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Bluper Inés Hernand, the great star of the Benidorm Fest: "I feel like Pedroche in the Chimes"

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Queen of Spain, fashionable girl, kween host. Inés Hernand has arrived to stay. The young comedian has entered the Eurofan world through the front door, but especially on general television, putting the audience in her pocket thanks to her spontaneity and wit during the two semifinals of the Benidorm Fest.

A necessary profile on public television that gives a voice to the new generations and that points the way for TVE's La 1 to renew itself and attract the younger audience, betting on these new talented and transgressive voices, which until now seem to only They have a place in digital.

A presenter of the Gen Playz program on Playz, RTVE's digital platform, Hernand has earned being where he is. With a law degree, this almost 30-year-old from Madrid has had more than 20 jobs to become one of the most applauded comedians in our country.

How did that call to present the Benidorm Fest come about?

I was in a taxi on my way to announce something for Movistar and the director of Entertainment at RTVE, Ana María Bordas, called me, and as she told me, I said yes but stopped listening. I started blacking out, went off like a corporate string of thanks and hung up and said to myself, 'what did you say?' This usually happens to me with important things. I had to search the internet for 'Eurovision January' and the Benidorm Fest thing already happened. I discovered through the internet what they had proposed to me. And there I said that this was going to be a very strong thing because the fandom block that there is of Eurofans is very heavy, one of the most in Europe. I saw it as an opportunity or my grave.

At the press conference you were also very grateful, thanking people who are in the background and who don't monopolize so much focus...

Irene Mahía (Playz journalist) is the best. And Eva Mora (Eurovision head of delegation), too. María Eizaguirre (RTVE Communications Director) is putting her face up, but the two of them are also behind all this. It is important that they be recognized and at the two galas I have also recognized the work of the producers and all the workers.

A prime time on the public channel! A great opportunity, but also something to be faced with a lot of respect, don't you think?

Bluper Inés Hernand, the great star of Benidorm Fest:

100% respect. I said to myself: 'Inés, if you have seen all the seasons of RuPaul, if you have not tattooed Arantxa Castilla La Mancha on one side of a miracle and, although you are not part of the group, but you are a sympathizer and activist, and you have grown up with them, you have a code that you will be comfortable with. It is not hostile territory.

How do you live when all the attention is focused on you during these days?

I'm overwhelmed because I carry three cell phone batteries a day. But, above all, because I'm being me. I'm trying to translate the truth, tell the truth, and be in a code that I'm comfortable with. And if I'm wrong, we have the right to be wrong. It's okay, this is live. I am not ceasing to be me. It overflows me because it gives you a rush that the rock recognizes you.

Are you one of those who is searched on Google?

Nope. I'm dying. I only express notifications and mentions. Within all this there is also a lot of hate.

And how do you handle those criticisms?

I also come from making sociopolitical content and that is another battlefield. There on a weekend they threaten you with death. That they tell me 'shut up sapa' here, I don't care. It is much more pleasant in entertainment to dedicate yourself to something kind, than to something that is going to stone you. On a personal level, I like both things and, even if I can insert a wedge here, well, it's being done.

What has been seen at the Benidorm Fest seems to me to be Spain, a new intersectional Spain.

In fact, in one of the semifinals you celebrated that in the Benidorm Fest there was diversity, inclusion, promotion of our languages...

Yes, a new intersectional Spain. What has been seen at the Benidorm Fest seems to me to be Spain. You have a singer-songwriter, a Latino vibe, a group of girls with a language that has never been represented so little before... And on top of that, they're all making an investment that's brutal. And all for entertainment.

You rocked your Thierry Mugler tribute on Thursday. What awaits us this Saturday?

We have several changes. It is not that we are improvising, it is that this has suddenly generated an expectation in which I literally feel like Cristina Pedroche in the Campanadas 2021 putting a prosthesis on my head and saying that I am a firefly. I do not know what to do. I think the most sensible thing to do would be to say that. The closets have their limitations, if there is a Benidorm 2023 and I am there, I will promise things. We have the whole bed full of extensions, wigs... It's all being very crazy. I am very happy to have entered the Eurovision spiral perfectly, like a slide.

With your presence in prime time on La 1, do you think a door is open for new faces to enter generalist television?

I hope so. Not only for me, but for all my colleagues. I hope that the opportunity opens up for extremely talented people who are more relegated to the digital world, as if that were the purria, which it is not, and they integrate into a different focus. Many times it is not understood that other generations do not want to listen to young people. Why don't you want to listen when there is so much courage to give? A transversal and interdependent society is what will give you the key to success in the medium term. If we only make measurements for a senior rank, the young club is going to drop. And in the end instead of going hand in hand, they will confront each other.

Was it hard getting here? I read that you have had more than twenty jobs...

I don't believe in meritocracy. Not all of us start from the same base. And obviously an Ibai Llano you will have one in ten thousand. Mine has been progressive. I have been making content for networks for four or five years. There has been a progression.

Have you finished with that hunger that is talked about in your biography? Or do you still have it?

Always. I have to say that I am hungry in a literal and figurative sense. I'm eating great. It is a very sweet period. I am very investigative, not of alternatives but of stimuli at the communication level. Maybe I'm a little stuffed because I'm doing a lot of things at once to see which records I like best. But everything I'm doing I love because it's talking. And what I like is cracking.

You can't put an aunt with a gang that has nothing to do with it, and trying to make a space for sorority, because that's not a sign that it's going well.

Do you think Spain is ready for a late night hosted by a woman?

Of course it is. What we need is for the big producers and the chains to want to give them a space and also row in favor and listen to the suggestions a little. It has already been seen in previous proposals that you cannot put an aunt with a gang that has nothing to do with it, and trying to make a space for sisterhood, because that is not a sign that it goes well. I am a colleague of Victoria Martin, Carolina Iglesias, Henar Álvarez, Lalachus, Andrea Compton and with them I can make a tranchete. But if you put me with people I don't know, that I don't connect, that I haven't been intimate with, that there is no generational chemistry, well, the gang doesn't consume it because there is no truth. People who turn on the TV want to see things with which they feel identified. If it's something fake, you're lost.

There we have the example of Etirando el chicle selling out tickets at the WiZink Center in Madrid...

Shutting up little mouths. And in four hours. We are seeing a moment in which people want to give formats, but not that they are given by fashion. That you put a figure like mine in the Benidorm Fest is fucking crazy. And keep it up.

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