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Master of House, the 'influence' that wants to end the stigma of men in the home

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With the passing of the centuries, the division of the load and the tasks in the family was more than clear: the man was the ‘leader’, the supplier who with his hard work took the livelihood to the home;While the woman, in addition to providing the family with offspring, had to devote himself entirely not only to the care of her offspring, but also to all home tasks.

Decades of a struggle to achieve equality for women who still endures;with very well marked social prejudices that still consider a stigma not only that the woman leaves those tasks typically feminine to become the "supplier" of livelihood;They do not seem to understand that men dedicate themselves to the care of children and home.They are home masters, men who, given the work success of their life partners or the lack of attractive job opportunities for themselves, decide to stay at home.

The woman already occupies a place in the labor market, but that insertion was not accompanied by the incorporation of men into home tasks

Néstor, Amo de Casa

One of them is Nestor, perhaps the most popular house master in social networks, which has been documenting how he dedicates himself to this activity to raise awareness about his existence and try to free men from social stigma from his website and his Instagram account, Househusband.We have talked to him to tell us how he faces this, although increasingly accepted, unusual situation;In addition to all infallible tricks and practical advice to save time, space and enjoy more from home.

It should not be so, but its situation is rather unusual given how today is organized.How is I love to be a house in a society full of sexist prejudices like ours?

In my case I was always "home master", luckily in my family the tasks had no gender or age;We all collaborated with them.Since I remember my bed, wash dishes and I keep my clothes, and I wanted to have a house.I think I was also lucky to encourage "lift my head" and pronounce myself as "house master" in a key year that was 2018, where women said enough and are not only breaking these mandates for them, they are doing itFor all.Today I can say that I am a house master, and tell how I take the tartar from the bathtub thanks to women.

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Amo de Casa, el 'influencer' que quiere acabar con el estigma de los hombres en el hogar

From your point of view, do you think the situation is changing with respect to the "intrusion" of men in those tasks for women?

The woman has been in the labor market for a long time, but that insertion was not accompanied by the incorporation of men into household chores.It is like society allows them to develop in other areas but as long as they return home and continue doing what they did before.In theory, everyone (or almost all) agrees that home tasks have no gender, but at the time of truth, households have women as main responsible.Men "help" or "help", and that implies that responsibility remains feminine and is not shared.

Men costs us more to get out of the mold.Women are giving us the possibility of occupying those places that were believed feminine.They had educated us for a wife to wait for us with the dinner made, that Mom was always going to wash the socks or that "a girl" was coming once a week to wash the dishes.But, suddenly not only women broke with mandates, but what we understood as a family also changed.

How do you live in social networks?

It is not the first time that I say that this account could not exist if Argentina had not evolved in favor of equality between men and women.Gender equality not only question institutions and society in general in favor of women, but also causes men to gain ground in those fields that were always believed female.Can you imagine in 1995 what would they tell a man who tells tips to wash clothes, cook and wash the floor with vinegar?At least they would have sent me to work.When I opened the account, it motivated me to occupy a place that was vacant, which was that of the man at the head of domestic tasks, not because I am the only one but because no one was telling it.

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Now they have their own ‘academy’ online to share their tricks.What are the biggest consultations they receive?

I receive thousands of consultations every day.When they ask me "How long do you spend cleaning?"I tell you what happened much longer answering private messages.The questions are of all kinds, I have been asked unusual things like "How is a microscope cleaned?", but the most frequent have to do with the use of vinegar, one of my great allies for cleaning.I have become a kind of cleaning Google;Faced with any questions, they send me a message and we try to solve it together.Then I get the photos of the before and after, with some incredible changes.

Why do home have such a bad reputation?

When I opened the account I also wanted to "claim" in some way to the homework that have such a bad press and that we tend to associate organized and clean people with disorders or obsessions;It seems casual to me that we associate something negative, denigrating or "second" to tasks that women historically did.The domestic world understood as something secondary, which is not important, that "lower" people do because man took care of work, the public and "the important."In addition to this is the link we have since childhood with home tasks that are not instilled as habits, but how punishments;They teach us that cleaning is a punishment, that we have to do it when we behave badly and that they are denigrating and stigmatizing tasks.

What are the biggest mistakes that a person makes when cleaning their home?

Not having a cleaning organization;First an environment is ventilated and then cleaned from top to bottom and from left to right so as not to dirty what is already clean.Another big mistake is to mix cleaning products, which is very dangerous.Many of the things I know I learned reading tags and manuals.The solutions are more at the hands of what they seem.

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Why should we make an effort to keep everything clean and tidy?What does it give us?

A disorganized home negatively affects the physical and emotional health of those who inhabit it, even economically.Organizing allows youHappy.

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