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Decathlon is transforming the experience of sport in Colombia

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Everything for sportDecathlon products -conceived by passionate athletes- offer the ideal relationship between quality and price and meet the needs of each user and athlete. Depending on his level of practice (beginner, advanced or expert) and the sport of choice, each person can find everything he needs - for men, women and children. “And when we talk about everything that is needed, we mean the complete set: sportswear and all the necessary equipment to practice it”, complements Quentin Brunet. “We have found in Colombia a naturally sporty community - very interested in sports such as cycling , soccer, swimming, tennis, running and mountain sports such as hiking, camping and trekking. But we have also discovered an interest in exploring new sports - fitness disciplines, especially in a pandemic - and others that are not so common, such as underwater diving, horse riding and skating, which are increasingly gaining strength in local practice. For this reason, we want our offer to cover those well-established sports and also those that make you want to discover." As an example of this, mountain and road bikes have been key to reaching the cycling market and also its most innovative items - such as the Easybreath mask for snorkeling -, to mention some of the more than 5,000 different models that they offer in their physical stores and on their website. A project in expansionSince 2017, Decathlon has moved forward with a successful expansion process with its physical stores and e-commerce, designed so that the sport reaches all regions and is closer to the sports community. As of today, the brand has four stores in and around Bogotá, one in Cali, one in Barranquilla and two in the metropolitan area of ​​Medellín. Soon (this year), a third will arrive in the Aburrá Valley, in Bello (Antioquia). “We aspire to conquer more regions of Colombia. Bucaramanga and the Eje Cafetero are among our next destinations, along with other cities and regions in which we hope to venture in the near future”, announces the Commercial Director of Decathlon Colombia. And as this expansion project also seeks to create a sports ecosystem, With each new Decathlon store, a meeting point for athletes arrives in the city, where it is possible to receive specialized advice and try their products. Through experience areas - such as basketball courts, ping pong tables, tents, showrooms fitness and even bicycles, skates and skateboards inside each store- customers and users can try the items they are looking for, while discovering new sports.

But that's not all. Expert and personalized attention in each Decathlon store is guaranteed, as user and advisor interact from athlete to athlete to choose the best item.Taking care of the 'playing field'Moving towards a world in which the sport more accessible is a mission that requires a sustainable and responsible philosophy. For this reason, Decathlon has eco-designed products and good eco-friendly production practices, as well as initiatives to reduce product consumption by promoting a second life for many of its items, reducing energy consumption in its stores and promotion of mobility on bicycles, skateboards and skates. Likewise, the company is supporting the transformation of local communities through the practice of sports. For example, with the promotion of physical activity and basketball in the communes of Medellín, they have managed to positively impact more than 650 girls, encouraging them to choose and practice their favorite sport from an early age. Added to this is a labor inclusion initiative, which promotes job opportunities for all people and guarantees that all young people find employment options - with a special focus on people from strata 0, 1 and 2. And finally, Decathlon has made great strides in terms of gender equality, reaching a variable balance of 50 percent this year between men and women who are part of the direct work team in Colombia. "In the short time we have been in the country, we are proud to have reached a relationship ideal between the needs of thousands of athletes in Colombia, the responsibility we have with our community and the planet and our sports offer. In this sense, we are doing well, but we know that we still have a lot to do to be the main benchmark for sport in Colombia”, concludes Brunet. For more information, visit www.decathlon.com.co and find the articles you need for more than 70 sports.

June 28, 2021, 05:31 PM
Laura Daniela Osorio Villamil June 28, 2021, 05:31 PM.

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Decathlon is transforming the experience of sport in Colombia

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