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The 11 foods and drinks that stain your teeth the most

By hollisterclothingoutlet 21/12/2022 601 Views

It's hard to keep your teeth white. Many tasty foods are sugary or acidic, which means they slowly wear away the enamel on your teeth. Other delicious things like wine, tomato sauce, and beets directly mar the pearly white of our smile with all sorts of unsightly blemishes.

On a typical day you start with your coffee, at lunch you dress your salad with balsamic vinegar, drink a soda to wake up, smoke a cigar, make a marinara or curry for dinner, eat canned beets (after every meal, like us), then wash your food down with red wine...definitely the best way to stain your teeth. Already set, you can paint your teeth with brown and yellow paint.

The dilemma is obvious. How do you continue to enjoy these "vices" without leaving stains on your teeth? It will make you happy to know that it is possible to do both. We sought the professional opinion of a cosmetic dentist, Michael Apa, DOS in New York, who is so into this issue that he started his own line of teeth whitening products.

The 11 Foods and Drinks You Love Most stain your teeth

So we asked you to tell us which products stain your teeth the most, and offer some tips on how we can continue to enjoy these things while keeping our smile spotless and preventing stains.

The 11 things that stain the most

11. Balsamic Vinegar: “The dark pigments and sticky consistency will leave stains afterwards.”

10.Soy sauce : same thing.

9. Juices: “Fruit juices are a bit acidic, which causes teeth to become more susceptible to staining. They also contain sugar, which can feed bacteria and cause cavities while also staining teeth."

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