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My registration account Cristina and her children needs the integral protection of state last issues last news of Salta Editorial section comment this news

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Between Wednesday and Thursday, of the week that concluded, Cristina Soria's tranquility was completely altered.She lives with her 5 children in a humble Machimbre house that built the "Cecho" Foundation on the bed of the Vaqueros River, but on the side of the city of Salta.What is left of your home is located at the last northwest end of the city, where Baritú National Park Street ends, by a mud and forgetfulness path.“The water did a return and entered that path.We badly flooded and everything got wet.The anafe was floating us in the midst of the darkness of the night, ”said Cristina.It is very difficult to feed 5 children, in the middle of the rain, without having where to heat the food.Then the rains left, the sun came out, the media, the politicians and the smell of moisture were still penetrating.Municipal officials allowed them to understand that they do not have to do from the city and that it is the Government of the Province that must provide a housing solution to the families that were affected by the flood of the Vaqueros River.“The river took three houses on Wednesday night.We don't know where these families are, ”said the woman.

The rest of the homes that are still standing yesterday showed efforts to repair everything that the water had destroyed.At Cristina's house things are different.She is a single mother who can't do much.Only three beds left, supported by cement blocks, in which last night they slept without the mattresses in a humidity that hurts the hands.They have no food, they don't have water and now they just returned the clandestinity of electricity.As Cristina are most affected families in that area where some say there are 10 and others that are 7.Cristina's story is hard where she looks at her, is the fight of a mother who can't do much more, because she has all the variables against.“I am from Lajitas and when I got married I went to live in J.V.González with my children's father.Then I became a victim of gender violence, I separated and made more than 20 complaints against my ex -husband because I was going to look for me wherever I go.So it was that one of my brothers told me to come to Salta, because they live in Juan Manuel de Rosas and the violent will not enter the neighborhood.We came with the boys a year and 6 months ago and my brother and their people put together an apartment where we put a tent.Thus we arrived in the city and little by little we were getting up.The roof people gave us a hand and the room is for a plan that I do not remember what is called.We survive thanks to the universal assignment, ”said Cristina.She is illiterate, has a grandson in charge and a disabled son.It is already registered at the Province of Housing Institute (IPV) and in the National Registry of Popular Neighborhoods (Renabap), but knows that it is very difficult to access.The rain does not give it truce and the clothes and the firewood does not dry."I with a lot I am..I pay it any.I carry how little I have here and I reload the house.We know that we are wrong here, but we have nowhere and we also have the protection of the neighborhood, ”he said in tears.Cristina's state abandonment is integral.Justice did not provide the minimum security framework in J.V.González for what he had to flee with his children, has no housing, the only income of money he has is the AUH and has no schooling so he has a phone where he cannot have messaging service because he does not know how to read or write.Life is very hard for Cristina."I need everything.But urgently an anafe to cook and feed children, food, milk, diapers, mattresses, beds, blankets, footwear and clothing.It doesn't matter in the state that is, I need it because we are left with nothing, ”said the woman.He has no refrigerator and that is why everything that until now gave him from the municipality had to take him to his brother.If someone solidarity takes some dairy or meats cannot refrigerate and keep it.She asks for specific things for her children, but she lacks that the State takes over.

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From the roof organization they published the following statement where they report on the situation of the area and on “the lack of response of the State and the situation of extreme vulnerability of families”.The statement is as follows: “Urgently, from the ceiling we immediately request compliance with the relocation of the neighbors of apple 8 of the Juan Manuel de Rosas neighborhood, from the province of Salta, which are in the extreme danger.These are 10 families affected by the overflow of the Vaqueros River, which generated serious damage to their homes and belongings and caused electrocution injuries in an inhabitant of the settlement.The families that inhabit the area are in extreme housing and social emergency, in a situation of critical overcrowding and in homes built with garbage pieces thrown into the river;also facing different high -risk situations such as health problems and threats to gender violence.In addition to this context, in June 2021 the families were notified of a "measure of not innovating", which prevented them from improving their homes as well as continuing with the construction of the defenses to deal with the progress of the river, as happenedIn the last hours.That same month, from the ceiling we demand the intervention of the State, making presentations and participating in mediation hearings with provincial officials, including the Provincial Housing Institute of Salta, the Ministry of Land and Assets of the State, the Ombudsman's Office of the People of the People of the People'sSalta City and the Ministry of Water Resources of Salta.In addition, we met with the prosecutor in charge of the file of the case, to whom we deliver a social report evidencing the situation of violation of human rights in which the inhabitants of the neighborhood are.Given the lack of response of the State and the situation of extreme vulnerability of families, in October 2021 we advanced with the construction of 4 emergency homes to respond to urgency, with the will to roof and families to disarm them and build them inanother place, at the time the State assigns adequate land.Today, after the overflow of the river and storms, families do not have a safe place where to live.The river continues to grow and the rain forecast continues for the next few days, so the answer must be urgent.It is not an isolated problem.According to Renabap data, in Salta there are 154 settlements and 60% flood every time it rains, while 23% are located less than 10 meters from a riverbank or river, which affects greater probabilities of flooding and disasterseconomic and life for the flood of water ".

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