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25 Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are AMAZING

By hollisterclothingoutlet 04/01/2023 641 Views

1.This costume inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo:


2.This amazingly detailed and super well made How to Train Your Dragon costume:

3.Or how about this costume to go with your partner, inspired by The Picture of Dorian Gray:

4.There really is no more adorable costume than this Emily Elizabeth and Clifford costume from the Clifford books:

5.Girl I wanted but couldn't have this Chika Chika Boom Boom costume:

6.This Knight Bus, from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, sure makes you win a better costume:

7.Check out this clever rainbow costume, obvious with the issue of The Interesting:

8.The simple but creative rainbow fish from the story of The Rainbow Fish never fails:

9.And this clever Handler costume, inspired by The Umbrella Academy:

10.How about this comfortable costume from Thing 2 of The Cat in the Hat:

11.Honestly, this Nancy Drew costume is very close to the character's description:

12. We love this Max costume from Where the Wild Things Are:

13.Or this super cute Escargot, from the children's book Escargot:

14.Or this detailed Coraline costume, inspired by the book of the same name:

15.Get together with your friends and dress up as the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

16. These maid costumes, inspired by The Handmaid's Tale:

17.This costume with a mask inspired by A Sea Without Stars:

18.Check out this very cute Madeline costume, inspired by the book of the same name:

19.You can also be Cath, from the novel Fangirl:

20.This Circe costume, from the novel Circe, is ultra cool:

21.Clearly this costume, inspired by The Little Prince, is from another world:

22.Here's a classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie costume:

23.You can always wear this Pete the Cat costume:

24.I'm sure these Cinco and Diego costumes from The Umbrella Academy would look DI-VI-NOS on you:

25.Raffle yourself with this Camilla costume from A Bad Case of Stripes:

This post was translated from English.25 Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are AWESOME 25 Book-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are AWESOME

25 Halloween costumes inspired by books that They're AMAZING

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