond biology," said Gerber Chairman and CEO Bill Partyka.

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