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As.com The 17 strict standards that the Taliban can impose on the entire population without exception

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Afghanistan is already under the power of the Taliban.Islamic fundamentalists already control the country, and although the Panshir Valley region resists the assault, the Taliban have already begun to draw what would be the guidelines of their government.The new regime would not be a democracy, the tricolor flag would be changed to the white flag with the Qur'.

The change of power would therefore bring a deep change for the Afghan population.Rights would be lost, especially in the case of women and girls, but no one in the population would be safe from the strict norms that the Taliban would apply, neither the men.

And it is that the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan (Rawa) has warned of the norms that the Taliban can impose both on men and women who live in territories governed and controlled by the Taliban.Strict laws that, if not complied.The rules to be met would be the following:

The 17 standards that the Afghan population should comply without exception, according to Rawa

Even more strict laws for women

As.com Las 17 estrictas normas que los talibanes pueden imponer a toda la población sin excepción

These strict standards, if finally carried out, must follow them the entire population, no matter how much that the Taliban leaders are giving an image of moderation and opening to the world.But in addition, laws can be even more intensified against women.As Rawa has denounced women, they can be prohibited from working, education, leaving home without a man and would be forced to take the burka not to show their face in public.The Taliban have indicated that they will respect the rights of women and girls, something that Rawa is not believed and has questioned.

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