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They reveal in social networks metal films inside gerber babies

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Gerber is a leading brand in the market for products consumed by babies and for this reason many parents are concerned because a couple of videos circulating on social networks show that a brand's porridge contains metal filings .

The Merca2.0 site published that users on social networks have evidenced the presence of the mysterious metal inside Gerber baby food, a situation that has led to criticism of the brand because parents confidently feed their babies with this product.

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In both videos, the complainants place food in plastic bags and then pass a magnet over them that collects small metal parts in the form of filaments or filings.

Metal filings inside revealed on social media of Gerber baby food

In one of the videos, the user compares the Gerber product against a similar one from the Earth's Best Organic brand, where the result shows that in the second one no metallic residues appear after the passage of the magnet, only in the Gerber one.

The second video is about a site that tests different products, and after passing the magnet, the small metal parts are attracted again, the author of the video wonders if it is iron, a mineral recommended in infant nutrition .

The truth is that no one wants to give a baby anything that puts their health at risk, so consumers expect an early clarification from the brand.

Mercad2.0 recalls the case of the Campbell brand, which after being pointed out by the US Congress for allegedly containing toxic heavy metals, the brand responded that its products were safe and that regulation was needed clear by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA for its acronym in English), to establish standards for the presence of heavy metals in baby food.

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