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J Balvin takes advantage of the controversy with Residente and launches a 'hot dog' clothing line

By hollisterclothingoutlet 28/02/2022 896 Views

It should be noted that this Thursday, Balvin uploaded several photos in a cart of 'hot dogs' with which he advertised the remix of 'Sal y Perrea', a song by Sech that now has the participation of the paisa artist and Daddy Yankee. (You can read : J Balvin receives support from Alejandra Azcárate after controversy with Residente). Many Internet users took the Colombian's photographs as a subtle and humorous response to Residente's comments. For his part, the former member of Calle 13 has not been left behind either. In his network publications, he highlighted that: "Each 'hot dog' gets his Resident", sharing several stories on Instagram of people eating hot dogs and their Residente Maibock beer.

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