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He finds a cockroach in a bowl of oatmeal he ordered from a restaurant; PHOTO goes viral

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A diner was in for an unpleasant surprise after finding a cockroach in a bowl of oatmeal he ordered. As if it were a raisin, the animal was on top of the container and even seemed to be alive. This is how the user reacted to the finding.

The events occurred in a restaurant in Singapore, a country located in South Asia. The diner victim of this act decided to share his experience through the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, where he referred to how he acted after what happened.

The incident occurred last Sunday, January 23, when the name user Kieron Goh ordered food for himself and his mother at the Tampines Branch restaurant.

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Encuentra cucaracha en plato de avena que ordenó a restaurante; FOTO se viraliza

As soon as he discovered the cockroach he went straight to his mother to check that he didn't have the same animal in his saucer. Fortunately, the woman did not suffer the same bad luck as her son; however, she decided not to eat the oatmeal.

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That is how the young man went to the restaurant and showed them the cockroach on his plate. Due to the above, he decided to stop buying at said branch. He even reported that he posted the review on the restaurant's FB page so that the case would be watched; however, it was deleted.

Users expose poor hygiene in stores

It is becoming more and more common for Internet users to decide to share their unpleasant experiences in shops or restaurants on social networks.

They have not only found animals in their food, but also in their clothes! The clear example is the complaint made by an H&M worker, who denounced the presence of lice in sweatshirts that were sold to the public.

The young woman exhibited through photographs the little hygiene that is had on the sales floor and in warehouses. Here you can read the full story.

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