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Nails, new protagonists of 'glamour' and style

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More than brand, functionality

According to Nielsen, with the confinement measures imposed in March 2020 in the United Kingdom, weekly nail polish sales began to grow in double digits in the British digital market; this raised the effect of nail polish, in exchange for lipstick. And this manicure boom makes sense in light of the fact that, with the gradual reopenings, the mask will remain in force, and even the Rouge Allure Velvet No. 5, by Chanel, will go unnoticed. Nail innovations will continue to drive new application techniques, adds Hernández, which will make manicures more fun and personal. Performance-based formulas will continue to be important as consumers look for multi-functional products,” highlighting the importance of nail products with added benefits that will make them a must-buy; for example, hybrid formulas of pigments that take care of the color thanks to its active ingredients that hydrate and smooth. we invented Masglo Gel Evolution, which in three steps (base, tone and shine) and with 54 shades (41 iconic colors of the brand and 23 new shades for the collection) solved various problems, such as drying on 5 minutes, vital for multitaskers or for those who go to the beauty salon, but they must wait 20 or 25 minutes for the enamel to dry, and the duration is up to 12 days. It is like a semi-permanent without a lamp and with products that are friendly to the health of women, the manicurist and the environment, since we are free of 13 components that can be harmful to the health of the nail, and we do not test on animals”, adds Bohórquez , who also announced the launch of four new shades within the company's classic line. In fact, quick-drying products were the nail polish industry's first responses to the new world order. And “currently there are various options with the same proposal to reduce application time as gel manicure, which saves application time. By using this type of product, people can do more activities in the same range of time that it would take normal enamel to dry”, adds the WGSN expert. strong these days, in the style of the autumn tones that are beginning to cover the enamel menus. "Naural, Nativa, Fiera and Arisca will complement Masglo's traditional line, together with the recently launched Clinical bases, which are ideal for caring for damaged nails (Total Care is ideal for use after semi-permanent manicure systems or permanent, and the Base 8 in 1 stops the premature aging of the nails)”, points out the general manager of Masglo.

Colours, shapes and finishes

We understand that nails are the new ways of communicating beauty, authenticity and, in a way, even a woman's state of mind

Nails, new protagonists of 'glamour' ' and style

“Oval and square shapes prevail, and in terms of make-up, the French with smile line (in the shape of a smile)”, says Catalina Cadena, a nail art and fantasy make-up professional from LCI, Bogotá, who explains that It is a variation of the classic French manicure, but instead of taking the straight white line, it is curved creating the stylized effect. As it is specifically for square nails, the longer these are worn, the better. However, for classic men there are also proposals and, according to the makeup expert, "many get a polish, which is a manicure with a cream that gives brilliant effect. And for the youngest, the happy, ornate designs, with freehand figures and colors with no chromatic rules –indie nail makeup– are sweeping. wrong)“Gel-like and high-shine formulas that deliver two-in-one benefits will continue to be top trends for years to come as consumers, especially the younger generation, continue to use makeup and nail polish to express its artistic side”, adds the WGSN expert, who believes that the combinations of vibrant and dark colors and tones inspired by futurism and the digital environment (for example, mauve, lilac, grape and litmus), and crystals and minerals (such as green and pink) will also gain momentum.

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