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Myliit, the first clothing brand for short women

By hollisterclothingoutlet 01/03/2022 868 Views

VALENCIA. Myliit is the first Spanish fashion firm specializing in petite sizing, aimed at women who are shorter than market standards (normally 1.63) but regardless of their weight or size.

The Valencian brand allows all women with short stature to buy and wear immediately, forgetting to pay an extra cost to fix the clothes they buy, especially pants. Until now, the only alternative was to buy clothes in the girl's section, where only short women and sizes smaller than 36 can buy. At Myliit they design based on patterns adapted to the petite woman's body , make and market through the web, and all this in Spain. The difference in sizing with conventional brands lies in the length of the garments, not in the size, since in their line there are garments from 34 to 40. They currently make free shipments to the entire peninsula in 24 hours.

Myliit is born from the personal experience of its creators. “I always had to fix clothes or buy from children's brands, until I went on Erasmus and discovered petite sizing. A lot of brands in England had a section where pants, dresses and jumpers were shorter and they suited me great. When I told my friends about it, I realized that it was also needed in Spain, since the same thing happened to many”, says Clara Guillén, Co-founder of Myliit.

They also have a community of petite women on Instagram, where they share content related to the daily life of short women or their clothes. His goal is to make having a short stature stop being a complex and a problem when buying clothes.

In the month of October, the firm launched an autumn-winter capsule collection, with special emphasis on pants, since it is the garment with which petite women tend to have the most problems. Myliit hopes to become a benchmark in fashion within this sector.

Myliit is one of the startups that is part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Marina de Empresas, as it receives support and training from Lanzadera (startup accelerator promoted by Juan Roig).

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