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«My furniture cannot be seen with everything we have received for the victims of La Palma» • Sevilla Solidaria

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"My living room furniture cannot be seen with all that we have received for the victims of La Palma," says Macarena Montilla, president of the Alma Artesanal Solidaria de Espartinas Association. Her house has become this weekend the storage point for all the materials received. "Yesterday the phone did not stop ringing and people were coming all day to donate," he says.

The initiative arose last week from three associations and solidarity groups that found it necessary to organize themselves to act. The families that have been left with nothing after the eruption of the La Palma volcano need help from all parts of Spain. And from Seville too. Thus, last Thursday the association Alma Artesanal Solidaria de Espartinas, SOS Ángel de la Guardia and the residents of the Nueva Sevilla neighborhood of Castilleja de la Cuesta finally received a donation of a container from the Boluda maritime group that offered to send it free of charge.

They quickly started up and thanks to the dissemination of the Espartinas City Council and everyone who has joined, the collection of material has been a success. "Above all, clothes have been donated but SOS Ángel de la Guardia yesterday brought 360 bottles of shampoo, gel, cologne..., impressive," he continues.

The collection continues today at the IES Ítaca de Tomares

«My furniture doesn't show up with everything what we have received for the victims of La Palma» • Sevilla Solidaria

The collection continues today in a container set up at the IES Ítaca de Tomares (C/Cristina Hoyos, 12) where the material can be deposited from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The most urgently needed materials are those for personal hygiene, as well as blankets, sheets, towels, pillows and mattresses. Everything related to feeding and hygiene of the baby is important (nappies, follow-on milk, compotes and porridges, wipes, body creams and gels, baby colognes) and weather clothing. Food and materials are also collected that can help the affected people to rebuild their lives when the emergency situation improves, but the priority is the previous list.

"Angélica and Julia de Castilleja are in contact with the council of La Palma that has our container," adds Macarena, still overwhelmed by the response from the neighbors.

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