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The four trends that 'Twin Peaks' made fashionable

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The horn-rimmed glasses, the oversized jackets, the paintings and the androgynous style. They all appeared in the series broadcast 25 years ago and are still valid this season

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Twin Peaks, the series that revolutionized television some 25 years ago, has returned —although it has generated countless conflicting opinions— . That it is a unique piece, that if David Lynch lost his mind... I won't be the one who comes to clarify anything —my opinion about television series has never been very reliable. But what I can do is dust off a bit of nostalgia for the past and remember the four times that this fiction created a trend in the world of fashion and that, although we didn't realize it, (almost) all of us followed.

Hard-rimmed glasses

Do you feel very hipster in your super-wide-lens and horn-rimmed glasses? Well, like most of the young people of the eighties, the characters of Log Lady and Maddy Ferguson wore oversized and colored glasses frames. The style came back into fashion a few years ago thanks to Gucci and it's still going strong.

Oversize jackets

The four trends that 'Twin Peaks' made fashionable

If something characterized the wardrobe of the series, it was the oversized sweaters and cardigans. Most were knitted with colored steals. This season, and the last one as well, was marked by jackets, t-shirts and shirts in their oversized versions. Brands like Mulberry, Burberry and Calvin Klein have launched their own version of the oversized look for both summer and winter looks.

The checks

The checked skirts simulating the typical kilts are a characteristic of Audrey Horne, a character from Twin Peaks. Her styling, inspired by the fifties, is one of the best known in the series. It seems that her look remains in force today, just look at the latest proposals on the catwalk from Tory Burch or Balenciaga.

The Androgynous Style

Josie Packard's style was always different from the rest of the protagonists of the series. In her role, she leaned towards a more androgynous and masculine appearance, something quite transgressive for the time. Suits, short hair and high-waisted pants are trends that are more alive than ever. Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stweart are just two of the stars who have shaved their heads in recent months and are playing with that idea in their style choices. And when it comes to fashion, Céline's most recent collection is inspired by this style.


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