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Concha Velasco announces that he leaves the stages: "Today has been the last representation"

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"Today has been the last representation I am going to do in the theater.My children want me to stop working in the theater, especially not to do tours ".Thus, the 81 -year -old actress Concha Velasco, one of the most beloved and respected in the entertainment world, said goodbye to the stages.

It happened at the Calderón de Valladolid Theater.Standing, the actress went to the public with a sad but firm voice.

-Guapa, we love you!

-Viva the Chicha Ye-Yé!

There were applause and compliments.And a generalized "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhehe.No one wanted to believe it.His countrymen had gone to see her in the work Maria's room, written by her son Manuel Velasco, as the previous one, the funeral.I was in full tour, started in August 2020 in San Sebastián.There were still about 25 functions but the decision rang firm, although hurt.

The actress, who will turn 82 on November 29, was operated this summer of a hernia.During the pandemia "it had a fatal, too static", according to a source close to the protagonist of works like mom, I want to be an artist.

Concha Velasco anuncia que deja los escenarios:

The award -winning with the Honor Goya of the Film Academy in 2012 throughout her career stated this August that the shell had to be sold to pay the invoices in the pharmacy.His son Manuel Velasco denied that he had economic problems.

Concha Velasco said goodbye to his beloved Valladolid public with a phrase from Santa Teresa: "Read and drive, do not read and will be driven.That you are very happy and always ".

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