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How to wear a woman's blue shirt with a straight top and jeans

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A woman's blue shirt is one of the closet bottom garments to which we can resort to any occasion.The influencer Nuria González, better known as 100 dresses, has decided to wear it in a very original way: with straight top and jeans.

Taking summer clothes in the low temperatures season is not something new and fashion prescribers have shown us getting to look to sandals with dress.Now it has been Nuria González that has taught us how to carry a top of winter in winter combining it with basics, but maintaining elegance and without a cold.


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Cómo llevar camisa azul de mujer con un top y jeans rectos

The shirts are the basic par excellence that cannot be missing in our cabinets.They can be combined from with a mini skirt to beige pants of straight tweezers.To this is added that there are models with different shapes, prints and colors, thus solving any styling.

The possibilities of combination of this garment are multiple, being able to add a vest or a bustier as Rocío Osorno did on a white shirt.Now it has been Nuria González that has opted for a similar set including a top of braces on top of a blue shirt.In this case, he has completed the look with straight jeans.In this way we are faced with an easy day outfit since it is formed with basics, but waste elegance.


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Cómo llevar camisa azul de mujer con un top y jeans rectos

As with many novel combinations, this may not be struck by attention.But Nuria has proposed another option that consists of carrying the top replacing the shirt with an oversize blazer.In this way the look becomes a more arranged and at the same time more summer option.

The influencer has chosen to fit some heel shoes finished in tip, but if we prefer a more comfortable option, some shoes or a comfortable heel shoe would also be good alternatives.

We have loved both sets and we will not hesitate to take them one day of this winter 2022.Do you dare to look them?

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