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Long dresses: silhouettes that favor low women

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Voguelas style pieces that denote the waist and are characterized by the vertiginous neckline are among the most flattering for the Petite silhouette.

By Maria Belen Archetto

Long dresses have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who seek to find the formula of exquisite style.And in particular in the last seasons, the silhouette of ground has been meritorious of evocative attributes, among which not only a palette that has flirted with each tone of the chromatic circle or experimentation with the volumes, but also characterized byhaving brought out the ideal silhouette for the little ones.

Sitting the long dresses, how to combine and unraveling each of the cuts or silhouettes that usually prevail season after season is that we set out to make a compendium of all those dresses that are favorable for short.We speak particularly of the pieces that contribute to significantly stylize physiognomy, they are capable of catapulting a formidable outfit and at the same time allow us to be at maximum harmony with our stature.

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By Maria Belen Archetto

Perfect long dresses for low women

Escote prominente

Vestidos largos: siluetas que le favorecen a las mujeres bajitas

Among the long dresses in trend that are perfect for low women are those silhouettes that denote a neckline beyond the bust line, provided that the cut that proposes the dress adjusting to perfection in the central area of the body and also in the areaof shoulders.

It should be noted that a clear example of the maxi dresses that will occupy a place of preminence in the closet of the Petite silhouette were present on the catwalk of the New York label Ulla Johnson, where it is feasibleso much that the fluidity of the piece in tune with the cut in V achieves that long -awaited flattering effect.Take them with some tip shoes if you want to maximize your physiognomy to the visual.

Vestido lencero

Lingerie dresses have not only become one of the representative pieces of the 1990s, they are also a more than suggestive for low women who seekTo visually lengthens the physiognomy.In case you decide to make a lingerie dress, try that the cut minimally denote the waist and opts for a tone of the chromatic spectrum that is omnipresent along the garment.

De corte asimétrico

The prominent neckline dresses are not the only ones essential for the Bajita CabPetite silhouette.In terms of accessories, try to avoid round tip shoes, and instead, better bow for heeled shoes, or, at least dancers with a tip format.

Vestidos camiseros

The shirt dresses are also outlined among the great victorious for low women, it only seeks to acquire those who present exquisite but restrained fluidity, and also opt for single -color or embroidery dresses that do not absolutely impregnate the piece, such as thisModel that has been captured in the street style.What will help you extend your legs?Point boots of the same style color, et voilà!

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By Melina Abache

Volantes escalonados y acentuación en la cintura

Contrary to what many believe, the additional dresses of staging flyers stylize the figure and constitute a great alternative for low women.We advise you to incorporate a maxi dressed to the wardrobe that denote the waist, or in case you cannot find a model that adapts entirely to your style, serve from a belt not too wide, as the French maison shows us in his parade in his parade.

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