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Cyberpunk 2077: How to complete Second Conflict, Like A supreme and in love with 100% Youth Fashion

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Cyberpunk 2077

We detail how to complete the secondary currese of Cyberpunk 2077 Second Conflict, Like A supreme and in love with 100% youth fashion

In these missions we will discover more about Johnny Silverhand's background and we will get emblematic weapons and clothes.As part of this complete guide, we detail how to complete Second Conflict, like supreme and in love with youth fashion.

Second Conflict

En la zona norte de Watson encontraremos el Totentanz, en el que tenemos que entrar y subir a la tercera planta. Los acontecimientos se verán influidos por las decisiones que tomaste durante el curro principal <>.

If you meet Brick you will only have to follow the story, since the facts will be developed peacefully.If, on the other hand, only Patricia remains, you will have to fight with a series of enemies and rescue Nancy.If in your case you meet Royce and Dum Dum, you can accompany Nancy to find the information she needs, but once we have all the members they will consider us an enemy and we will have to escape the place using the elevator.

Either way, when we are outside, we will leave Nancy at your destination and return to Denny's mansion.We will follow the traces of tires and witness a discussion, after which we will have to choose between Denny and Henrry.This decision will only influence some dialogues and who will appear on the concert scene.

Like a supreme

Cyberpunk 2077: Cómo completar Second Conflict, Like a supreme y In love with youth fashion al 100%

A day after the previous mission we will receive Nancy's call that announces that the concert can take place.It is a purely narrative mission and the actions that we have to carry out are very intuitive, so we let you enjoy the occasion without destroys.

In love with youth fashion

Twelve hours after the concert we will receive Kerry's call that will give the departure pistol to this mission.We will go to meet you at the Foodscape of Rancho Coronado and wait until it arrives.Once in the passenger seat, we will only have to follow the instructions of it, place the trap, hide, make the co -pilot go, open the trunk and throw a grenade in the car when you ask us.Finally, we will have to drive until they lose sight of the police.

If you do not want to miss any Night City detail, we recommend you review the achievement and trophies section as well as all available romances.


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