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Old man softens the networks by selling handmade drawings to buy milk for his grandchildren | Salvadoran News

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They say that grandparents are capable of creating unforgettable memories, and this phrase is undoubtedly the one that best describes Don Armando, as an older adult who decided to go out on the streets to sell handmade drawings to buy milk has been identified on social networks. their grandchildren.

Although little is known about this moving story, a social media user identified as Héctor Villanueva shared a selfie on his profile showing a drawing of the Virgin of Guadalupe and a short distance from its creator, an elderly man who was devastated by his losing streak. .

The old man identified as Don Armando was crying in the streets of the San Sebastián neighborhood, in the Guadalupe municipality of the Monterrey metropolitan area, where he had tried to market his drawings, but he had not had much luck.

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The man with notable difficulties to walk towards his best effort to get money and be able to buy milk as he explained he needed it for his grandchildren.

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“He sold the drawing of the little virgin for $20 and I gave him $100 and he started crying because he was happy and told me that I was an angel,” wrote Villanueva, who asked the neighbors to collaborate if they saw the old man.

The story, accompanied by some photographs, quickly spread among social network users who selflessly began to organize to find Don Armando and be able to help him with basic supplies such as food, clothing, shoes and even offered him a new cane to facilitate his movement. .

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A short time later Villanueva made a new publication of Don Armando, but this time he was seen at a greater distance walking with a bag of aid that had been given to him for his grandchildren.




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