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Five tricks that will make you easier to change the closet

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Jackets, pants, shirts, belts...If your closet is one of those who are going to overflow with garments, you must know that, according to experts, we only wear two0% of the clothes we have.Everything else is simple ornament (or bulk)

Do you still keep that narrow pants in case you lose weight?Does that shirt of your youth full of memories are still there?Or do it turn out that you have half a closet full of clothes chosen, neither more nor less than, for your ex?

That the laziness does not come to you!Think about how good you will feel once you are going to clean and put order in the closet.In addition, now that the heat is arriving no longer an excuse, put down to work!And dedicate a few hours to make a good cabinet change.When you finish you will not only see that corner of your lighter, orderly house and with a new styling, but you will be better too.There are many benefits of having an organized and practical closet.

With these five steps it will be easier for you.You dare?I already did.In the decalmount of confinement, it is a good time.

1.Take out clothes for families and keep what makes you happy

"Before saving winter clothes and putting the spring and summer, we must get rid of what we do not wear and organize the closet with head and minimalist philosophy," recommends Mar Frigola, personal and corporate image advisor.

First take pants, then dresses, shirts...Do it "for families".Spread all clothes (not only the one you have in the closet but in all places in the house where you have it saved).So you will see exactly the pieces you have and the space you have to store them.

Start by discarding what bothers you the most.It will be easier for you to see if there are any with which you run out of delay.To discard garments with criteria, ask yourself: do I have to stay?Is it my size?Is it well preserved?Does it bring me good memories?If you do not meet these characteristics, that piece must be ruled out.Outside!Be a goal and do not entertain you with subterfuges.

Make two batteries: in one, put the clothes you want to keep and, in the other, the one you discard for all these reasons.Okay, you can keep a garment you would have to discard, but only one or two.Don't stay 15!

“We store clothes in case we gain fat, in case we lose weight...These pieces are those that generate frustration because they occupy space and after all we never put them on, ”says Frigola, promoter of the CERI method (conserve, eliminate, renew and incorporate).

“We store clothes in case we gain fat, in case we lose weight...These pieces generate frustration because they occupy space in the closet and do not put them on ”

Frigola Sea Personal and Corporate Image Advisor

two.Eliminate bluntly

I remain, I don't stay;I remain, I don't stay...If you are embedded in this choice, think: Does these clothes bring me good memories?If the answer is a yes, then ahead.Stay only with that one that makes you happy.And also that it is good, of quality, garments that you really use and favor you.

If for a year, or even more, you have not used that piece, get rid of it.And if despite everything you still doubt, let her aside and the next morning she thinks about what to do with her.

You may not remember if that clothing put it this season or already two ago...A good way to know, according to Frigola, responsible for the firm salt of the sea, is to put the hangers with the hook looking upside down and, if we put it on, we turn it.At the end of the season we will really know if we have taken that piece or not and later help us to decide.Of course, after that season, the dress you don't wear has to leave the closet.

It is worth staying alone with the garments that you really use and favor you

Detach from the past, makes us calmer.It brings serenity and helps focus on the present.And another thing: a closet with proper clothes not frustrates.“You tell yourself that you have nothing to put on and you tell the pieces in the closet: 83, 84...It is really frustrating.So why do we keep all this? Frigola wonders, which is also co-director of the personal and corporate image master of the àgradico Higher School in Barcelona.

Cinco trucos que te harán más fácil el cambio de armario

Explain that there are people who retain clothing tag still hanging.They bought it last year and have not yet found the time to wear it.The day will come, they believe.And so they fill the closet.They have a very long list of things that will one day get...And on the day to day, however, they do not know what to wear.

Silvia Castelló, Executive Director of the School of Design, Patronage and Confection, emphasizes that we must only stay with the clothes that give us positivism and strength.“It depends on how we are dressed, we feel better and with more strength and magic.You have to take advantage of this virtue that clothes have, ”he says."The closet must reflect what a person is," adds Castelló.She, for example, always wears lilac color and not only for the public.“It is the color of femininity, both for men and women, that of creativity, transformation...”, Details.

So you must be clear about the color that really favors you and which does not.“Don't be that you have half a closet of that color that does not feel good...”, Ironiza Frigola.

And in this phase of the wardrobe change, take the opportunity to clean the closet and all its drawers, an essential task.

You can wear platforms to sell clothes and recover money, or donate it

To get rid of the clothing you don't want, you can wear platforms to sell it and you recover the money you can take to buy new clothes or renew it.Some platforms are Vinned, Poshmark or Wallapop.In addition, there are web pages.You can also give it to acquaintances, or sell it in second -hand stores.Another good option is to take them to the clothing container or donate it to an organization that helps people with economic difficulties.In short, there are formulas to contribute to the circular economy.

3.Renew or customize garments

While you make the selection of garments it is also time to see if a piece that works for you has been damaged, it has been small or has become fashionable, and then you have to replace it.In addition, we must take into account that the clothes we have left must adjust both in size and length.“In the store the patterns around the world are not contemplated, so if it does not fit you well, it is better to fix it to finish adapting it to your measure.If you have too long sleeves, for example, you will not put it on, ”insists sea frigola.

You can also customize the clothing.Knowing how to sew you will facilitate things more because you can give new use to the garment;But don't stir up, you can always take it to someone to do for you.

Silvia Castelló, who is also the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs who promotes the textile sector in Girona, Agimod, indicates that "knowing how to sew a minimum, allows you to give your closet a thousand times".She has transformed her many times. “Aquella pieza de embarazada la acorté, en otra ocasión de una camisa hice otra cosa con esa tela, y sobre todo en niños es importante saber hacer arreglos”, Details.

"Knowing how to sew a minimum, allows you to give your closet a thousand times"

Sylvia Castelló Executive Director of the School of Design, Patronage and Confection Qstura

Precisely, on May 1 a campaign began with the slogan "Be sewing" and the hashtag #seécoser to claim sewing among young people as a job, creative and future opportunity.“The goal is for people to learn to sew or that those who already know how to do so do not feel discriminated against. El coser es para todos, no hay etiquetas, ni nacionalidades ni edades”, Details Castelló.

“Sometimes changing only the buttons, it changes the garment.Or removing the sleeves that piece is again current and is a new piece for you, ”says Frigola.

When you get the closet's clothes, you can take the opportunity to look at it carefully in case you have any damage: that the coats to save do not have buttons that hang, or a borderdescoside, a stain...If the garments are stored with spots, they may never come out.In short, small techniques that facilitate the change of clothing season after season.

4.Take care of the basics

With this tuning of the closet you will really see what you lack.Write down what key pieces you would have to incorporate.A basic top that you have thrown because it was very worn...So you need an equal.We withdraw it, but we will replace it.

The priority when making the wardrobe change is having a good closet fund.That is, garments that are useful all year and that does not matter the season in which we are because the time of use is indefinite.In short, get what is called essential: basic pieces from which you will create all the rest.

According to the personal and corporate image advisor, Mar Frigola, “these are very quality pieces because you have to give them a life of at least five or six years.It could also be that dress that is perfect because it has the right length, or that garment with which you can present yourself at nine in the morning to a meeting and at four to a different commitment just changing the complement, and for thenight, you're going to have dinner and it's also good.It is these pieces that will make that wardrobe work ”.With that closet fund and a few season pieces, you will already get a trend closet.

5.Order with grace

Arrived here, with the selection already made, you have to divide the clothes to organize it well into the wardrobe.Separate short -sleeved, long -sleeved t -shirts, informal dresses or short dresses from the lengths."More divisions means easier to keep, find and keep the closet in order," says this image specialist, Mar Frigola.

If the garments are well hung and well folded, it will be easier to find them and their condition will be optimal for longer.Combining them will also be simpler.And if ordered by colors, even more.Clear to dark.That evokes balance and order.That is visually pleasant, easy and practical.

The expert Alicia Iglesias, professional organizer and organizational coach, founder of order and cleaning at home and editor of the blog with the same name, considers that the spaces must be defined very well so that there are no mixtures, and in the closet only must beWhat we use at the present time.

And in issues of order the famous Marie Kondo considers that it is better to fold the clothes to hang it because in this way we can locate it in a look in the drawer.For her, the key is to store clothes vertical and non -horizontal, making several folds to get consistency and hold it vertically.So when we open the drawer we will always have everything in sight.You can create defined sections in which everything will go.

And the clothes of other seasons?

Storage is the first problem that arises when we start ordering

On the other hand, storage is the first problem that arises when we start ordering.In fact, for the World Order Guru, the word storage hides a trap.When storing we create the illusion of a certain order, but what we really do is hide things that we don't really need.In a time, according to Kondo, everything is filled again and chaos reigns again.This order consultant calls it rebound effect.Therefore, for her, the organization begins as we have started: by elimination.

A storage advice is that you keep out of seasonal clothes in breathable fabric bags and if they may have a transparent window that allows us to see what is inside.The goal is that if you have to take something last season because we are traveling to a cold country, we do not have to open everything.

Practical idea: save the garments in breathable fabric bags and with a transparent window to see what there are

The clothing remains intact many months and adapts to the way it is stored.Some experts advise to place the garments as stretched as possible, avoid folds.And they propose not to fold them in rolls as they cause many wrinkles.

For those who think that making the change of wardrobe is wasting time...On the contrary."If you have an orderly and clean closet and everything in it looks good and is adequate and also well preserved, it will help you a lot in daily life," says Frigola.

In addition, if we store the garments well and also organize them well, it will be easier to succeed next season when another closet change again.Every six months, unless you have a very large closet that fits your clothes from all seasons.


If all are the same, the capacity of the closet is better used

And the hangers?It looks like a minor issue but it is not.Wooden those do not deform the clothing.Sometimes people with knitted jackets are seen with the tips marked on their shoulders.Avoid that!“If all hangers are the same, the capacity of your closet is used better and is more aesthetic.For shirts, scoters neither very large nor too finite.American, jackets and coats need a little more width, ”says Mar Frigola.

Another recommendation is to place a single pill.Not only does it help to make it easier.

According to specialists, shirts, dresses and jackets should always be hung and, only if you have space, also hang the pants, which could go two by two whenever they look good.Word of Alicia Iglesias, known - in addition to the Blog Order and Cleaning at home - for being the creator of the challenge two1 days to have your home in order.

Another of your tips is: let the clothes breathe.When you hang on the bar that are not very tight.Ideally, leave one or two fingers of separation between hangers and hangers.Your clothes will be better and will be easier to catch.

And the lingerie?

As for lingerie and socks, it is advisable to save the pieces in cloth or linen bags, organize them by colors and identify them.The separators to insert within the drawers are also useful, great to have well -ordered scarves and scarves.

One thing must be clear, the objective of the change of wardrobe is that it is not literally a change of closet: to move all the clothes from one side to another...But it becomes an entertaining task of analysis and cleanliness and that the result is a practical closet that solves your day to day.Now you dare?

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