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How to buy better according to 3 sustainability experts

By hollisterclothingoutlet 26/06/2022 679 Views

2. Create your own values about how and why you would like to become a more conscious consumer.Ask yourself what sustainable or ethical attributes are the most important for you.Your response should be linked to support for people, the planet and animals.Among mine are buying only independent brands, run by women or people of color, vegan garments and articles made with natural materials instead of synthetic.Adopting this mentality allows you to integrate sustainability in your lifestyle gradually and without affecting your style.I encourage people to inspire the sets you find on Instagram or make a screenshot of the photos and create an album of desire lists on your mobile.And from there to the important: search on Google sustainable or ethical alternatives.

3. Do not be ashamed of the garments that you already have to be fast fashionable or that are not sustainable marks.Sustainability does not consist of leaving and replacing your entire closet;That is not sustainable.A good way to start is to prolong the life cycle of the garments you have through repairs.Being a sustainable buyer does not mean being perfect, but striving to take small steps that will help create the change we need.

Cómo comprar mejor según 3 expertos en sostenibilidad

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