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A girl lowered her mother's pants in the middle of the street and went viral

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Children usually make mischief and jokes.In the last, hours a video of a little girl who in full public played a bad pass to mother was viralized on social networks.

El clip, que es furor en TikTok y que fue replicado en toda la red, muestra cómo la nena quiso divertirse con su mamá. Aunque a la mujer no le causó ninguna gracia el chiste, los internautas han reaccionado de una manera muy positiva con la travesura de la pequeña.

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The video shows the woman while standing in a food stand, when her daughter is about nothing and lowers the shorts she was wearing.The mother is left with her underwear exposed in the street.

Almost immediately, the woman quickly lifted her pants and made a side.The girl ran so that she doesn't catch her. En el clip se lee: “Estas bendiciones de ahora son tremendas”.

Una niña le bajó los pantalones a su madre en plena calle y se volvió viral

Una nena le bajó los pantalones a su mamá en plena calle y se volvió viral

Among the comments of the different users, there are those who believe that the fact was only a mischief while others pointed to the little girl's joke is quite heavy and that the woman should have put a limit to her daughter.However, it is clear that the baby's play was not badly at all, considering that it is normal for little things to do that kind of thing.

“Yo soy esa madre y sabés cómo no le compro ningún juguete más”, “linda broma” y “qué divertida la nena” fueron algunos de los mensajes que dejaron los internautas plasmados en el video viral.The video has been shared throughout the network and even created memes for the situation.

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It must.It is clear that the little girl did not do it with bad intention but that she seemed to be something funny to entertain her mother although in reality, the woman does not look very happy.

Despite the shame that the woman felt, it will surely be a fact that they will remember in several years as something nice and cheerful.

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