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Billie Eilish: to be humiliated by her appearance to become the queen of self -love

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Billie Eilish stole Met Gala 2021 with an incredible dress worthy of a Hollywood diva.With each posse.

The interpreter of "Bad Guy" won a lot.It was thanks to this reason that oversize clothes became his best ally.

«Lo que me gusta de vestirme 800 tallas más grande es que no permite que los demás tengan la oportunidad de juzgarme. No quiero dejar que alguien obtenga una excusa para criticarme. Quiero tener capas y capas, ser misteriosa», contó para Vogue Australia.

Interestingly, wearing clothes as a defense mechanism for the haters learned it from one of his favorite singers: Rihanna.

And it is not only heard criticism from the media;Her former boyfriends also helped "crush her self -esteem.

«Nunca me he sentido deseada. Mis antiguos novios nunca me hicieron sentir bonita. Y es un gran problema en mi vida porque no me siento atractiva físicamente».

Worst of all, when growing, their curves began to be a trend in social networks.Giving way to morbid or critical comments for ‘becoming an exhibitionist’, since his style was evolving and abandoned baggy clothes.

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«Mientras me hago mayor, menos confianza tengo», expresó en una entrevista para El show de Drew Barrymore.

Billie Eilish: de ser humillada por su apariencia a convertirse en la reina del amor propio

Although the singer had an incredible idea to strengthen her own love and convey it to her followers.This was done by Vogue in its British edition of the month of June.

With 19 years he posed in lingerie of the Gucci brand and thus handed a overwhelming message: the clothes should not determine when a woman deserves to be respected.

Thus, thanks to his own experience Billie Eilish shared an incredible acceptance message for all women:

«La autoestima sólo depende de ti misma. Si tú no crees que eres valiosa entonces todo quedará arruinado, porque no importa qué piensen los demás sólo importa tu opinión. ¡Tú eres la única que controla tu vida y tu amor propio, cree en ti misma!».

In this way, Billie Eilish managed to improve the way he perceived herself, in order to be brave enough to use an outfit outside her comfort zone.

And she herself confessed - in one behind the cameras for Vogue - that the dresses with Corsé are their favorites, because he loves the way they made Marylin Monroe look.

«Siempre quise hacer esto, pero me sentía muy asustada. No estaba cómoda en mi propia piel. Estoy feliz de haberlo hecho finalmente. Creo que ya era hora porque mi autoestima ha mejorado mucho a lo largo de estos últimos años».

Did you know the humiliations that Billie Eilish had to go?What did you think of her full of her own love?Tell us in the comments your opinion about it.

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