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Alaska: Your best moments in TVE

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# People point to me,

# They point to my finger,# whisper behind my back

# And I care about a slum.#

(Narra) "Alaska andMario, forgetting and cowgirl.

Today I receive two stars at night,

pop and dance tracks.

Alaska embodies permanence,

surviving icon of the Madrid movement

that so many bodies, literal and figurative,

left in his holiday and crazy.

Singer, composer, actress and presenter,

He went from girl to woman on the crest of the new wave."

There is a moment, at approximately 12 years old,

that I begin to interest the music that was not the own

Of the 12 -year -old girls, I discover David Bowie.

"My mother, how handsome it is!

I want to be like that, I want to dress like this ".

"Mario, however, clings to adolescence

With that facade of his African and casual.

The thin type of the painted eye,

the heel shoe and fireworks;

fires that dazzle, but do not hide

toMario Vaquerizo sensitive and brittle."

I miss my brother.Your brother.

Angelito, that...That he left.

He went.

But he left in a very sudden way.

"Alaska is Kaka de Luxe, Pegamoides, Dinarama and Fangoria.

With all of them he has played.

With some, the guitar; with others, the glory.

Mario is the blonde nancys, laughter and riot,

Also ambiguity with knowing how to be so in your air."

Can you believe that I can come

With some Yves Saint Laurent shoes to ride?

Get here.Mario, in front, in front.

Wait.Listen, like that.

"Almost no one gave a hard for their relationship

And they have been sharing, joys and mattress for 16 years.

His secret, very simple, sense of humor and respect."

Nopepepepepet a door, oblivion? A portar?

Outstanding like that, ever, not a word higher than another.

He stays there bla, blah, blah, blah, but with that tone.

I love it, I love it.He falls asleep.

And me: "That you know what you have done tonight

I didn't like anything, "and he forgets:" See you tomorrow ".

"I know her, I admire her and I love her;

I am willing to do it.

Today I serve my modesty to be prepared

Even for a declaration of love."

Who loves you more than me?

How nice, forgot!

Are you sure? Yes, but don't you have accelerates,

What are you going to dizzy.I don't dizzy.How nice!

Well, I really love it.

This entered the Paseo de Palmeras.

¡Guau!How nice!¿Hasta dónde tenemos que llegar?

There is Bertín.You see it? Ah yeah sure.

Hi Bertín!

Oh, that the hat, fag.(SHOUTS)

Watch out.Mario, don't make horses.

That the hat has fallen.

What did you want to come home.For, for, for, for!

So.What a guay!

I love it, handsome.

What's up? How do you think of giving it

A pot of these? Ok, okay.

Do you know that I feel man after...?

Get here if you want.I stop here.

Mario,Mario! And now I take it like this.

Very good very good.Good!

Come on.You can...

Piece of farm you have.It's pretty, right?

I know her on TV.Of course.

Is prettier in person.As everyone.

Just like us.They tell us:

"You are not so ugly in person as on TV".

Get down.How are you?

Very well.What a joy.

Thanks for inviting us to your home.Epa!

Thank you very much for coming.I see you very prepared for the field.

Are you okay? I'm a country -man.

I'm from countryside and city.

You have fallen...The hat, child.

Nopepepepepew someone goes, don't worry.Nopepepepepe one steals here, right?

There is no one here.Well, that's it.

You can eat dogs.

Look, hey.Why is it called San José Treasury?

Because that's a San José.

This was called that a lifetime.

Up, "it was done", that is ancient Spanish.

The year with the backwards.1761.1761.

Is the 18th century.Of the mid -18th century.

Excellent.It was an oil mill,

Then I show you.How good.

I love this.My mother is happier

that you have invited me to your home.Hala!

How nice.It is very...

Well, of course, wait.

The Parra.Nopepepepepe me...

The Parra famosa de España.700 years is.

They say: "Ask him for the parra".Look how pretty.

The other day I went to football at the exit...

The Parra.But everyone on the street:

"Bertín, how old is the parra? ".

This, this.I want to take a picture.

All this...This is all twisted.

There is another.There was a third there,

that someone in the work, put some drains,

and cut the roots.I say: "How can you be so gross? ".

People are very silly.The really great was the one there.

I want to take a picture.

Why don't we get one?.

A selfie.¿With the parra? Come on.

Come on, sí.In that, there is more light.

Here.Let's do it.Here se trasmite una tranquilidad.

He points, to see how Bertín comes out and I leave.

Is not true.Do you know the good of seeing you?

What? What do I like looking up.

You are taller than yoy I carry cheat.

Look.We'll see.A selfie con la parra.

With the parra.And I do this.The Parra.

Maricón, no... So.There.

One, two and...Oh, pussy.Wait.Where is Bertín there?

I go out.I forgot, with age,

He is losing vision.

Nopepepepepe, it's a joke.From quandono you saw you?

A long time.See us someday

In some gala and such, but work 20 years.

Nopepepepepe, a little less.Less.

Come here.You have a certain age.

So estamos.How good.

You and I have known each other for so many years,

But how do you like to call you?

I don't know if calling you, forgetting, Alaska.

I like Alaska, which is the name I looked for for me.

It is not an artistic name,

It is a name when I was 12 years old

I started making some comics translations and I already used it.

And then...I mean, good.

It comes from behind.My name has never liked.

I forget aboutMario, to call me forgotten,

If I had 14 years or 15 now, like when I met you,

I wouldn't bear it, but over the years you don't care.

And where does I forget?

My father...Already out of curiosity, to know.

It has a story, it doesn't even make sense.

My father era un republicano español

As many were welcomed in Mexico,

And when it turns out that I was born yodijo that I had to call me oblivion

Like his mother.

When my father comes in the year,

He dares to return to Spain to visit his family,

His mother was not called forgotten.What wasn't it called?

His name was Maria.

The one called his sister forgotten.

Your mother was...Cuban.

Cuban.And you were born in Mexico and your father, Asturian.

Mom went on vacation to Mexico, I don't know if it was 55 or 56,

Mexico fascinated him, it seemed the maximum.

I think he returned to Cuba, took his things

And he lived again in Mexico, fell in love with a bullfighter,

He married a bullfighter in the meantime he divorced from the bullfighter

And my father was about those Asturian exiles

who went to the Asturian center to play Domino's game

In the afternoon, he had his coffees.They first met,

And it was the second marriage for her and the third for him.

How do you remember first years in Mexico?

Very happy, very colorful.

Think that I arrive in Spain in 73, with 10 years,

And Spain seemed like very black and white.

I did not have a report in school in Mexico,

I was with my skirt, with colored bracelets,

The folders of my idols.When I arrive here,

They planted a uniform that I had to cover my knee

And I had a month and a half shock.

After three months I was scared, but said: "that's it".

I entered the house saying: "Jolines".I adapt.

In 73 you returned to Spain, but your father turned to Mexico.

Yes.Friends began to return

And they set up a business here,

They bought lands and built ships.

Between a group they raised to return to Spain.


Look,he vivido entre exiliados cubanos

and Spanish exiles.

Lifetime añorando...Cuba and Spain.

Homeland.And everything you long for is your life.

Nopepepepepet the country exactly, you long for the family you had,

The place where you lived.

When you arrive, my fatherllega to Gijón does not recognize him;

arrives in Madrid, more or less recognizes the Gran Vía.

They were 40 years.Of course.

It did not adapt.Look what you say,

They were exiled from Cubay exiles from Spain,

The two exiles in a different political sign.

Yes, totalmente.It's curious.

Let's see, that's where the paradox of life is.

My mother, who is the Cuban exile,

Theoretically, according to the canons, it would have to be a lady with...

It is an open aunt,

that you like you like that and the other.

"It is transsexual, because very well, because how beautiful you are".

My father, que erael señor exiliado republicano,

It was a small dictator at home,

It was a lord that I couldn't see my mother

With a skirt a little shorter than another.

It's curious.Sometimes we put the labels

of Republican, which has nothing to do with.

Being republican is not wanting to have a political regime,

Then you can have a character and even a moral

that does not correspond.This is what I have lived at home.

In the distance what was your relationship with him?

I was always more women in the house.

Ours is a powerful matriarchy.

I have had a very powerful grandmother and I have a powerful mother.

Cuban grandmother.Cuban.And we always live with her,

until he died.Could you say goodbye to your father?

Yes, fui varias veces en momentosen los que él empezaba...

He died with a senile dementia that was progressive.

I am going more or less every year.

And I could...You sing and you were known.

It was recently.He died recently.

Will do nine years, eight years.Ah okay.

Nopepepepepe, Dad has been in all the concerts of Mexico.

Well well.With their other children.

With their Mexican children.All Mexicans,

But none of the same mother.

My father era un asturiano tremendo.¿Yes?

Each one is from a marriage.That awful.

I saw dad...How many brothers do you have there?

I am 52 years old, my sister is 62,

My brother has 72.If Dad had been here,

I don't know if I could have dedicated myself to what I have dedicated

in the same way.

I don't know if I could have done "Pepi, Luci, Bom" with 15 years.

Understand me.

Nopepepepepet possibly.Nopepepepepet possibly.

It would have been a tremendous war.

But as Dad saw him in the distance

And I arrived in Mexico and if he went to the airport,

The fans were waiting for you, he caught me as famous

And I never gave me the movie or not.

I mean, good, but if I had been here,

there would be no same possibilities for sure.

When your life

Do you remember to forget to be Alaska?

Well, I don't feel dichotomy,

There is no forgetfulness and there is no alaska,

But there is a moment, at approximately 12 years old,

that I begin to interest me

for the music that does not e -bela of 12 -year -old girls,

I discover David Bowie...And I say: "My mother, how handsome she is.

I want to be like that.I want to dress like this ".


And I start collaborating what was called then

Madrid marginal press, which you will not know,

because you were in another then.Madrid marginal press.

They were magazines...Some were more anarchists,

others were comics...They sold in the trail,

In the positions.And I translated.As was the one who knew English,

translated comics, "underground" comics

high voltage.And it was the first time

that I had to sign forgetting about school exams.

"I don't like my name".

And I found Alaskaen's name a Lou Reed song.

He has a part that says: "And his friends call him Alaska".

And I stayed.What did you tell you?

My mother was a mother.My mother is a great lady.

If your daughter makes it, he will tell you: "Bertín, what else does it give? ".

But my mother had to exercise a single mother ".

Of mother and father.Of course.

And I always scared me with: "I'm going to send you to a boarding school",

Or: "I'm going to send you with your father".

I amended two days.

Either...It amended two days.

It scared you.And I wouldn't have liked

neither, but...Let's see, it was an attempt to...

I also understand.

I arrived with 14 years and said: "I have a group".

I worried that I was very young,

I was 14 years old,

that the others were older

And she could not get the places she was going,

In the discos.It was never a girl to go dance,

Nopepepepepet that, but he liked going to look;

because I wanted to be an artist, but I ignored him.

She solved everything at home.He said: "Do you have a group?

Let them come home that I know them ".

We rehearsed in my room.My mother looked out,

He saw us and said: "If they are good children".

When did you start singing? That is, the music when it started...?

I started first with the guitar.

I was the rhythmic guitarist, because I didn't know how to make alone.

Luxe Kaka's rhythmic guitar.

I didn't sing.

And then, in the pegamoids,

At first, neither.

I was still the guitarist.

And, suddenly, one day we decided that we did not want to have the singer

that we had...How many years...?Forgive me.

How many years tenías túcuando lo de Kaka de Luxe?

14.14 years.

And I start singing with 16 or 17, more or less.

It seems to me that people start very late.

When I see the groups that begin, I say:

"How old are they".And they tell me: "27".

"They are older"."Bertín, how high you are".

"Compared to Romay, I am Dwarf".This es igual.

Yes.Of course.

Compared to you, start late.At that moment

We all started very young, because we could all do it...

But why did you start? Didn't you feel like studying?

Did you want to be famous?Why? He wanted to lead his life...

Did you want to flirt?Nopepepepepepe, I've always been very turbid.

That's why I started.I am much more turkey than you.

I have not spilled even older.

Nopepepepepe, I wanted to lead life

that I thought the people who liked.

I read the biographies of musicians,

from Warhol, from...

Entonces, yo decía:"This es lo que a mí me gusta".

And I left the school with 14 in what was called

The school graduate, which you had basic education.

I already had my first "single" of Luxe de Luxe engraved.

I arrived with the album home and said: "Mom, I want to stop studying,

Because at school they are children and I get bored as an oyster ".

It was like leading a double life: the uniform in the morning

and then I really felt it was.

He told me: "If you don't want to study...But vague at home no ".

He put me to work as a secretary with some adorable friends,

porque acoger a esta niñade 14 years...

Yes, sabía inglésy podía llevarles la...

But they were blessed.

If you had a daughter, would you have been just as tolerant?

Well, I do not know.

I think you have no choice but to be.

Okay...And you have to...

Imagine what...

Is that sometimes the convictions of each can be removed.

So there are convictions that we see them

From the politically correct and we say:

"How much progress has been made, that we can all get home

And say that we have a girlfriend that I am a boy and I have a boyfriend ".

In that we have advanced a lot,

But that has removed strong family convictions.

Let's see, I have my problems with people

that has certain activities related to animals.

If I have a child and I get bullfighter, I wouldn't understand it,

for instance.Would you let him be?

Is that I am nobody not to let it be.

These things can happen to you,

Because, in addition, Murphy's law is inexorable.

# Dancing.

# Dancing.

# Dancing.

# Thousand bells sound# in my heart.

# How difficult it is to apologize.

# Neither you nor anyone can change me.

# Twisting words of love,

# trying to do for me

# What I can no longer.#

For Tqué was exactly the move?

For me it was a moment of explosion

of some certain people who probably,

They were not the ones that represented either of the two Spain

polarized that there was at that time.

In the year 76 or Eras de Franco

or you were from the Communist Party...Or eras or anti.

Then some rare bugs as us,

We thought about Warhol, Bowieo at Studio 54 in New York...

I remember the first interviews in Interviú...

"You are apolitical".

The thing was used to: "It is that I am apolitic".

It is not that you are apolitical, it is that you are in another.

Well, we were those rare bugs and those weirdos

They were not of a generation.I was 14,

Almodóvar maybe 27, the other...

And we were the ones who did not fit with the dogma of some

nor with the dogma of others.

What about the movement of all kinds or not?

I mean, let's see, because there are many people

That, when we talk about that, he says: "It was sexual liberation".

The liberation of what?Nopepepepepepe, it was a moment of everything.

Let's see, yo tenía 14 years.For me it was not sexual liberation,

I had to touch me shortly.The debauchery.

"This es un libertinaje".Carmen Martínez-Bordiú said:

"We are all bisexual".And I say: "Pussy, then".

So perfect.I accept it delighted.

Nopepepepepe, for each one a different thing.

Probably, for many lords the freedom consisted

In being able to see the ladies the films,

For others it consisted that a party was legalized

And they could vote that they had always thought

And for us it was another story.

It was to be able to make our own life

A parallel story.

Nopepepepepesotros somoscomo A parallel story

At that time of transition, which is very brilliant

as a moment of tolerance by all.

It is true.In addition, we have had Adolfo Suárez

in the program...I saw him and it was very exciting.

He talked about his father and it was beautiful.But it was very exciting, because...

It is incredible that in a generation things are no longer known.

I am a history student and when I study,Mario tells me:

"Do you believe everything you read?

Who tells you this man...? ".

You are a little reason, because if a generation

He no longer remembers what happened in 76, in 81 or in 81,

How are we going to know what happened in 1712?

What typeMario.

I didn't know.

What character.To you...Besides, you are not known...

I don't know you any relationship other thanMario.

You met my boyfriend beforeMario.

It was when we worked together.We ever have dinner...

Yes, alguna vez.But nothing else.

I am very long.Mario started working with him.

Mario worked at the record of finally...

¿Ah, sí?Yes.When I worked with you,

We are at a very delicate moment,

but very good.

Fangoria.Nacho and me.

We had spent Dinarama, we had sold millions of albums

And we had made concerts.

And we had made the bet by a new complicated project,

electronic...Whatever.We are left without a record,

Nopepepepepe one called us for concerts.Suddenly,

We come into contact with a small record,

With Subterfuge, andMario worked there.

He already knew us and had interviewed us.

He liked...He was a fan of the group, huh?

And when our album came out, he said: "I would like to dedicate myself,

Within the team we are, to this project ".

And he dedicated himself.

And he dedicated himself en cuerpo y alma.

What was your first musical success with an impact you remember?

What was? Let's see,

The first massive success "Dancing", year 82.

We coincided with all the sides.

That was the next year to start.

We start almost together.We agreed on musicals...

The pegamoids? The pegamoids.

# Dancing...#Exactamente, año 82.

And then, ya con Dinarama,fueron "Ni tú ni nadie",

"¿Cómo pudiste hacermeesto a mí? "...Already in 84-85.

I remember that at that time a program on TV

That was historical."The glass ball," right?

Yes.I knew her on television,

Alaska: Sus mejores momentos en TVE

From "The Crystal Ball".

Then, from when he was singing and that.

His way of dressing has always surprised me a little,

How she was.I mean, you saw it a little strange.

That's it...

From 84

That wonder occurs:

that Lolo Rico, who is the director, think that in this holy house

We can present people who are not presenters of the house.

It was important for a generation.

Well, for one and for several,

because there are those who were little, like your daughters at that time,

They looked at me...For the eyes, I think it was Alejandra.

I remember eyes like plates looking at me from below.

I have to tell that.We know each other many years ago,

But I remember with special affection

Once you were my house in Jerez...

In Jerez.I do not know why.

We would have sung somewhere there would be some festival.

I don't remember the cause.The fact is that you came to my house

To take something and my daughters, small...

A los cinco minutos desaparecistey todos: "¿Dónde está? ".

And you were in my daughters' room

Playing with them on the floor.And I remember

From Alejandrade Arrobamiento's gaze

When I saw your tattoos and red hair or something.

I don't remember how you were.But I was as excited.

And it made me a huge grace, because it seemed to me

A fantastic detail meet children playing on the ground.

It's a detail...Is that as you release us,

And in thatMario is like me, we disappear.And where are we?

If there are animals and children, you know where you can find us.

How many horses.

Hello.Hello, ¿qué tal?

How are you?Good.

I amMario.Delighted.Sergio.

Delighted,Sergio.Bertín told me that I had...

But this is spectacular.This is called capital.


Hello, Capital.I would get this horse in bed.

It can't be, because the horse wants to be in his...

There comes a time that he too...Look, mira.

You see it as a person.Men.

They are person. Look.


Oh!I liked this.


What is the function of the stallion? Cover the mares

For foals to come out.Of course, es su labor.

When do they do it?Nopepepepepepermally, once a year.

¿A vez al año solo?Yes.

Oh, poor.

# Zoom, Zoom, Faradio, Faradio.

# Zoom, zoom,# And I care about a watt.

# What does this ball have that everyone is cool?

# You feel in front# and it's like cinema.

# Everything controls,# is a hallucine.

# It's like a personal computer.

# Is the glass ball.#

"The ball" joined that generation,

To your daughter's generation, obviously,

to the generation of your daughters, but also to generations

more stuck at my age.People who saw "the ball"

And I found another reading that children should not find.

Children like them they saw and it's already.

Or they saw the history of cinema, music...

It was four years.A program that lasts four years

You have the possibility of marking a little.

Why do you say he had a double reading "the glass ball"?

I had it.It was a program with scripts

that at some point at the end of its history...

I was not until the last moment of "the ball",

But in the end he had his problems.There was a time

in which they asked for scripts."The ball".

I remember the electroduendes with a poster of "NATO no".

That is seen by a child and sees a sign or sees...

But the one that will see another perspective...

I think we were very lucky in several things.

Certain people never saw "the ball".

"There is a doll program...".

And so they never took us out...There was only one lady who called

because my slope is a crucifix.

Called every Monday."That girl has come out again

With a crucifix in the ear ".And I: "If you have nothing to do with".

Okay, y...

What she didn't know that you are religious.

Already, but when you talk to certain people

They are very close to dogma, nor is that worth.

"I am a believer.-But I don't have it,

Because the crucifix does not take in the ear.

-I carry it where I want ".Of course.

For me it is not an irreverence.For me it is not an irreverence.

I never have a religion that I don't like,

Nopepepepepet me...With whom he does not feel empathy,

Because it is very personal spiritual.

Okay, resumiendo, que "La bola"valía para verla a muchos niveles.

Hey, have you ever had to give up something important

To continue in your profession, in your career?

Nopepepepepe.Let's see, the typical things:

"¿Has renunciado a tener hijospor la carrera? ".Nopepepepepepe.

I have given up having children because I don't want to have children.

Because I really like children.

That is not having children.That's it educar.


I always tellMarioque if we like children so much,

We put a nursery, we enjoy those of others

And at six in the afternoon they go home

And we don't have to educate them.We can spoil them.

It is a tremendous responsibility.Nopepepepe.

Hey, there are people who really need to have that experience,

And I don't need to have experience in my life.

You have it very clear.Have you always had it very clear?


Nopepepepew, your professional moment, how is it?How you feel?

It is very comfortable and you have to suck it that is not so comfortable.

I have been saying so many years:

"What do you ask the New Year? That I stay as I am".

I have to say again this year.

I have to say it.And personally?

Also.Also, porque yo no soy...

There are people who are very...Besides, withMario I have 16.

Nopepepepepe estamos pasando el principio.

But there are people who like it a lot

The principle of relationships.

They stimulate them...It drives me crazy.

Because you are not in what you have to be.

You are nothing more in nonsense.

So I like it when everything I know...

It is normalized.It is normalized.

I am when I start enjoying truth.

WithMario I'm not just well, it's a great thing,

but we are bienne our families,

That is a gift that you can't choose.

That's it importantísimo.You can't do anything

because it is in one way because it is from another.

Is thatMario is the same as my mother.

He looks more like me than forgotten.Nopepepepepes parecemos más.

We have more in common that forgetting and I.

Forgetfulness is very serious and I am not serious.

I amMario type.

Nopepepepepe hay dos personas más iguales.This debe ser un Edipo

or I don't know what it will be called.Is rare.

Vital, positive, they want to talk to everyone,

They know everyone...And then, entre...

I adore his parents, who are calm...

Where did he come from? With such security...

Where did he come from? To the grandfather.

To grandfather? To his maternal grandfather, who was divine

And we also had it until very little.

Is that Alaska for me is not sister -in -law.Alaska for me...

I forgot, I never called her.

I forgot for me is a friend, sister -in -law, companion, boss,

because I work with her.

Therefore, I think there is a word that can...

The best word you can define is that it is very generous.

A moment I guess very hard when he lost his brother, right?

Much.For him, for his family and for all.

Because as I told you, this family we have is very rare

Because friends are all friends.

Our friends, Angel's friends, his brother,

They were also family friends.

And probably, let's see,

His mother already told us at his time to his sister and him,

that she had already passed him young to lose his brother:

"You are young, you have your life,

This hurts a lot, but it will happen in some way ".

But of course, for them it has not passed.

How do you question this?

Well at first very bad, because everyone also...

I remember someone who told me:

"It has been very strange to me to defeatMario".

Because it is not...Is the opposite.

Of course.He lost joy.He lost it years.

I realized that I had made the joy watching TV.

Because he laughed with a television program, with "Aída".

Mario has never stopped laughing, probably,

But one day I suddenly thought: "He is really laughing".

Even a second.Is going to another phase.

And you two as a couple, as a marriage...

Nopepepepepe fue fácil.I thought: "I've lost it".

He looked at him and said: "It's not him.I have lost it".

And all that you seeMario from outside,

It's not what makes me fall in love withMario.

I don't fall in love withMarioque, it's so friendly, so open,

so funny.I fall in love with the otherMario.

The one who is closing a contract with a phone.The one I met.

I suddenly thought:

"All this que yo he dichoque es loNopepepepepepet me gusta deMario

I also likeMarioy very much, I don't want her to lose it ".

And I had lost it.But little by little...

I guess it's luck...It was the duel.

Is to be in love really, because maybe if this happens to you

In another era of life, what do I know.

But when you are in love, when you have a family next to it,

It's a matter of time and let it happen.

Is there secret for you to have such a partner

durante tanto tiempo?Nopepepepepe hay secretos.

I would love that there was a secret

that now I sell it, I make myself a millionaire,

and helped everyone.Nopepepepe way.Nopepepepepepe hay secreto.

Nopepepepepe perderse el respeto jamás.

Because when there is loss of respect, there is no going back.

Nopepepepepesotros nunca hemos llegado,ni por asomo, a ese punto.

Learn to get to know each other.The first two years are that.

Look, a propósito de eso...What?

I am fun asking a series of questions

And then I'm going to make them themselves.

Voucher. Voucher."Your Orange Half", like Jesus.

¡How nice!Yes.

What do you think isMario's favorite dish?

Let's see, in what you enjoy,

That says: "I'm going to eat", it's a burger hamburger.

Ah, yes? The rest does not matter.

Besides, it's simple.The rest does not matter.

I see it with the only thing to enjoy...

It is with that.It is with that.

And you? French fries.

Is there anything that takes you out of QuiciodeMario?

Yes, muchas cosas.But something like that special.

Well, that humor that never ends, that laughs at all, with everyone,

of all...And at all hours.

At all hours.That everything is good.

Nopepepepebody like.Nopepepepepepe es posible.And to him?

How squared I also see for leisure,

That takes him out of quice.

I know that today I have to be here with you.I have it signed up and such.

But I also have such a day I want to go to the movies

And such a day I want to go to eat.

And such a day I want to go to the store buy this.

"Leisure cannot be programmed".

After seeing how it has come to ride a horse,

I have to ask you how it sleeps.Do you put a pajamas?What does it put?

Nopepepepething, a underpant.Ah okay.

A underpant, winter or summer.

I am a gusiluz in winter.

I am like cotton t -shirt and cotton mesh.

It has to be cotton.Yes.

But yes, with full piece.And snoring at night?


¿Con lo delgado que está?Yes.


You know that we can sing these anatomical things

Where we listen to our voice.Yes, sí.With that you sleep?

Where they do to us, you also make anatomical plugs.

What are you telling me?

¿De verdad?A mí me los hicieron en Hellonda.

There are some in Madrid.

Nopepepepepe sé si los mandan a hacer fuera,pero vas a Madrid,

They make you measure, they take the mold

and make us the caps of singing.

But what do you tell me! And since they have the mold,

You take care of a couple of sleeping plugs.

¿It is true...?

That told me and it seemed funny to me very.

Do you celebrate every year the anniversary of the first kiss?

June 10.¡Excellent, macho!

How was that kiss? To remember every year

must be the pear.It was like that, pum.

A piquito.

Yes, pero fue el que te dala pauta...

Because you, when you are like that with a person,

with which you are working,

Also, you say: "Will I be crazy?

It seems to me...To start, I like.

To start, I like more, I'm falling in love ".

Without more.

"And it seems to me that I can be corresponded".

Y dices: "Nopepepepepe, estoy loca".

And that peak is the one that gives you the departure gun

para decir:"Nopepepepepe estaba yo tan equivocada".

Who started?.


Let's see, Bertín, you have seen my stature

And you've seenMario's.I can't start,

unless I throw me.He bent down and found me.

Why aren't we going to take a look?He who is doing?

Is that I am very afraid we have left alone so long.

He had told me before he wanted the block to see the horses.

Animals love.

Fear that we are going to find.

Well come, let's.Let's go.

¿Vamos a cepillarla?Come on, vamos.

Who will brush India?

Who will brush India, who is the most beautiful girl in the world?

Who will brush it? You have them very well educated.

They are very well educated.

Of course, they are very well educated.

Who loves you more than me?Dímelo, un besito.

If I am seductive later.

You know?I want to tell you what final...

Everyone told me as a child: "Maricón, Maricón".

And then al finalel que se enrollaba

With the friends it was me.You know what I want to tell you.

I look silly, but I'm not silly.

# And so he combed, so.#

Do you know how it would ride?But I know if that is highly recommended.

To every pussy.I want to tell you, I would go up here.

The mount does not harm him, right?pe.

And this from here?A little.Men...

It depends on the form as you use it.

I would also have to put me a little to shut up.

Of course, porque a mí me gustan mucholos caballos, pero yo soy un loro.

I come from the species of Loroy La Cacatúa.

¿Dónde está, en las cuadras?Yes, allí, en las cuadras.

I think it's gone there, yes.

Well you will find it as you found me

Playing with the kids.He will be playing with horses.

We put it on top.How?

¿So en lo alto?

But yes...Oh, fag, wait a moment, to see...

A...Listen to me, I don't want it to be scared.

One, two and...Nopepepepepe se asusta.


¿Voucher? And now le ponemoslo que es la baticola.

The Baticola?

Wasn't it...?

THE COO COO.La Baticao.


What is Baticola? Baticola is this.

Ah...And we put the tail out there.

For the monturano to go forward.

And now we are going to put...We are going to put the head.

The head.¿Voucher?

The head lo que hace es...It is the horse's command.

Look qué guapos estamos.

Come on, pues.Mi India,Sergio y yo.

How good.

Would you mind taking a picture with India?

Of course, me encantaría.

One, two and...

Ole, your pussy.

Ole like that.And now I kiss you,

So you don't see that I will be weird.

Really, you've helped me a lot.

Thanks for the lesson you have given me,

that is very important.



Okay, Olvi.And this pretty girl?

His name is India.India?

India.That is called Claudia.

That is Claudia for my daughter.

Is the stallion inside.Hello, India.

Look, se llamaSergio.

He has taught me to do things all.

I have put the colicolies that is put in the tail.

The colicoli? The colicoli.


Then this is called the jinca.Nopepepepepe, chinca.


And this is called...The head.

The head.Nopepepepepe te has acordado de nada.

Yes me he... Fuck.Hello, preciosa.

Forget, honey, look.

Okay, vamos a ver,escucha una cosa.

You're going to teach him, right? I'm going to teach you in 10 minutes

To walk calm alone, okay?

If I already...

Yo te digo una cosa, como túme dejes aquí más solo conSergio,

I stayed the farm.


Well, let's see the picture...Are we going to the picture?

To the picture.Are we all the three to the picture?


Let's see, I wait for you here.Nopepepepepe, tú vente para acá.

Nopepepepepe, yo no me puedo meter ahí.

You stay here.With heels.

Okay, ¿ya te has enteradocómo subirte o no?

About.Voucher, pues venga.

Let's see...You put this.

I'm going to remove my hat.Okay, quítate el sombrero.

Do you know who you think?

You look like J.R.And those of "Dallas".

This es como "Dallas".Put your foot there.

But which is left or the right?

The left. Always hay quesubirse por el lado izquierdo.

The left.Already, but I don't know...It is dyslexic.

I am dyslexico and many times I don't know if I'm on the left

or on the right.Okay, pues ya te lo digo yo.

Where do you have to be, Bertín? On the left?In the middle.

In the center, because it is the best, right?

Mario, his star to the horse.Do you want to climb now, pussy?

Shut up now. Let's see, ¡ay!

Can you believe that I can come

With some Yves Saint Laurent shoes to ride...?

Get here.Get out there and back.


Listen. So.There.

Okay, bien.

Let's see, wait.The other foot we are going to put it...


Voucher.We only lack the mare.

Look, vamos a ver,escucha una cosa.

You have to feel in your hands the mouth of the horse.

Without throwing him.If you have it right now,

You don't feel the mouth of the horse, right?


So ya sí.So un poquito.

And it comes back.Good.

Yes, porque si tú le tiras,

She thinks you are telling her to go back.


So you put the manocomo I tell you.

You put your little finger here.

What is this?This one here.

And the rest...Nopepepepepe, pero la mano izquierda.

The left hand.You put your finger small

And the rest of the hands to grab this, okay?

You already have it..Voucher.

If you want to the mare go to the right,

You support your opposite foot, the left foot,

and you throw him to the right and she goes.

The opposite foot what is it?

Of course, si eres disléxico,no sé yo, coño.

Look, me están saliendomuchas cosas.

I go there.Nopepepepepe, espérate.

You want to leave.India, come here, honey.

So. Come on.Go ahead.

I'm going like this.There, tranquilito.

Oh.You don't release him.

Nopepepepepe, si no le suelto.Ah, she knows.Nopepepepepe.

I forgot, what are I pretty like that? (Laughs)

Nopepepepepe te rías, Bertín.Tour. Tour.

If everything is doing it.

Forget, I can say that I am a real man.

Right? (Laughs)

But if everything is doing, honey.

You follow me the roll.

Look at me.I watch you.

Get a little in front, with the body...

Nopepepepepe, tampoco te vayas a tirar...It seems that I make a porn movie.


Nopepepepepe dirás que la pobre...

This thing the most beautiful thing in the world.

If we have fallen in love with India and I.

I'm going to steal it.This comes with me.

Voucher, chica, vámonos.Come on, India, vamos para allá.

Come on, así.

¿Nopepepepepe ves que me hace más caso a míque a ti?

Nopepepepepe, y ahora para allá.

And listen, girl, look, go there, we go there. Come on.

With one hand.Put your little finger...(Laughs)

If the little finger does not matter as the little finger.

But let's see, the little finger does not matter,

She is not seeing me, Bertín.Nopepepepepe, pero lo llevas más cómodo así.

Put your finger.

Do you think I'm comfortable, I'm dressed today?

Okay, vas cómodo,la yegua no hace nada,

You go phenomenal and with confidence.I go with a lot of confidence.

Go ahead para la izquierda.What is the left?

Is it from here? I have to find this.

Yes, con la mano...Enter here with the hand, son.

¿So? Vamos.(Laughs)

India, not backwards, in front.

But do not do like that with your hand, that she does not understand.

You with your hand here with the reins.

Ah, like that.There.

Oh, mi niña, mi chica,con lo guapa que es.

Go ahead con los pies un poco.Come on, vamos para allá.

# Seven horses# come from bonanza.#

I keep this farm.

I stay with all this.Voucher.

And now we go there.Let's go on the right. Come on.

On the right.And now...

India.Honey, for the right.

Nopepepepepe.Do you know what will we do? You'll go with me to outside.

Oh, qué bien,que nos vamos para allá. Come on.


You will see when you see the door open, you don't even have to touch it.

You will see how she alone comes out.

Oh, qué bien.

I forget, get here with me, pussy.For, paralala.

Thread.Thread un poco.

There.Nopepepepepe, pobrecita.

If it is for you to stop.Mario.

Mario, pull.That I go there.

We have been here for a long time with Alaska

And, look, I wanted to know how your memories were

As a child, your home, your childhood,

of your family, as a child.Well, very beautiful.

Very, very beautiful;

I mean,

being in a very established family structure,

Love, really, seriously,

and that this structure is maintained by the passage of time.

Yo, for instance,hablo con mi padre y mi madre

Every day by phone.

Called them in the morning and at night

To tell you good morning and good night,

But the whore is, with forgiveness of the expression,

that first my father puts on and then my mother

And I have to repeat the same.

Then my sister Marta is our neighbor.

I always remember doing things,

I remind you, apart doing things

They weren't...As I say?

Nopepepepe eran propias de su edad.

Always le gustaba estarcon la gente mayor que él.

I remember sitting around the table stretcher

at the head of grandmother Luisa, wanting to find out everything...

What we usually call an excused.

And then, unfortunately, I miss my brother.

Your brother.Angelito.


That he left.He went.

But he left in a very...

Very sudden.

And although I think people are accustomed,

because we know we are going to die,

That a 32 -year -old uncle

disappear in the morning

And, on top of that, he was our older brother,

that we set ourselves.

Was it an accident? It was an accident.

There was an accident.

At first, I rebelled a lot

And I got angry.

Look, este es mi hermano Angelitoque me dice:

"Shut up, fag, you talk more about the account".

But not.I want to tell you that they hit him.

They hit him.I was with his motillo there

And an ambulance passed and ran over him.


It was...How did you find out about that?

I found out...Okay, ¿te cuento eso?

I was traveling from Benicasim to Malaga,

Because he had acted with Fangoria.

And suddenly the phone rings, I was forgetting...

After I arrived in Malaga, destroyed.

Yes, claro.And he tells me forgetting:

"Hey, has called Martita,

that Angelito has had an accident on the motorcycle

And we have to leave ".

Y yo digo: "Okay, si está bien,

We wait and go with the group in the van ".

And my sister Marta tells me: "You have to come now".

And I see a change there.

But you know?

Even in bad things you have to stay with the good.

I will never forget the straightness that my wife had,

because my wife knew it before me,

And I get very...Sorry.Nopepepepepe, no, estas cosas pasan.

And she knew and told me:

"Come on, niño,tienes que sacar el avión,

that we have to go...".From Malaga, I remember,

And we had to take...And I didn't know,

I was like crazy, you know?, taking out the tickets and such.

And she knew that my brother was dead,

But he didn't tell me until I got home.

And went...But I, as I went, I thought everything.

These things, selfish too,

I said: "If you had an accident,

que se quede comI mean,

But my brothers are here ".

But my brother no.

So, when I get to my parents' house

And I see the door open...

And went muy duro

Because it was facing for the first time

to the loss of a loved one

And, above all, the biggest whore

It was when we were best.

But forgetting has always been there is always there.

How was she at that time with you?

Well, enduring a lot.

Also desesperándoseen un momento dado

because I saw that I did not have vitality

what had at that time.

And we had a crisis.We had crisis

and her...I remember talking about ours:

"Yo no quieroqueMario cambie la forma de ser".

And for a time I change the way of being,

But one day I said: "I forgot, give me a little time,

I have to recover, I have to recover because...".

Because even

Nopetice that I, after my brother's death,

I decided to become my family's patriarch

When my father does very well.

But then, I dedicated myself to making the purchase.

That mi madre me decía:"Niño, no compres más cosas

In El Corte Inglés ".And i do not know what.

And there is a very beautiful thing that my mother -in -law told me, America,

A wonderful person too.

Y me dijo: "Oh, niño,con lo bien que estábamos ahora,

that for the first time we have found a family

my daughter and I".

To me that...

I never forget.

I remember when my brother died...

Hey... Yo tenía esa especiedeNopepepepepepet me había despedido de él.

My mother spoke with him that night by phone, my father,

My aunt Elena.

And I all the time: "What a whore, I have not said goodbye to my brother,

I had to have been there ".

And two days, because we were living at my parents' house,

To Vicálvaro.

One day at night

My brother said goodbye to me.

He said goodbye.

But not te diré que vi a mi hermanoporque es mentira,

I simply noticed that they hugged me.

And the strongest is that I...

He wakes away, because he slept in bed is

of the wooden furniture of the 80s,

Where my brother slept up or down,

And he wakes up forgetting and tells me:

"¿A que te has despedidode Angelito ya? ".

Really? I swear.

And since that day I got up calmer.

And went y me dio un arranque...And he gave you peace.

Yes.He gave me peace, because I realized

not everything ends here.

What happens is that this is very nice.

Yes.This es muy bonito.

This es maravilloso.

These parras that you have there, hundred years.

These things that we are in,

But life is so.Are you religious?

I do, in my way, but I am.

I am and a lot.

But what is your way? Take it to my land.

That is, I do not follow the dogmas,

Because I think the dogmas are very bad,

But I do have a developed spiritual side

That thanks to the education I have had, I appreciate it.

I love going to Mass, really.

And would you like to marry the Church?

Nopepepepepe, porque soy profesional,vuelvo a lo mismo.

I can't swear,

Because as I respect what I respect,

and respect the oath that I can do,

I will not say: "I swear before God...".

Because I respect God a lot."Lifelong love".

You never know how.

Yes. Okay, eso no hace faltajurarlo en una boda, pero...

Yes se jura.Nopepepepepe.

¿Nopepepepepe? Y fidelidad se jura.Okay, igual yo me lo salté.

Nopepepepepe, ya te veo.

Nopepepepepe, que es de broma.

Nopepepepepe, que te quiero decir,

Look, it's like being a father.

If I would have loved to be a father,

Really, seriously,

It's one thing that is where I always say

I have noticed the age difference with forgetfulness.

That is, I forget eleven years,

She is eleven years older than me,

And it is true that at a given time...

But when I have felt the need to be a father,

I would love to be

Because I will be a wonderful father,

Because I am, because I am superniñero,

I love children,

To forget the biological clock.

And it could not be.

Also es verdadque Olvi tiene las cosas claras

And I forgot did not want to be a mother

Because a friend always said that:

"If all the world had thought

As much as you think, none would be here ".

What happens that I am already 41 years old

And I don't know if men have those things that...

Nopepepepepe, ya te digo que no.Nopepepepepe tenemos...

Nopepepepepe hay problema.

They told me that we have the menopause of men.

Nopepepepe, hombre, que no.¿Nopepepepepe?

I tell you.Nopepepepepe, porque tú eres ya...

I do not know.

Nopepepepepe, si hasta el Elton Johnha tenido hijos,

Imagine, who is the most fag.

I wanted to ask you about your parents.My parents are divine.

Tell me what they did...My father es electricista

And then he was head of Unión Fenosa, who came to me phenomenal union phenosa

Because the scholarships gave us, the doctors paid us,

Everything, everything.

And my mother dedicated to work at home.

And what was your relationship with them when you were smaller?

¿Has pasado por etapas?Men, no,

My parents have suffered a lot.

Have suffered a lot,

Because Medianoles came out a bit weird.

A neighborhood boy in the year 79

that is bought Super Pop Magazine

And who wants to be like John Travolta

and be dancing the whole díacon the friends of her aunt

and doing piripypi

and after applause and then model parade,

Of course, parents...That costs to understand.

And you have to entenderlo.You have to understand it...

But in the end they ended up understanding that nothing happens.

¿Tus padres te respetaban eso?Yes me respetaban...

Okay, mi padre me dio una panzadade hacer deporte de chico

that that was impossible.

We pointed his sister together with Judo,

But Judo lasted two days

Because there was one who gave him a castañazo

And he said: "I'm not going to Judo".

I intended to call me...

Also corrióuna pequeña carrera silvestre

In Canillejas,

But I had to move away, which became very red,

He didn't like running and he scared me.

That el baloncesto.But yes no quiero el baloncesto,

I prefer to go to El Corte Inglés with grandmother

and buy me a snoopy hunter.

Do you know what I want to tell you? But it's okay to be like that.

In the end they accept you, it is the same.Of course.

Look, me acuerdocuando hice las Nancy rubias,

I was already in 2004,

I had already married,

test passed,

according my parents.

Nopepepepepes iba muy bien a la Olvi y a mí,

But one day I decided to make them nancys blonde.

And what do I do to put on the black eye makeup

And I wear heels.

Y mi madre: "Oh, niño,no hagas eso, no lo hagas.

With how good you are doing now, what will people think about you?

What need do you have?

I said: "I'm going to do it because I want".

And in the end I did my mother is the first to...

How good Las Nancys Rubias.

Also es porque ahora vendemosmás y nos pagan más dinero.

#Nopepepepepepe me cantes villancicos

# because I will cry.#

Did you see "the glass ball" as a child?

Yes, la veía.

Yes, la veía porque soyun niño de esa generación.

Of that generation.I was eleven years old

When I was "the glass ball".

Also te digo una cositay lo digo como lo siento,

There was a Marxist speech "the glass ball"

Nopepepepepet me gustabaabsolutamente nada.

That "Long live evil, live capital", lie.

To me that no me interesa nada.

What did you think of Alaska at this time?

I remember that I bought my first albums,

My grandmother bought by chanacing one day

Goya's precious galleries,

where he asked for the tub of the Greece

y ahí fui, me compré"¿Cómo pudiste hacer esto a mí? ",

I loved that album.

And I, look,

that when I roll up with oblivion and all that,

When I do that nonsense to roll up with my own boss...

Okay, sigo enrolladocon mi propia jefa, que es ella.

Everyone and the whole press said:

"The fan has married his idol".

Nopepepepepe era así.That is, I liked Alaska's music,

But I discovered Alaska when I had her here, close.

In addition, it has to be a pain,

Sorry to tell you, fuck an idol.

You fuck with people.

Okay, bueno.Do you understand what I say?

I discovered an aunt that I loved,

A person who amazed me and a person I said:

"I have to go for her".

As I am very bighead, there I was.

I was lucky that I corresponded.

Since childhood I was clear that you wanted to be famous, known?

¿O algo similar?Nopepepepepe, de verdad.

As a child I always liked the entertainment world,

But my purpose in life has not been famous.

Yes es verdadque nunca he tenido prejuicio

In recognizing that I like fame.

I think that familiar things very good.

Very good.Nopepepepepe veo ningún...

Esos famosos que dicen:"Nopepepepepe quiero ser famosa".

Daughter of the great whore, dedicate yourself to being cashier of the day

Or dedicate yourself to being a locksmith, like my friend Miguel Parla.

Nopepepepepe quieren saber nada de eso.I return to the same,

is to exercise professionalism.

How do you go from being a journalist to be Elsa Pataky's manager?

Well, coincidences.

Tell me.And by intuition.

Look, yo era periodista.

My life has always been commercial suicide

After commercial suicide.

Why? Before finishing the race

I was working on Canal+with a great salary,

making the making of

of the films that produced Canal+.

Suddenly I know an agent of an independent record,

Subterfuge, which is where Alaska was,

and they propose to me direct the fanzine.

My mother did not know what a fanzine was.

Me neither.It is a magazine you publish,

Like a comic, but talking about your tastes.

Voucher, vale.I leave Canal+ and I'm going to subterfuge.

My mother: "Child, don't do this.Child, please.

The payroll you had ".

And my life has been without pretending to let me guide by appetite,

Being the owner of my life.

And there I arrived.

To me later, when I march with Alaska,

What was the star...Wait.

They throw me out of the company.

Fuck.Let's get there.I marry Las Vegas and they throw me.

What does Elsa Pataky have to do? I'm telling you.

Thisy contándote, escúchate.

And there I start working as a press agent

of a great representative office

His name is Jesús Ciordia,

who is representative of actors around the world,

And there was Elsa Pataky.

¿Qué pasó?That empecé con Elsa Pataky

And we got along very well.

Then they throw me out of there

Just the day I sign the mortgage

from the first floor that we bought it forgot and I.

To see.

¿Y sabes lo que me enseñó la Olvi?Me dijo: "Nopepepepepe te preocupes,

that the changes are always for the better ".

¿Y cuál fue ese cambio?That Elsa dijo: "Me voy contigo".

And I had not been an actors representative.

Bangoria had a world more related to me,

But I didn't...

I say: "Chocho, what are you going to do and me here?

-Marito, I believe a lot in Tiy we are both ".

And so it was, we took the two hand

And it was like a relationship.

A relación de parejaque nos fue muy bien.

When he had to cut, he cut.We cut it at the best moment.

Elsa has already started to love Hollywood, but what am I going to do in Hollywood?

How do you think of becoming a singer and doing the blonde Nancys?

I wanted to be "Rock Star"

And I hadn't found the moment

One thing to do it.Thanks to my friend Juan Pedro,

Nancy Travesti, me dijo un día:"¿Por qué no hacemos un grupo? ".

And I said: "If we don't know how to play".

Y él me dijo:"Nopepepepepe hace falta saber tocar,

that they touch it ".

So it was.And the idea was to make a concert

And disappear, to give us the whim.

Nopepepepepe era una vocación, una finalidad,no teníamos ninguna pretensión,

What ended up saving us the Nancys.

We said: "We act and disappear".

Well, tell the pussy, that the Warner sees us and he signs us.

And so we have been.

As we never expected anything,

Everything that comes to us comes phenomenal.

Nopepepepepes hace el vídeoAlejandro Amenábar,

that is our friend;

We act for Carolina de Monaco at the dance of La Rosa,

that I stumbled upon a heel that put myself

And I changed in the same song four times of model.

We have been with the "breasts" Boys, with the New York Dolls,

which is one of our favorite groups.

Please, please repeat that.

The New York Dolls.The Pet Shop Boys.

The "breasts" Boys too.The "breasts" Boys too.

It is a group that is very good for us.Also.

The New York Dolls.I have to repeat it.

The "Breasts" Boys.The "Breasts" Boys.



Hello, buenas tardes.

Sushi, yes?

Thatría hacer un pedido, por favor.

Well, I don't have the letter,

But I imagine you have maki...

Well, a little of everything.

And do they have something similar to rolls?

If not, my husband is not going to eat.Nopepepepepe le gusta nada.

Voucher, me trae un poco de todo.

For four people, please.

With sticks, yes.

I hope there is a fork for my husband.

Put a plastic fork just in case.

But not, que estamos en una casa.

Look, address...

The truth is that I don't know how to say, but it's Bertín's farm.

You know where it is, I imagine.



Of course, el cantante.

The one on TV.

Well that.And please, the order puts it to my name,

In the name of Alaska, I'm going to pay it,

That I want to invite.

Thank you. Here le espero.

Look qué fácil.


Now I stay here hide a while.

Listen to me.How good estoy aquí.

I'm going to ask you some questions.You ask me all the questions

Whether you want.As preguntas

that I have done for a time.

What is Alaska's favorite dish?

French fries.French fries, vale.

And yours? The hamburger.

The hamburger.Pussy, you know well.

We have been together for 16 years,

When nobody gave a hard for us.

No one gave a hard for us."Look este, que no sé qué y tal".

I remember once he interviewed me...

Nopepepepepe te conocía de nada...Nopepepepepes acabamos de conocer.

Yes, claro.Voucher.

But I do know her.

And when I vilas first photos of you,

As I know you have a brutal affection, I said:

"This uncle has to be fuck; because she is not going to be

With an uncle who is not a phenomenon ".Well...

Without knowing you, I already knew that...And I confirm it.

I confirm it.Next question.

What gets you out of Alaska?


How ordered it is.How ordered it is mentalmente,

Lo Marimandona and that the lists do the days.

He gets up and the first thing you do to the computer.

"Girl, let's have breakfast a little".

Drink water, three minutes;


Talk to mom, five minutes.And I say: "But let's see...".

It will be messing that.I swear.

That awful.I say:

"Nopepepepepe puedes ser tan organizada

Because you are going to live in a continuous despair.

Si tu madre quiere hablarese día diez minutos, ¿qué pasa? ".

And above that is what happens.

She has scheduled.She is programmed.

She is like a robot.What an incredible thing.

She says: "I am self -program".But he wants to program others.

Nopepepepepe, no, cada uno va por un lado.And I, I'm talking a lot...

And what do you think you have her out of what?

They get a lot of things from what:

lo gamberro que soyyNopepepepepepet me tome muy en serio...

Besides, that she gets very bad.In addition, it is very protective

and her constantemente,cuando le hacen entrevistas,

wants how to declare the serious side that I have.

In the background it is like: "My husband is not only a comedian".

Y yo le digo: "Shut up now".And nothing happens absolutely.

¿Por las noches roncas?Much, y le saco de quicio.

And it gives me hosts...Excuse me.

And the poor sleep with pinganillos.Nopepepepepe con pinganillos,

With those things that are made to measure.

What's the name of that?"SORDEDEROS".

Okay, como se llame.Tampons, pussy.Nopepepepepepe me salía.

The headphones you wear...Headphones.

They were made a day to measure."¿Adónde vas con eso? ".

Do you sleep with pajamas?.

In underpants.And recently...

And Alaska? Alaska?

With mesh, with socks and with a long sleeve shirt.

I say: "daughter, to see how I'm going to take this away".

Okay, os conocéis divinamente.But when he wants,

Sleep in mischief, which is also very interesting.

How was your first kiss to which you celebrate it every year?

I had been working with fangoriacomo a month

and I discovered an aunt who was Total and that put me.

And at a given time that was...

¿Un besito robado o no?Nopepepepepe, robado no.

I arrived, I made it like this and corresponded.

And that's it.And from that day on June 10 of each year

The first kiss is celebrated.And on November 29

It is the first wedding we did in Las Vegas.

I was the happiest man.I was so nervous...

Nervous we were both.We had six months.

And you know how we decide to marry?

In a "rave" in Leganés.

In a...? In a "rave".

Where people drink and all that.

A "rave" es donde la genteestá todo el día

As in a farm, but you drink a lot.As a bottle of those.

Like a bottle, but legal.And is it called "Rave"?

And it is called "Rave".But I don't want that to look

as a thing of messing, but at a given time

You have a moment of communion with that person and you say:

"Here y ahora...".

Nopepepepepes fuimosy no se lo dijimos a nadie.

Nopepepepepe se lo dijimos ni a mis padresni a América.

Nopepepepepes fuimos los dos solitos.

And went lo mejorque he hecho en mi vida.

Gave the news Terelu

And then I was going...

I mean, I had already left home

And my sister called me saying: Have you learned the news

What are they giving? Mario has married Alaska ".

And I say: "That can't be".


Is there someone?

I can enter?

Is there anyone around here?




Is there someone?

How does this parra sound like.

Hello.Hello, buenas.

¿Qué tal?Here está la comida, ¿vale?

Thank you very much. Let's see.


Wait, que la cojo primero.This lo cojo yo primero, ¿vale?

Voucher.You charge yourself.Here tienes la vuelta, ¿vale?


Lo encontraste bien, ¿verdad?Yes, sí.

Come on, my wife is a fan of yours.How cute.

You really like your song.Go ahead un beso.

Thank you.Bye.

A good benefit, ma'am.Thank you.

How cute eres, de verdad.What a wonder see you.

How feminine with those heels through the field.

Nopepepepepe, me he cambiado para comer bien.

Oh, mi niño.My precious.

What a wonderful hair, please.

How are you?I'm lovin 'it tu blusa.

The blouse is very good, the truth is that yes.

Please sit.

How about everything? How are you?

Good.You are fine, right?

Hey, how good it is in this house.Yes, ¿verdad?

Here hemos estado...You are privileged, really,

Because either...Mario, you eat the roll,

Because this I have prepared a lot.

What have you prepared? Is that my wife...

What have you prepared? Hey, is right...

Where did this meal come out?.

You? She, who does these things.

What art.Nopepepepepe la has hecho,

You have called by phone.Me?


¿Nopepepepepes ha engañado a todos o qué?Y la veo muy comedida.

I see her very restrained because when, many times, she calls on the phone,

The food house is flooded.Is that it seems very sad

fall short.Nopepepepepe puedes comer tanto, Olvido,

de verdad, ¿eh?Let's see, un poquitito.

What do you say? Leave her.Nopepepepe, hija, que...

We already started with the wars of men and women.

Is that you are like this.Are you going to try this?

He doesn't, he will eat a roll if.

I do playback with food.

I respect all this a lot

Because I don't want to take you reason, my love.

My love, it's fine.It's the first thing I've caught,

What are we going to fool for.And that?

Do I put you a little?pepepepepe.

¿Me das un besito?¿Nopepepepepe te ponga nada, nada, nada?

Of you two, who is the romantic?

Let's see,los dos somos muy detallistas,

We leave notice...Oh yes.

The notes...

The other day I was seeing

What do you have in the lamp at night a...

But it is a notita of 2010, it is all wrinkled.

It was a little heart put like this, of those of the post-it,

that they put on like that the pacemakers those...


And then he says: "At 15 years I am grouca

And now at thirty and so forty -so many,

I am married to the group's star, I love you ".

And I have that put it there...On the nightstand.

On the nightstand.Never fight her or anything?

Who has asked who marriage?

It was juntos, sentados en una mesa,en una discoteca.

A Sunday morning.Mutually?

The 15th of August...A Sunday morning.

What disco is open a Sunday...?

He didn't know what an "After" was.How nice.

Ah, an "After".In Leganés, an "after show",

No, an "After".You have said something else before,

another word.What have you said?

The King.Digo: "¿Quién coño es The King? ".

We were there and we saw each other like this

And we had very clear and we said...

Let's see, yo no tengo el recuerdode quién inicia la frase,

But it was a moment of those communion together.

We were with friends and when they came:

"Hey, we have decided to get married".

And everyone did...Do you know what they approach the table

And as they approach they go again? And they are saying:

"Voucher, cuando se les paselo de hoy, ya...".

Well no se nos pasó lo de hoy.Nopepepepepe se nos pasó y fue...

I have told your boy before, the best I've done.

Right? You don't regret, right?

What am I going to regret if I have married you three times.

And where did it? In Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas.Alone.

I have told Bertín before.

We have told the same.We only have one life.

We only have one life.Además in the same way.

They are in perfect tune, let's.Yes, son muchos años.

How much do you carry?Sorry.Nopepepepepesotros...

Look, eso es un gran misterio...How is a mystery?

Nopepepepepe, no es misterio,es que nunca nos acordamos

neither of the anniversaries nor do we have the account...

It is true.Sometimes, what I do is that I think:

"Quique is eight years old, it's going to turn nine,

We married...".All those mathematics

To say: "We carry...".eleven.

The hen.

Ataja el problema, ¿cuánto lleváis?¿eleven? ¿Puede ser?

eleven o 12.Nopepepepepe lo tiene claro.

eleven o 12, no lo tenemos claro.¿Nopepepepepe te parece maravilloso?

When they weigh you, right? You have them very present.

Yes, eso también es verdad.It is true.

"Le llevo aguantando 14 years"."How much do you carry? UF, 14".

It weighs me, don't have those details...

But surely Bertínes a detailed man.

Nopepepepepe, no.¿Nopepepepepe?

Nopepepepepe, no, vamos a cambiarde conversación.

(Laughs)¿Seguro, Bertín?

Nopepepepepe lo soy.Yes, porque tú eres un señor.

Yes, pero no tiene nada que ver.Of course.

I'm going to invite you more often home.

¿Por?Let's see si le enseñas algo,

You hit something...Listen to me.

Listen,como dice María Gabriela:

"Listen, niño, escúchate".Listen to me.

The truth is that I am not, I have never been.

Nopepepepepe es de ahora, sino desdeque tengo uso de razón.

And many times I regret

Because there are people who have been important in my life,

Like my mother, that I would have liked

That we were.Yes.

Already but...And I have not been.

But it's never too late for...It is true, tienes razón.

If the bliss is good.(Laughs)

Here las tiran dando, ¿eh?(Laughs)

¿Quién riñe más?Let's see, pues yo riño mucho porque...

Yo te he visto in the program,que tú riñes.

Frush a lot and don't shut up.

And it can be for an hour with the same topic.

And then I get a time that I say:

"Why will I have said anything?

Thisy aburrida como una ostrade estarle oyendo, no me compensa.

Next time I shut up ".

You forget, next time is the same.

Like my mother, I say: "Remember your mother".

I, on the other hand, like.When I get angry, it is inside.

She is all inside.Not a door, forgetfulness?

A little slab? Embartuits never, never.

Not a word higher than another.

He stays there: "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah".

But with this tone, huh? Nor does he shout.

I'm lovin 'it.Is that he falls asleep and I:

"That sepas que lo que has hechoesta noche no me ha gustado nada".

And I forget: "See you tomorrow".(LAUGH)

I have a perfect relationship my wife precisely

because I get angry because I argue with her.

If I...We are not Heidini Pippi Calzaslargas.

My little uncle, who was the horse that had moles, like me.

¿Hey, Bertín?

This no es "Alicia en el paísde las maravillas".

Excellent es este tío.We argue and such.

But then in the background what has to prevail prevails.

It is the best thing that happened to me

And I hope you say the same.

Forget, is the age difference a lot?

Nopepepepepe, es más, él es más antiguoen gustos musicales que yo.

Nopepepepepe, musicales no, cariño,en cosas más...


Nopepepepepe, la única diferenciaque se nota es en la cosa

that we have not been parents, it is the only thing.

With how children are you.Because if I had been a father,

I would have had a Alaskita.

Nopepepepepe soy nada fiesteroy soy superpadre.

I would love to.But you are a friend friend.

And what does that mean? Just responsibilities, right?

¿Qué quiere decir?That si fuéramos padres,

You would be the friend, who would say:

"Now that your mother doesn't find out...".

I forget, I tell you one thing, all parents...

They are consent.They are more comfortable in that role

that in the other.That role is divine.

Él es padrazo, pero él es:"This no se lo digas a tu madre".

I would be the same. Very well, Bertín.

"Your mother, as is the one who puts the rules,

The anger is going to throw us ".Nopepepepepes va a echar la bronca a los dos,

To the child and me.The rules are to jump them.

It is put at the child's level, in an accomplice plan,

But Bertín never quarrels.

But who says that you have to do well, the dinner schedule...

Who educates? The mother.

Hey, out of curiosity,

Why did you think of librarian?

¿Nopepepepepe te gustaría trabajarde bibliotecario o sí?

I'm lovin 'it.

I'm lovin 'it archivar las cosas.

I'm lovin 'it decir:

"Hello, buenas tardes,

¿cómo estáis? ".

¿Nopepepepepes vas a dar el libro y todo?Yes, que yo sé lo que es todo.

Do you know what a desiderata is?

¿A qué?¿A qué?


These are the requests that people make in the book.

According to the desideratasque has the book,

interest or not interest.

And what do you do with the booksi does not interest?


You send it to another library.

notice...Where are you going?

That te sales del programa.Is that I...

Wait que terminemos, que ademáshemos traído de Londres...

Hey, we have not commented anything...Oh, eso, el regalo para vosotros.

It is nonsense.We have brought it.

As we come from London, we buy them there.


I'm dying.Okay, ya la hemos liado.

You nothing.Nopepepepepe, yo no.

Leave him too, poor.Nopepepepepe, no.

He always says that he...Lie, huh?

He says: "I don't like chocolates, I don't...".

And disappears by magic.And enter the kitchen

When there is no one there is a little mouse

that the chocolates are eaten.This is with milk, and this?

This is from New Bond Street Street. Okay, bueno.

Please please.

My life, my life.New Bond Street Street.

That's it una calle buena.That is James's cousin.

It is a premium...The premium that encouraged you.

The New Bond is James's cousin.

notice que a mí no me gustael nuevo James Bond.

You say you think it's good, I don't like it.

When you go to London, how do you drive with this body

There in London? That body is handled alone, huh?

"One Beer".You already know, now.

How?Porque el lenguaje corporal...

Do you speak English? What the pussy is going...?Excuse me.

I do not speak English or speak anything.And how do you do?

Well, cariño,ser superviviente en esta vida.

Like me.Of course.

In this program there is a classic phrase,

that is going to be classic for always.


That a él le gustabanmucho los Pet Shop Boys.

Nopepepepepe tiene paladar inglés,qué le vamos a hacer.

Is that it has been great.

He has given me a laughter.

Pet Shop Boys, that has already happened to life.

The Pet Shop Boysson los favoritos deMario.

Hey, tell me the last fiestade celebration

That you have mounted.Kiss, wedding or whatever celebration.

The last was that of the kiss month of...

June 10th.June.

Well los de juniome tocó organizarlos a mí.

On June 10 they gave the first kiss.

Is that date for you important?

¿Nopepepepepe me digasque también es lo mismo?


¡El June 10th! ¡Nopepepepepes casamos!

Nopepepepepe me lo puedo creer.Nopepepepepe puede ser.

¿El June 10th? ¿Vosotros?Nopepepepepes casamos el June 10th.

You have remembered.

I have agreed.

But I have remembered me.

¿Nopepepepepe ves?

Is that...I want to say one thing.

Let's see si crees que chilla...It is incredible that I have agreed.

Because really, huh?

You are hitting.Nopepepepepe se le pega nada,

that the one that has been agreed is him and not, that he had forgotten you.

Nopepepepepe, perdona.

You have doubted it, huh?

Nopepepepepe, no sabía por dónde ibanlos tiros, mi vida.

Well los tiros van por donde van.

The shots go wherever they go.

So van los tiros.

Sit yourself, that you leave the program, pussy.

Sit down.¿Is that sabes lo que pasa?

Has been...You have remembered, mi vida.

Yes, porque cuando ha dicholo del June 10th del beso,

It has been like in the drawings, the bulb.

I say, June 10, that date...It sounds to me.

It sounds to me a mí, claro.

June 10th.June 10th, aquí, fue precioso.

Very pretty.Nopepepepepe me extraña.

Few guests, friends...Of course, los amigos.

Field...How it has to be.

How it has to be.Wonderful.

Do you know what happens? I'm going to tell you one thing too

And we are talking here in confidence now.

And nobody hears us.And nobody hears us.

Nopepepepepe, que te quiero decir que...

I like you very well.(Laughs)

Nopepepepepe te rías.

A mano, la otra,y las dos en la cara.

"I like you very well", dice.

I like it very well because I think it's a lady.

I think, I have it very clear.I say that, or do you only believe it?

Nopepepepepe, y sobre todoque tienes una educación...

Many times we know each other through the media

And I don't know what, but that mood you have...

Really, seriously.The colors.

¿A que lo hemos hablado?It is true.

In this world...And you have touched you a specific thing,

Suddenly you have fallen in love and married you

With people who were previously known.

But having mood and education, once you are in that world,

It seems to me a very big value.And it's not easy.

Because it is not fácil.Nopepepepepe es fácil.

Nopepepepepe es gratuito.

Nopepepepepe la tienes porque todo es idealy te sale y la tienes.

You have it because you do a continuous exercise of education,

to be on site...

It has happened to you...First, you've been with me

For many years...

You were a manager and you would be the other,

You got on TV, but it wasn't what happened to you later.

Nopepepepepe, me ha pasado de todo.What happened to you...(Laughs)

I have very clear, very clear,

that he is an artist, he is a person who...

Okay,pues que todo el mundo conoce.

And I am Bertín's wife,

that does not take me out of merit.Of course, por supuesto.

On the contrary.Happy.

I am happy that my husband is an artist.

Men, es lo que me pasa a mí.I am not an artist,

They know me with rebound.I feel superorgullous of that.

That has nothing to do with it.You are more total.

Nopepepepepe, es verdad.I like that definition

porque no hay más que hablar:"You are more total".

I'm being serious.

Well yo te lo agradezco mucho.

I thank you for coming.I really wanted to return.

Look que no quiero llorar,que enseguida me pongo a llorar.

After so many years, he has made me very excited.

That yo no me voy, que me quedo.

Stay, but let's...Let's make a closure.

We have to end at some point.

Nopepepepepe se ha terminado el programa.Nopepepepepesotros nos quedamos.

Thank you por haber venido.Thank you a vosotros.

Has been fantástico.People say that I always say

One thing that is very silly, but I really say.

Who loves you more than me?

"It will be because distance is oblivion.

Forgetfulness is Mexico, but it is also Spain.

And his mother's cuba; and his father,

Asturias Patria dear y Añoraday finally abandoned.

Alaska brought me a rain of stars

And since then he has won.

But I have discovered from the new new ones,

that his name was given by Lou Reed,

que empezó con 14 years,

que no ha querido tener hijosporque bastante tiene conMario,

who decided to marry a swap night

And that every year they celebrate it, not only the wedding,

but that kiss as if it were the first day.

That se dio cuentade que de su marido

He liked the frivolocuo side saw that he lost it.

Mario, vitalist, crazy and affectionate.

Mario, provocative and ambiguous, but also familiar and religious.

Mario, excited, especially remembering his brother Angel.

Mario, endearing character,

that the same becomes representative

than anyone in the pocket.

Mario, whirlwind, who makes his layer a sayo

And dare to ride Caballocon Heel shoe

and pitillo pants.

Alaska yMario,Vaquerizo y Olvido.

Today I say goodbye with the pleasure of having a friendship

And having made a friend."

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