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The curious origin of Christmas cards: we tell you the story

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The tradition of sending good wishes through Christmas cards will always be a custom that, although they have disappeared a bit on store shelves, will not cease to be a nice detail that is valued, whether on paper or digital.

During the December holidays it is common for people to accompany their gifts with some postcards to wish them good wishes, but what is the origin of these Christmas cards >? We will explain it to you below.


It was in 1843, the same year that Charles Dickens published his book A Tale of Christmas, when the English aristocrat and educator named Henry Cole was closely associated with the Victorian elite circle and thanks to his social skills he had many friends.

The curious origin of Christmas cards : we tell you the story

At that time it was used to send letters, both for Christmas and New Year, for congratulations and good wishes to everyone you knew, something like send WhatsApp to our loved ones today, however, Cole's daily tasks were not going to allow him to work and write in a short time.

In the absence of time, it was as he asked a friend, the painter and academic J.C. Horsley to print several copies of one of his illustrations, featuring a typical family Christmas scene on a small cardstock with a general greeting such as “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”; it also included two blank lines, one included the word “From” and the other “To”.

The first Christmas card featured a typical family scene on a small cardstock l Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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