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Pérez, the little mouse of your dreams

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Titan, Action!


Go ahead, Titan!

Lucia, take off Your skates.


SlowlY, Tintán.

Oh! Ah!


Have You hurt Yourself, honeY?


¿Cuándo vendrá mamá?Nopepepe sé.

WhY don't You have dinner in bed?

Come on, dad, mom likes us to eat together.


Have You hurt Yourself, dad?

Nopepepe, no, no, no ha sido nada.

Dad, do I put the table?

Well, but before the skates.

Nopepepe, papá, si voY con ellos,lo haré más rápido.

Titan, Sal.

And now, the glasses.



Hello, mom! Come in mY arms.

And dad? In the kitchen.


Come on.

Hello darling.Hello.

I'm tired.

Nice time to arrive, Lucia almost faints sleep.

And, above, I have to travel tomorrow.Where?

To Córdoba, I have to supervise a work.

But I will return in a few daYs.

I will call Your mother to staY with Lucia.

Remember that I expect a call from the Carlton Hotel.

Titan, come and help me.

Lucia, take off Your skates,¿quieres?

It's okaY.

Those international search hotels of international fame.

And what am I?

And now the cutlerY.

You are verY good, honeY, but You are also verY pretentious.

WhY don't You accept one of those works

What do theY offer in the newspaper?

I'm not a chef, I'm a chef.

Dad! What?

What does it mean pretentious?

Nopepething, honeY, that theY have no confidence.

Well, as a chef, I don't think theY call You.

And now the napkins!

TodaY theY have called me for a job.

Have You called You?

(Nopepeds) Where?

Of a French food restaurant.

It is burning!

¡Oh, no, qué desastre! ¡Nopepepe!

Watch out!

It is a total disaster.

Quiet, I'll prepare something fast.

What a smell of burned!

CarefullY, Lucia.

I will put it in the microwave...

And, in a few seconds,

We can eat rich crepes.

Let's see, where is it...?Where is what?

What do You hint? What do I don't know how to wear a house?

That I can't keep You?

Nopepepe he dicho eso...


The table is alreadY on!


(SHOUTS) "¡Mamá, papá!".

Or not!

(CrY) "It hurts!"."Let's see, where is it el diente?".

"There is".

I think tonight...

The little mouse will come.



(Beeps in Morse)













-Nopepepe, no, no, no puedes entrar.

Is closed.

-Pardone, it's urgent.

-Oh, sorrY, You will have to wait until tomorrow.

Teeth rescue operations

are accepted until 10.

-But it's a special case.

This is a girl who had an accident.

-For us all children are equal.

Nopepet counting that a girl wakes up after 10 p.m.

It is inadmissible, untimelY and inappropriate.

-But Your mother comes late from the job.

Please let him speak with Pérez.

SurelY he understands.

-It's okaY, dos minutos.

Nopepe more no less.

-Thank You!

(LYric Music)

(Laughs nervous)


Mr. perez?

(Tararae) Oh, sorrY!




Mister Pérez.What I can help?

Excuse mY boldness,

But we have an emergencY.

-We wrap it here, as little mouse likes.

I will put it...


Mom, You have to go to bed,

Because, if there are people, the little mouse will not come.

Nopepepe te preocupes, seguro que viene.

The little mouse never fails.

I wish.

Well, what happens, huh?

Are You talking about women's things?

Little mouse things.

Ah that's good!

But now You have to sleep.

Dad, how much moneY will it leave me?

Nopepepe sé, ¿cuánto necesitas?

How much is a restaurant?

HoneY, the best thing is that You sleep

And, tomorrow, with whatever I left You,

I will buY You candies or a toY.


I love You.

What do You sleep well, honeY.


It's a girl.

What dental piece must be collected?

Upper right canine, sir.

-Here has the information.-Mister Pérez...

You better leave it for tomorrow.

Going out at this time is a bit reckless.

MY dear mouse...

Nopepething would be

at anY time and before anY difficultY

To fulfill our destinY,

What is it...

give happiness to the little ones.

For that there is our organization.


"Soon a new tooth spit will arrive".

"Pérez leaves service commission".


-Solicito authorization to sail, sir.

Fleeting commander, again with delaY?

We have a lot of work, sir.

Those mice are delaYed with production.

MaYbe, if we buY modern machinerY,

We will attend to fewer children...

We have done it for this for 100 Years

And we will continue doing it.

Well sir.


How does Your little cold follow?

Well sir.

Give this to me.

Nopepepe sé si se lo he dicho,pero esas golosinas...

Have been prepared under the supervision of queen bees.


Ah, and that does not mean

that one should not brush Your teeth

After eating them.


TodaY is the daY, Pérez comes out in a special mission.




Titan, no uprootes.

¡Come here!

Come on, todaY You are going to sleep in the patio.

Come on let's go.


I'm going there.







¡Sáquenme de here!

¡OkaYs días!

Above, princess.¡Nopepepe!

I'm sleepY.C'mon darling.

You have to get up or You will be late for school.

Go up.

"WhY is Titan out?".

"Santiago! Are You going out of the bathroom?".

"It took a minute to leave, Pilar".

And mY tooth?


"Please, Santi, helps Lucia!".

"We have to go through Your new job

And I'm not going to arrive on time at the airport ".

"And mY watch?".

"Where is mY watch?".

"¡Ah, está here!".

OkaYs días, cariño.

"Have You seen mY wallet?".

Dad, You know that I don't...Then tell me,

that todaY lead me and You have to arrive earlY.

"HurrY up, lucia,

I have to get to the airport before 8 ".



The news that I have to communicate

TheY are quite sad ".

"Pérez has not returned his last exit".

-Oh no!

-"Please, friends,

Let's not let the sadness take awaY from our work ".

"Let's have hope".

"For now, the most appropriate

We continue with our work

To honor our boss ".

"I invite You to multiplY our effort,

To triple our production to welcome Pérez

With the cellar full of pearls ".



(Call the door)



How are You?

-What, Pipo?

Huh, pipo...

Have You been smoking?

-Nopepepe, no, tío, no he fumado.

-You know I don't like You smoke in business.

The smoke spoils pearls.

Pipo, approach.

Come, look.

Clean the counter well, do You want?

Soon, the Countess Kromnikof will arrive.

ApparentlY, You want to buY a necklace.

Lucia, honeY, what's wrong with You?

Last night the mouse did not come.

But what do You saY? Are You sure?Did You look good?

I think something happened.

You told me the little mouse Pérez never fails.

Come on, Lucia.

What can happen to You?

SurelY tomorrow comes, right?

But ¿no creéisWhat is it algo muY raro?

Santi, ¿el restaurante era por here?

Yes, when You arrive at the avenue, turn right.

But, don't worrY, leave me in the corner.

Santi, we want to leave You at the door, it's Your first daY of work.

Countess, it's a pleasure to see her.

-Welcome.-Mister Morientes.

-Astellante, Countess.-Thank You.

-"I will show You the sample of necklaces".

-"Oh, verY well, I'm looking forward to seeing Your collection".

-"I think he will excite him".




"Nopepepe se arrepentirá, condesa".

"See You soon, Mrs. Condesa".


-The kidnapped is under control, commander.

-I hope orders.-"Have You finished cleaning, pipo?".

-Yes, uncle, I've finished.

Tiene que ser por here, ¿no?

Yes, Yes, leave me there.

Wow! It's a verY elegant restaurant.

Is beautiful!

Have luck, mY love.

Good luck, dad.Thanks daughter.

Thank You.

BYe daddY.GoodbYe, Pilar.

Go, start.

That You will be late for the airport.BYe.

You will lose the plane.


Do You wish something?



What is she coming for?

BY the ad.

He comes late.

(With Andalusian accent) -Niño, what do You saY late?

TodaY we will studY vertebrate animals.



What happens? Can I go to the bathroom?

But if You just entered class.

Yes, but do You know?

Nopepepe es que no me interesenlos animales vertebrados,

On the contrarY, I am verY interested.

Hasta Yo tengo un perroWhat is it vertebrado.

OkaY, está bien, sal,pero quiero que vuelvas enseguida.

Yes, a moment.

You have realized?

Have You seen what presence has it?

It seems verY distinguished.

-To distinguished,

that a cow duck should not distinguish.

-Oh, go, Gordi!

It will be our opportunitY to impose our specialties.

The empanadillas, the fideuá, the salad...

Go, Gordi also promised me that You would have an assistant.

Go, make a test, something small.

And so we will give it a more chic touch

To the frY, huh?

-"All bodY immersed in a fluid

experience a vertical thrust up

Equal to the evicted fluid ".

"The bodY immerses until the thrust of the liquid..."

"NopetifY Ramiro".

"...equal to weight that has in a vacuum ".

-María, Maria.

-"...The weight of the bodY in a vacuum is equal to the thrust ".


-...that governs the movement of fluids

It is Bernoulli's theorem,

that relates an increase in flow rate

With a decrease in pressure and vice versa ".

(Whisper) -María.


-Avis Ramiro.

-"An aerodYnamic wing or plane..."

-What's happening?

-Avis Ramiro.-Ramiro.






Ramiro, You have scared me.

What are You doing there?

Go to the bathroom, and You?

What are You doing up there?

WhY have You looked for me?

I need Your help, something has happened to Pérez.

¿A Joheren Pérez?

But if You are in class! What do You saY?

Pérez, el ratoncito de tus sueños

Nopepepe, me refiero al Ratoncito Pérez.


Nopepepes vemos al salir del cole.


You see it?

You see it? Te lo dije.

Te dije What is itte chicoiba a ser la revelación.

Look, what preparation, what staging.

This could be a "After Hour"!



Dante's fillet chicken.

Supreme "Poulet" with potatoes "Nopeisette".

Polloo rolls the fine herbs

and chicken breast to the Berlin.


All with Corral Chicken.


All "Nopeuvelle Cuisine".

I told You, Gordi.

-OkaY, puedes prepararte.

Clients will soon arrive.

I leave You to the ant that is a little hand.


(Channel Your fingers)

Marching two fried!

(Animated music)

Come on boY!

Marching three other fried!

Lorenzo, the usual, right?

-If for me if.

Going the menu for three!

Come on, come on, come on!

You have to take less, huh?

Marching another!

Prepare the 8 account.

Come on, Santiago!

Marching two other fried!

Es here.

¿Es here qué?

You see, Pérez left us this card.

SurelY he wanted to let me know that something had to happen to him.

And how do You know what something happened?

¿cómo sabemos What is it él?

How do we know what has asked You for help?

Ramiro, have You ever heard that the little mouse didn't appear?

This time, Pérez didn't give me a gift.

Instead, the others left me a coin.

OkaY, tampoco vamos a hacertanto ruido por una.

I give it to You.

Oh, come on, You don't understand anYthing, Ramiro.

Nopepepe es por la moneda.

Can You imagine the world the little mouse Pérez?

(Echo) huh?

"First, disappointment before the absent mYth".

"Then, confusion and rage in fratricidal struggles".

"Deconsuelon distinguishes race or religion".

"And an uncontrollable anger transfer borders".

"The usual opportunists appear".

"Galicious beings in grotesque imitations

good from Pérez ".

"And theY steal houses looting illusions".

"The toothless go at night,



TheY are easY preY from the greed virus ".

"What was a happY world,

It is a paid terrain for the Prophets of the Rencor ".


Listen to me, I'm going behind the parking lot,

And meanwhile, You enter the store and find out everYthing You can.

Wait!Have I said Yes?

Have You heard me saY Yes?

BYe, luego nos veremos.

-As good, huh?

Give a general review to everYthing, huh?

Until the night, champion.



Where I am?





How are you?Good, ¡bien!

I would want pearl necklaces, do You know where I can get them?

Ah, sí, claro, here...

What a coincidence, right?

Tell me, do You have anY?

Oh, tener tiene,pero es para mi mamá.


¿Qué está pasando here?

Little girl!

Little girl!






If You have?

Because round pearls You are verY seen.

I would like something more original.



Me parece What is itto te corresponde.

I am verY sorrY for the delaY.¡Thank You!

"What happens? Is it that mY moneY is not worth?".

We better leave, the old man can come.

What are You talking about?

Well, from the old man who kidnapped You.

Nopepepe, eso es imposible.

Morientes is a great friend.

So, if he is so friend of Yours,

WhY does it have You locked in a box?

OkaY, él nos diráqué es todo este embrollo.

We better wait for it.

Yes, le vamos a esperar,pero no here.




Forgive, it has been unintentionallY.



What are You doing?

You're going to kill him! Who am I going to kill?

Pérez!Who will it be?

Let's go!

What are You doing, uncle?

You can fall!

-Can You know what is happening?


Nopepepe pasa nada, tío.

I'll go smoking to the street.

Come on, run.¿Nopepepe puedes ir más rápido?


¡Cool, Ramiro!Thank You.

How did theY take it?

¡Nopepepe puede ser que no hagas nada bien!

"I want You to bring Pérez

To take care of the eldefinitive ".

-"Nopepepe se preocupe, comandante,sé quién se lo llevó, es una niña".

"I'm going to recover it".

Brakes, brakes, there is no one.

Come on,Ramiro, fast.

Yes, Yes, I'm going.



¡Oh, míralo! ¿A What is it guapo?

It's so little...

It's the little mouse Pérez! Yes.


Is it half stunned, it seems to me?

How will it not be stunned and You almost kill him?


It seems that it means something.


"Burulesga Trufa Procopio".

What did You saY?

"Burulesga Trufa Procopio".

And what does it mean?

I do not know!As it is not the language of mice...


"MY Farco"?



I think a veterinarian needs.

Me parece What is ittá mejor.


Santiago, we can't expect more.

I have called the school and their friends and nobodY knows anYthing.

Quiet, mom, Lucia will appear.


Hello, mi amor, hola.

Yes, well, verY good.

Except a small problem...

"What problem?".

Lucia, we don't find her.


Is it mom?give her a kiss for me.

Yes.Lucia sends You a big kiss.

"Santiago, have You fallen crazY?".

SorrYame, después te llamo.


Can You know where You were?

Your grandmother almost dies of a heart attack.

I told You that something had happened to Pérezle.

Nopew that Your mother is not, You will have to behave better.

Dad, theY had kidnapped a jewelrY.

Enough, lucia, no, enough.

Enough of inventing lies

To hide them.

Nopepepe es mentira.Do You want a test?


Here tienes la prueba.

Pérez, mY father, Santiago, chef.

MY father, Santiago, Chef, Pérez.

Nopew You believe me? Disgusting rat!

¡Nopepepe, abuela!¡Mamá, por favor!


¡Nopepepe, Titán!Lucy, por favor.

Lucia, You are punished until mom comes to bed.

I go to work.Gross!

Mom, mom, it's just a hamster.A hamster?

I leave You the restaurant number.

If You behave badlY, You call me.




-Mister Morientes,menos mal que le encuentro.

-"Hello, ¿quién es?".

-I'm María Laucha.

Something terrible has happened with...Listen?


-Listen?-Sabía que contigo tendría problemas.

But I will not let mY plans with dumb and outdated mouse.


Oh, ¿a quién llamas anticuada?


Nopepepe, no, no, no, no tengas miedo.

I am Pipo, Morientes's assistant.

¿Qué haces here?

Is the little mouse okaY?

What little mouse?

Nopepepe te asustes,Yo sé que tú lo rescataste.

I work with Morientes and, in addition, I am his nephew.

Nopepepesotros vendemoslas perlitas que hace Pérez

and we give him the raised to buY

sweets, toYs for children...

And so it gives You the coins...

And whY have theY kidnapped it?

MY uncle did.

Look, mY Pérez told me

what a Moorientes would be unable to harm him.

What happens is that Pérez would never suspect mY uncle.

And surelY for that, Morientes betraYed him.

Give me the little mouse, I'll return it to Your ship.

To Your ship?

Yes, Pérez has a little boat in the port,

the color blue,

In which he collects all the teeth of the children...


Morientes is going to steal it tonight.

We have to avoid it.

Yes, pero Yo no tengo al Ratoncito.


¿Nopepepe tienes al Ratoncito?

Está en un lugar seguroY no sueñes que te lo voY a dar.


What happens schens

That if Pérezno is tonight on his boat,

There will be no more teeth, there will be no more coins.

Morientes piensa llevárselomuY lejos, muY lejos, a otras costas.

OkaY, lo pensaré.

But now I have to go.


Nopepepe me has dicho cómo te llamas.



Let's see,

se te caYó esto en la terraza.

Thank You.

Surely Pérez wants you to have it.

Remember: Pérez's fate in your hands.

HoY en el puerto antes de medianoche.

-Mm!Where will the cheese be?

Come on, guys, a little more, a little more, like this..

Come on, carefully.

These are mine.

HaY que buscar a Pérez,Ramiro, ¡date prisa!

Again?How did she escape?

Let's go!

But what happened?

It does not matter.

We have to find it

Because they want to steal Pérez's ship tonight.

So that?

To tour all the ports in the world

Y recogercientos de miles de dientes

of hundreds of thousands of children who still believe in Pérez.

Without leaving a miserable coin, clear.

Then I will fill the wineries of hundreds of thousands of pearls

Y podré viviruna vida de diversión Y de descanso.

-It looks like a silly idea

worthy of a greedy mouse without feelings!

Estás muY equivocado si piensas

que The little mouses te aYudaránen ese macabro plan.

-Ah! ¡Los ratoncitos!

I almost forgot!

But for them, my friend Pipo also has a plan.


La lechuga es un colchón estupendo,allá voY.



In difficult times the brave hearts are known.

We have multiplied the effort

Y tenemosla maYor producción de perlas

of the last years.

Pérez, dondequiera What is itté,

I would be proud of all of you.

And as any effort deserves its prize,

here os espera vuestra recompensa.

(TODOS) -Oh!




¿HaY alguien ahí?

SoY Pérez, el de los dientes.

¿Y a mí qué? ¡Nopepepe molestes!


(Music in the distance)

(Music in the distance)

Eh, huh, huh, tall, tall!

Sorry, but this is a private party.

Do you know who is talking to?

Look, little brother, or you are invited or you are not.

And you are not invited.

Besides, you wear sports.

You know the sports ones are "out".

Look, discriminating rat,

será mejorque vaYa bajando el tonito,

because otherwise,

The one who will be "out"

It will be you.

Así que vaYaa decirle a su jefe ahora mismo

that you will have to receive.

¡It's okaY!

(Shouting in the distance)



(Shout) -¡Eh, eh, eh!




(Korean) # calm, calm.

# I come with a rhythm# I can't pilot,

# pilot.

# So much joy# will get sick.

# Calm Calm.

# ¡Por este camino# voY seguro al hospital! #


(Stop the music)

Of all bars in the world,

Justohas had to choose this, Pérez.

What category, huh?

¿Ahí trabaja tu padre, Lucy?

Of course.

He is a great renowned international chef.

Doma dominate cuisine from different countries:

Japanese, Hindu, Mediterranean...

But, to my liking,

Broken perfection in French food.

That is why this restaurant, La Maison.

In this?

Or in that?

She lied to me.

Who was going to say that the mouse of the teeth

A good day were going to visit us?

Why the honor?

It is a long story.

I was going to my ship...

Your ship.

In the street it is commented

que tu barco Ya no es más tu barco.


If what you tell me is true,

My fellow mice must be in danger.

Quizá vosotros podríais aYudarmea recuperar mi barco.


¿Por qué habría de aYudarte?

You insist on keeping the illusion of children alive,

That, sooner or later, they will be adults!

And we all know what adults do, right?

Nopepepes envenenan.

Nopepepes persiguen.

Nopepepes desprecian.

Me dijo que Yo era una mentirosa

Y estaba trabajando en esa pocilga.

OkaY, no te preocupes.

Nopepepe será una maravilla,pero es un restaurante.

But what are you saying?

The walls chorrean fat, the tables have no tablecloth,

garbage bags walk alone...

Es horrible,el olor a frito llega hasta here.

Do the bags walk alone?



-"Hello, Carmen, soY Pilar".

-Something happens?

-Nopepepe, no, nada,solo que iba a acostarme

Y quería dar el beso de buenas nochesa mi princesa.

-Seguida I call her, she's going to rejoice very much.

His father punished her.

You know how Santiago de demanding is.

Come on,Ramiro, it's a slide.





You will see, friend,

The children fall their teeth

Y cuando Ya no los pierden,pierden la infancia.

So far they are mine,

Y si estás contra ellos,también estás contra mí.

Think about it.

How odd!

Nopepepe es nada raro.

It is a record machine of the 50,

A system history

Storage Analog Bands Sounds,

cuYa manifestación en la actualidad

It has its maximum exponent of the MP3 format.


para míWhat is ittás perdiendo la infancia.

He dicho raro porWhat is ittose acaba de parar de repente.


creo que haY que ponerle una moneda.

Give it.

Nopepepe.It is the one Pérez gave me.

Lucy, lo importantees saber lo What is ittá pasando.

Give it.¡Nopepepe!

It has been a pleasure to see you.

I leave you this.

So you will know what we are talking about.

¡Give it, es mía!¡Lucy, por favor!



-Go ahead.(All alright!


The only thing you are interested in fun.

You see it? Ya vuelve a funcionar.

And then they say we don't listen to them...

But how are we going to listen to music at that volume?

Pérez! ¿Se encuentra bien?

Of course que me encuentro bien.

Your dog almost eats me,

Your friend shook inside a box,

Your grandfather crushes me from a broom

Y tu padreme metió dentro de un bolso.

Add to this

That a toy mouse spray me with gas.

Ah, I forgot!

Apparently, they have taken over my ship.

I wanted to talk about that.

We have to get to the port before midnight.

Morientes plans to take it.


I already told you before my friend

accompanies me from the beginning in this story.

It seems to me that you are a girl with many, many fantasies,

In addition to entrometry.

¡But nosotros podemos aYudarle!

I know, but understand that for years

he mantenido mi organizaciónsin aYuda de losHumanos.

The only thing I understand

es que si nos aYudamos,solucionaremos las cosas más rápido.

Además,este Ya no es un problema de usted:

It is ours, of all children.

When you are right, you are right.

Take, guys, prepared

Under the authentic supervision of queens.

Thank You.

What does not mean

that one should not brush Your teeth

After eating them.

We are going now.

EstoY preparando las maletas.

How is it necessary, Santiago?

Please, it is the second time that it is lost in a day!

¡Solo me voY unos días de casaY todo se convierte en un caos!

Pilar, Yo...Yes, luego nos veremos.

-That's the traitor!


Fugaz is a traitor!

We'll arrive on time?

Do you know how to get to the ship?

Of course I know it.

¡Of course que lo sé!

The most thorough cartographers have designed

the most incredible maps of the underground city,

Maps who know the palm of my hand.




So, what can we do now?

It's Morientes!

HaY que llegar al barco.And Pérez?

It will arrive, surely one of the shortest roads was.

You think?

Yo diría que se caYó.

Here estamos, sector A,

Channel 418, to school;

419, to the museum;

420, to the dock.

Morientes is going to go on board.

Waitré al ratón.Change!

Here es, sí, señor.

I miss little to get to my ship.

Morientes is getting into the ship.

So, what can we do now?¿Tienes un plan?

We will go to see what is happening.

Have you gone crazy?

¡Nopepepe conocemos el barco!

Además, el señor MorientesYa está arriba.

It's okaY.

Waitremos a Pérez.

Surely it appears.


I have to talk to maintenance people.


HaY que mantener limpiaslas cloacas.

HeY? Nopepepe...

¡Nopepepe, no, no, no, no, no, no, espera!




Lucy, Pérez no va a venir.



¡Tiene que venir!¡EstoY segura de que vendrá!


(Stunned) My ship, where is my ship?

Mouse addressing the trap.Change!


HeY? Ahí está.

Pérez! ¡Está subiendo a bordo!


Pérez, care.Tall!

Wait, Mr. Pérez! It's a trap!

At last...

Pérez, wait.It's a trap, don't go up!



Wait! Alarm, alarm, commander.

Alert! Children go to the ship.

Come on, guys, to the ship!

Start maneuvers, release moorings!


What's happening?

Pérez! ¡Nopepepe suba!

Who gave the order to sail?


Come on, boys, hurry, go up to the ship!




Nopepepe, otra vez no.


UH, ah...Okay.

Mouse on board, mission fulfilled.


Parece que todos losOkaysYa están con nosotros.

I call the Police?

Is something known about firefighters?

Civil Protection, did they call...?

Nopepepe, no ha llamado nadie, nadie...

I have to go.

Calm down, sure it appears.

Is your wife traveling?

Yes, sí, llegará dentro de una hora.

Nopepepe puedo creerque sea tan desobediente.

Ah, Ya sabes cómo son los niños.

When they get angry at something, they are always.

But ella no tiene motivospara enfadarse.

He has affection, affection, toys...

has it all!

But a veces todo esono es suficiente.

¿Nopepepe dijiste que se enfadóporque no la creíste?

Is that if I have to believe what it occurs...

Excuse me if I know,

Grace is in impossible things.

Look at me.

Who was going to say that this restaurant could have?

But Samanta me hizo creerque era posible

Y here estamos.

Competing with the big elbow side.

OkaY, sí...

Your case is not to believe it.

But esto es distinto, ¿eh?

Understand me.

Can you believe even if you don't have a minimal proof of something?

I believed in you.

Or not?

Ramiro, everything has been because of me.

Pérez confiaba en míY no pude aYudarlo.

Nopepepe, Lucy, la culpa es mía.


Nopepepe calculé bien la palancapara el poco peso de Pérez.

Hello, perdón por llegar tarde.


Veo que el barco Ya se está alejando.

Surely Pérezen is looking for new horizons.

You don't understand anything,

Morientes is also aboard the ship.



Nopepepe os preocupéis, conozco a Pérez

Y estoY seguroque recuperará su barco.

Hicisteis lo imposible para aYudarle,

además, dudo que haYa en el mundoniños más valientes que vosotros.

But será mejorque volváis a vuestras casas.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Lucy, creo que tiene razón.

Of course I'm right.Pérez would not give up so easily.

Nopepepesotros tampoco nos rendiremos.

Oh no?

Why not?

Ah...because I promised Pérez

que le aYudaríamos,así que le seguiremos.

Lucy, no seas cabezota.

OkaY, quizá si construimosuna balsa utilizando unos tablones

Y en cuanto al sistemade propulsión...

We should adapt to my bicycle

A pulley transmission mechanism

Y un sistema de orientación fiable.

What a good idea, Ramiro!

OkaY, manos a la obra.

¿Tienes un lápiz Y un papel?





(Radio off)



Firm tensioners...

floats, stagnas.

MuY bien, Ramiro.

Thank You, Lucy.

Are you sure it will float?

Yes, por supuesto que flotará.

According to Archimedes,

"Every body submerged within a fluid

Receive a thrust above the same magnitude

to the weight of the evicted fluid ".


How will we put it in the water?



UH... Allí haY una grúa.

I'm sorry, but I don't like anything.

It is something strange, but I don't know if it is or pretend.




star, star,

Under, below,

to water, well, well, so.





Storm is prepared.


SaY?"Santiago, sótano".


Here Pipo, todo está en orden, señor.

Strong winds are forecast, but I think I can advance.

Nopepepe sé si los demás navegantesvan a tener la misma suerte.


Cambio Y cierro, señor.


Cheer up! Not everything is lost, companions.

¡Ohudadme, vamos!

¡Ohudadme, vamos, compañeros!



¡Cuidado, Lucy!


Follow yourself strong!

¡Nopepepe, no!

Set me!


Aguanta, Lucy, ¡sujétate fuerte!

The keys, Santiago!

Solo por ser túY por la confianza que te tengo,

I dare to lend you my battleship.

Thank You, gordo.


And that?


Ramiro, hurry!

Yes, sí, pásame el cabo, Lucy.


¡Let's go, pásamelo!¡Ten!

Watch out!

Follow yourself strong.

Nopepepes hundimos, Ramiro.

Nopepepe tengas miedo, Lucy


(Speaker) "Welcome on board, Pipo".

-Thank You, comandante.

-"Something new?"

-Nopepepes hemos librado de esos niños.

-"Perfect, then with the plan".


Attention, colleagues, care!





Elijo un colorY enseguida estoY contigo.

There is, let's go there!

Tírate, Lucy.

I'm going there.




So, what can we do now?

We are already on board,

We will get rid of the bad.



What do they do on my boat?


"Those two children are on board".

"¿Nopepepe dijisteque nos habíamos librado de ellos?"



Oh, vaYa,parece que hoY es día de visitas.

Who are you? The fleeting captain.

Comandante Y jefede la flota mercante

from the mouse Pérez.

Suerte What is it usted.

Listen to me, Pérez is in danger.

Morientes wants to stay with everything:

con su barco, con sus perlasY con toda su riqueza.

That's why he kidnapped him.

Y menos mal que pudimos aYudarlo,pero el mentiroso de Pipo que...

Pipo?Do you know him?

Of course que conocemos a Pipo.

He guided us with the boat to reach his ship.


Lucky.So I don't have to introduce you.

My partner, Pipo.

-It seems that the arrangements I made in the raft

They were not enough.

You are a despicable rat.

Eh, lady!

La rata despreciable soY Yo.

Él es apenasunHumano despreciable.

Why are you doing this?


For money!

Now fleet will take advantage of this ship to collect

In all the ports of mundolos teeth.

Y Yo...

voY a vender en cientos de puertosmi invento revolucionario,

The little mouses.

They are mice without cables, without batteries, without ropes,

de diversos coloresY muY obedientes,

as mice without brain.

OkaY, obviamente, quedan así

después de inYectarlescon mi jeringa.

You are miserable.

¿Nopepepe han pensado en los niños?


The children!

We had not thought about.

-I thought about it.-Mm?

-What hump.


-Yes, que se joroben.

What did you do with Pérez?


Circling in the middle of the marsin compass, without destiny,

Looking for a raft pursues a mouse.

Please, can you explain what is happening?

What do we do in the middle of the sea?

And who is that "fat"

What speaks to you as if it were your friend of a lifetime?

¿Por qué se escapó Lucy?

Nothing, the usual

Lucy Y sus historiasque siempre lo complican todo.

Always lying.

It will be because he has a good teacher.

I put a tooth...

And I take out a perlita.

Oh, I love technology!


At this moment I feel the dumb dummer in the world.

You are right, I shouldn't lie to you.

But a ti te van bien las cosas.

And nobody called me.

The only thing I wanted...

era que creYeras en mí.

But Yo no fui capazde creer en mi propia hija.

Maybe the fault is a mother

What is ittá todo el díapendiente de su trabajo.

Sin tiempo para su familia Y...

Y que se ha dado cuentade que tiene al mejor chef del mundo

in his own house.

Let me!


You are a scoundrel.

I think I can save the presentations.

-You have betrayed my trust.

¡Morientes!Ahí tenéis alOkay de Morientes.

Tal como dijo Pérez,su fiel amigo Y compañero.

-You will give each of your evils.


VoY a tener mucho dinero.

So I can pay you what I want.


-¿Viejo tonto Yo?

Do you have the caramelque Pérez gave you?

¿Para qué lo quieres?Nopepepe importa, dámelo.


You have put in danger of the noblest traditions

from this world.


-Of you, I'll take care later.

La mochila de Lucy.

Let's have faith.

Nopepepe les habrá pasado nada.

But, Pilar, la balsa...Look!

¡Un barco!Es posible que los haYan rescatado.

Get ready.

You will have the honor to be the first little mouse.

And now, what are we going to do?

Salir de here Y liberar a Pérez.

That is easy to say,

pero antes deberíamos encontrarun láser de amplio espectro Y...

Or simply with a couple of candies.

Let's go!¡Rápido!

Dude!¡Es Pérez!

HaY que liberarlo.

Niños,ocupaos de Pérez Y The little mouses,

mientras,Yo intentaré detener el barco.

Chicos, aYudadnos.

Open the winery hatch.

¡Here, niños, here!

¡Por favor!Hello.

¡Let's go,Ramiro, aYúdame!

HaY que quitar la rejilla.


Dame una barra, un punto de apoYoY moveré el mundo.

The world?

And the rack? The rack too.


Thank You.

Detened al miserable de Pipomientras Yo aYudo a mis compañeros.

Well sir Pérez.

Rápido, por here, Ramiro.

Yes, vamos.Calm, companions, calm.

One by one.

It is a factory.

It is the Pérez factory.

What machinery!

OkaY, tenemos que detener a Pipo.

Eh, don't even think about!


Now you'll see.¡Ohúdame, Ramiro!

Yes, Yes, I'm going.Help!






Ya me estoY cansando del jueguecito.

Well you're going to get used to you because I have a lot of strength.

Now you'll see.



What is happening on this ship?

Bravo, Morientes.

You have both given me too many problems.

HaY que cerrar este capítulo.

Creo que Ya he encontrado la manerapara que no me molestéis más.

A los dos voY a tenerque ratonificaros.

(AMBOS) ¡Nopepepe!



Estaba pensandoen lo que me contó Lucy,

She told me about a ship.

I wonder if it will be true...

Me parece What is itte colorhace juego con tu ropa.

Ha ha.

When all this ends, I will definitely get diet.

HaY que saber perder.

And when you receive...


Ese último "aY" fue sin "H",

es un "aY" de cuando te duele algo.

For example, the rear.

It is a factory en miniatura.

Oiga, ¿haY alguien?


Morientes, my faithful friend.

Traidor, codicioso Y miserable...

Guys, you take care of this,

I still have someone pending.

I told him that these children had to be undone,

no haY nada que hacer,

Children are our downfall.

Esos estúpidosHumanos...¿Nopepepe parece que se ha olvidado de mí?

But ahora puedo remediar ese error.

The only mistake was to trust you, fleeting.

Ha puesto en riesgo las ilusionesY la fe de muchos niños.

(Laughs) Tonterías...

Old nonsense.

el mundo Ya no tiene cabidapara tantas ilusiones.

Things have changed, Pérez.

Your idea is good,

But, sooner or later,

Children become adults,

Y es una penadesperdiciar este negocio

In exchange for oblivion.

You may be right.

Maybe it's better to retire

Y deje mi puestoa alguien más joven.

Nopepepe sé,

Maybe it's time to increase profits

and invest in other businesses.

That's it lo que Yo digo.

We could take our teeth in need of leaving anything in return.

Imagine the wealth that we could get.

Maybe maybe.

We would not even have to keep so many mouses in the workshop.

It's true, we have many expenses.

Ahora haY nuevas tecnologías.

And, in a short time, we could have hundreds of machines.

It's just a matter of selling some pearls.

How many would you need?

Pues no sé, Yo...

You better leave everything.

So you can decide.

(SHOUTS) ¡Nopepepe, no, no!


What is this?

¡Lucy,Ramiro, os odio!

"¡Me voY a vengar!".

Over there!


¡Lucy, mi amor!

Nopepepe, no, no, tío, no, no.Potato!

SoY especialista en perlas exóticas.

-¿Nopepepe os han hecho daño?

-Lucy Y Ramiroson dos niños realmente valientes.



Who is this?

Uses your grandmother!


We follow it to the ship

porque Pérezaparece Y desaparece cuando quiere.

It is a genius.

Speak two languages, travel through the air.

Ah, Y tambiénpor debajo de la tierra.

¡Nopepepe, no, no, no!

As for Mr. Morientes,

We thought it was bad,

But really a supersimpatic man.

Well, as I said, we discovered that Pipo was the bad.

¡Lucy, Ramiro!

¡BYe, amigos!

¡BYe, ratoncitos!

¡BYe, amigos!


Seeing is believing.

Tal vez haY que empezar a creerno solo en lo que ves.



What good taste has.

Nopepepe, no, no, encima no, alrededor.

Smile, ant.

That's it.

(Juley Music)

-Chicos, please, behave.

I love you have decorated the restaurant.

Thank You.

¿Y esa música?Tranquila, Yo me ocupo.

How are you?

Son, I congratulate you.

-I have brought some pearls to your mother.


(Juley Music)



¡Let's go, señor Pérez!


MuY bien, señor Pérez, eso es.



(Animated music)

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