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Hypersexualization in children: What is and how to prevent this behavior in childhood?

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Sexualizing the image of minors is a phenomenon that has been aggravated in recent years and that can have a bad impact on their childhood

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What is hypersexuality?It is a social phenomenon that consists in exalting the sexual or physical attributes of one person above other qualities.Children and adolescents are victims of this type of behavior that leads them to repeat patterns that do not correspond to their age.

The media, social networks and even television programs are risk factors that have a bad influence on the little.This causes early and not healthy growth for its development.

Child hypersexualization is not necessarily used for morbid purposes, but it does motivate girls or boys dress or show "adult", for example, use clothes not in accordance with their age because "it looks pretty","She is already a big and mature girl".It is estimated that in Mexico, one in 10 girls between the ages of 12 and 17 have been the victim of a violent sexual environment.

Hipersexualización en niños: ¿Qué es y cómo prevenir esta conducta en la infancia?

The cult of image and good appearance are triggered hypersexualization, some boys or girls will be driven to comply with certain beauty stereotypes that will make them pass from childhood to adolescence without living properlyfocus on other things.

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How to avoid childhood hypersexualization?

Social networks are not the only risk factor for children.The parenting of parents is also of vital importance to avoid this type of hypersexuality.It is necessary to set limits according to their age and prevent patterns that affect their childhood development affect.

Among the consequences of hypersexuality to infants are the bad development of some natural stage such as childhood.Instead of playing or having fun, they could adopt behaviors outside their age like worrying about diets, exercise, dress different.worry about your physique or body development or

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