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Video entertainment: controversy per woman walking in underwear on the pink zone of El Poblado de Medellín

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In the images that went viral, it is seen when the couple travels one of the streets of the sector in which citizens are seated and departing at tables of commercial premises.

Then, a controversy was formed because some women who were in these places ensure that they recorded them in the shots they were doing to the couple.This was denounced in his social networks the model Valeria Mejía, who considered a lack of respect for exhibitionism in public site and the fact that they were recording citizens who were eating in the restaurants in the sector.

“It is a disrespect because even we were recording us and that is to denigrate the woman, that this happens in a place as traveled as it is dependent.In Medellín we care for the city too much to come a German to want to damage the reputation and denigrate the Colombian woman.We came to eat and they started recording us, where it is for sexual content, where is the reputation of all those in the video and the reputation of the city? ”, It is heard to tell Mejía and another young woman who accompanied her.

Entretenimiento Video: polémica por mujer caminando en ropa interior por la zona rosa de El Poblado de Medellín

Even Juanitabollo, leader of the Provence merchants' guild, showed her discomfort and said that business owners invest a lot of money to build a healthy and quiet area in which people can enjoy: “A foreigner comes and walks thatWoman in ball for the entire race 35, what is that carelessness? ”.

Before the discontent of several people, the police had to intervene in the nights on this site and spoke with the couple involved.At the moment, the authorities have not made an official pronouncement in this regard.

However, without referring to the fact, the Mayor's Office of Medellín reported that in the sectors of the Lleras, Provence and Manila Park, where they are progressing from July in a comprehensive intervention, they will strengthen control actions with “the extended presence of a unified command post, PMU ".

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