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10 classic Spanish toys, such as the Nancy or the Madelman, who today can make you a millionaire

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Yof you take a look at the latest Christmas toys and Magi catalogs, you will find international success brands such as LEGO, Barbie, Scalextric...and even Nintendo and PlayStation if the shift catalog includes video game section.

With this panorama, maybe it is difficult for you to remember that there was a time when catalogs of this type were full of Spanish toys.Some are still in force, such as theNancy, others have ended up disappearing, such as them, and then there are those who suddenly have resurfaces, such as Fort Comansi.

Yof you were a child during this golden age for Spanish toys, you will surely keep many dolls or construction blocks made in Spain.Yof so, go for them immediately!They could be the key for you to love a little great fortune.

And it is that in current collecting, many people seek and covet Spanish toys.Yof they are in very good condition (something difficult given the nature of the product, true), you can sell those forgotten toys for thousands of euros.

Here you have a review of 10 Spanish toys that, if you still keep, can give you great economic joy.Prices are based on offers found on eBay and SUBOCOLECTYoON;The value of these products could have varied at the time you read this article.


What name is almost without thinking when you listen to that of the famous dolls are heading to the portal?Exact: in theNancy.The first model went on sale in 1968 and in a few years it came to sell the whopping of 10 million units, thus dethroning the queen of that time,Mariquita Pérez (Spoilers: it will be released in this list).

Nancy, practically the Spanish Barbie, is still present in toy catalogs and even has her own electric scooter.But collectors seek their most classic versions.A 70 doll in good condition can be worth two.000 euros.Meanwhile, a lot of dresses and accessories can be worthless between 1.000 and 1.500 euros.

two.Comansi toysComansi

Yon the 60s, the movies that were more fashionable were the westerns starring James Stewarto John Wayne.The Comansi toy company took good note of it and created a series of Yondians and miniature cavalry soldiers.Yon the 70s he took another step and created the mythical strong comansi (with that catchy slogan: "Complete toy, comansi toy").

Currently, Comansi is still active and launches popular children.His strong comansi is his most coveted vintage piece: it is sold perfectly by 3.000-8.000 euros, depending on whether it includes more things.Yon general, the old toys of this brand are very sought after, from Thunderbirds to space figures.


10 juguetes españoles clásicos, como lasNancy o los Madelman, que hoy pueden hacerte millonario

Yon 1955, the now famous Danish company Lego revolutionized the world of construction toys with its so recognized plastic blocks.two decades later, in 197two, the Spanish Exin decided to create a rival,Tente, so similar that both brands ended in court.Exin won and thus his tente could be popular in the rest of the world thanks to an agreement with Hasbro.

TheTente are now very coveted by toys collectors.Yon particular there is an obsession with the Scorpion tank;Your complete lots are put on sale by 600-1.550 euros, depending on their quality.Some individual tente, such as the battles, are sold for 500 euros.

4.Madelman and Geyper ManWikipedia

The Action Dolls G.Yo.Joe and the Action Man began to cause rage in the United States in the mid -70s.Instead of acquiring licenses, Madrid Madel decided to create replicas for Spain called Madelman and Geyperman.They stand out not only for being totally articulated, but for their quality clothes, which could be removed and exchanged for other accessories.

Madelman and Geyperman's prices go up or down depending on the rarity of their edition.The oldest dolls, especially from the 70s, can be perfectly worth 700-900 euros.The most coveted reach without problems the 3.000 euros.Meanwhile, accessories such as vehicles range between 100 and 300 euros.


If after seeingNancy above I was surprised not to seeNenuco, here you have it!At the end of the 70s, the famous Valencian was in a golden age of incessant dolls.One of them wasNenuco, a baby that allowed children to experience what it meant to take care of a newborn.

Nenuco continues to be war and still does not modernize.Now he cries for you to take care of it and there are even models that allegedly smell like baby.The most coveted nenuco are the oldest.There are entire packs, with accessories or bedrooms, which are sold for 800-600 euros.Bruises or baby accessories are sold per 100-two00 euros.


Famous again!Within the seventies catalog ofNenuco and Barigitas, the company created thePinypon or Pin and Pon.These toys are characterized by the small size of their sets, which represent everyday places such as a house, a restaurant, a class...By the way, do you have your theory about who Pin is and who is to put?Because there is no official clarification in this regard.

With the pass.Popular sets such as shopping centers or parks are sold for two00 euros.When the set is the most, more expensive will be its price.

7.Famobil clicksWikipedia

Surely the famous playmobil, plastic toys created by the Brandstäter group sound.In the mid -70s, famous, instead of launching the playmobil as is, he decided to buy the license and rename them in Spain such as the clicks (if they were men) and the clacks (if they were women) of famobil.Hence, the evolved expression "PlayMobil clicks" is used today ".

There are collectors who prefer to achieve the Spanishization of the PlayMobil, perhaps by nostalgia or perhaps because of the fact that they barely existed for 10 years.There are rare or coveted units, especially medieval or jeans, which can be sold for 300-400 euros.It is also usual to meet lots of many accessories of the same topic.

8.Exin castillosWikipedia

Los juegosExin castillos debutaron en 1968 de la mano de Exclusivas Yondustrial S.A.(or exin).They immediately razed both in Spain and in Mexico thanks to their finish full of details, and the fact that there were models of all kinds (from expensive to more affordable).After the closing of Exin in 1993, there have been many reissues and relaunches of exin castillos.

Currently, fans of these toys have coined the term neo exin castillos to refer to the tunea of these classic castles with new pieces made of resin or through 3D impressions.There are entire collections that have been sold for two.700 euros.Individual castles in good condition can be sold for 400-700 euros.

9.Payá toysWikipedia

Payá Brothers s.A.It was Alicante's first toy company and one of the most important at the Spanish level since shortly after its foundation, in 1905.The company focused on metal toys, especially vehicles, since at first the focus was the manufacture and sale of tin items, so they used the excess material to make cars or ships.

The unexpected success of toys caused a change of plans.In 193two, the company launched the first electric locomotive in the country.In 1936, the catalog had more than 800 toys.In 1948 they introduced the plastic dolls in Spain.Payá toys collections have been sold for 15.000 euros, and some cars can be worth two.000-8.000 euros.

10.Mariquita PérezWikipedia

The most famous Spanish doll as a final climax.In 1938, Mrs. Leonor Coello de Portugal devisedMariquita Pérez and was razed until the early 70s.It is considered one of the best European dolls of its time due to the quality of its materials, the variety and wealth of its accessories and its artisanal manufacture.

For a few years,Mariquita Pérez has been reborn and, although it has been modernized, you can buy versions or accessories based on its vintage time.The oldest dolls are precisely the most coveted by collectors.A pérez of the 40s without using can perfectly reach the 3.000 euros.

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