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Miley Cyrus poses "topless" to show off the Gucci;It is a fragrance image of the brand - SinEmbargo MX

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Miley Cyrus has posed with little clothes from inside her extensive wardrobe, where she has been stripped of several garments until she was topless.

By Grys Valenzuela

Mexico City, November 8 (La Opinion) .- The controversy and extroverted Miley Cyrus has caused a stir after sharing several images from its closet, where it has scandalized many because it has been stripping of its clothing until you are posing posingin topless.

It has been in his official Instagram account where he accumulates more than 151 million followers than the interpreter of topics such as “Wrecking Ball”, “We Can't Stop” has been seen in a tiny Crop Top and underwear outfit and underwear in black in blackwhich has complemented with expensive sporting sneakers brand Gucci.

And it is fair that the actress as an ambassador of the exclusive designer brand had had the opportunity to participate as a model during one of the most popular events in recent weeks in Hollywood which has been called "Love Parade" and where they have been involvedA huge amount of celebrities.

Miley Cyrus posa

Just the photographs he has shared, they could have been captured later to his participation within the parade, because hung behind it appears the shine and feathers dress with which he was seen triumphant parade.

The photos that have so far managed to accumulate more than 2.5 million likes by their fans, show that side of Cyrus's personality that brings together their fans, as it is so crazy and irreverent as usual asA moment is stripped of most of his garments until he has to cover his chest with his arm, delighting the view of thousands.

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