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The sale of clothing for the child gone prior to the Candelaria collapses

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Days of the celebration of the Festivities of La Candelaria, the street merchants report a collapse of the sales of clothing and accessories for the image of the child God God.

Guadalupe Jiménez, saleswoman for religious items, said that Veracruz families do not have many resources to renew the dress of the child God, and only come to buy the most economical, such as shoes or huaraches.

“Right now we are with the season of the child God, quite low sales of fact many people are not coming for economic things, such as chanclitas, shoes, wash the baby's dress and nothing more complexes him with his new shoes, butThe sale is very lazy, let's say that 100 percent, 50 percent, has been quite the low of this season, ”he said.

He explained that last year, despite the Pandemia for COVID-19, the sales were positive and during these dates several figures and clothing were sold, being the most demanded the child doctor.

Se desploma la venta de ropa para el Niño Dios previo a la Candelaria

However, two years after the pandemic and the fourth wave of contagios COVID-19, it is affecting the sales of sellers of various religious products.

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While, their price had an increase of 100 percent, by the suppliers of Guadalajara and Mexico City, where they come from.

"Let us say that prices fired almost double, and one cannot upload much, because people are hopeful at the prices they already know," he said.

He stressed that the product that raised more price was the dress of the child God, which had a price of 300 pesos, is now sold at 350 or 380 pesos.

In addition to retouching God, where there has been very little demand, in addition to the repair of the figures that are made two months in advance.

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