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Outdoor plans: eight fasteners to eat on the beach or in the field with style

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Marina Sánchez

Spending a “field and beach” day, not figuratively, but literally requires a series of preparations that can be almost as relevant as the plan itself itself.In addition to the importance of not forgetting the sunscreen, choosing a cool set to spend the day and carry a comfortable folding chair on which to spend hours of relaxation, we may need to have a cold practice.

En TrendenciasLas bolsas térmicas y neveras portátiles más bonitas e ideales para disfrutar de un picnic en la playa (o la piscina)

With different compartments, round, rectangular, larger or smaller, ... as is the case with beach refrigerators (such dear summer after summer), there are different and varied models of fasteners that can adapt to our tastes and needs.

Therefore, we have selected eight Amazon models, as practical as beautiful, so you can choose your favorite and take it to your next outdoor meal.

We start with Amazon's best -selling model in the "Bento Seas" category.With an ideal, retro -style design, to bring your food to the beach.Its interior is divided into three compartments to separate food comfortably.As an outstanding feature, you can support your mobile in the Riambrera, thanks to the space for cutlery, which also works as a support.

This liber is made of natural wheat, and includes a cutlery game composed of a fork and a spoon.It has a silicone rubber ring and a pressure lid to avoid leaks, achieving a hermetic closure.Its capacity is 1200 ml.We find it on Amazon for 11.99 euros.It is also available in pink, blue and lilac.

Bento box, Zoneyan lunch in children

PVP en Amazon 11,99€

We go to an option for a more complete menu, with this Lékué model.It is composed of two containers with 500 ml of capacity each, which has a carrier-cubes space.Includes a band to be able to stack both containers and carry them comfortably in your beach bag or capzo.

In addition to your outdoor meals, you can use those days when you stay to eat at the office.Both containers incorporate a valve that makes them suitable for microwave. La encontramos disponible en Amazon por 35,01 29,35 euros.

Planes al aire libre: ocho fiambreras para comer en la playa o en el campo con estilo

Lékué hermetic container to conserve and transport food with cutlery, polypropylene, black, standard

PVP en Amazon 29,35€

Thought for the most classic.A sustainable set, with which to respect the environment, made of stainless steel, which retains the taste of food.Being made with this material, food stays fresh for longer, something very useful at this time of year.

This set is formed by three containers: one of 800 ml, another of 600 ml, and a third of 160 ml.In addition, it includes a fabric bag in which you can take them wherever you go.They are apotos for dishwasher, but not for microwave.We found the set on Amazon for 28.99 euros.

Navaris Stainless Steel Find for food - 3x Hermetic container in 3 sizes - rectangular 1400 ml - lunch metal box lunch

PVP en Amazon 28,99€

Waste style and elegance.A riveter with an original and different design, which combines the marble effect stamped lid with the white color.These are two stackable containers, which you can carry using the elastic tape that includes.

In addition to the two containers, it includes a cutlery game composed of a spoon and a stainless steel fork.The containers resist temperatures above the -20ºC and below the 120ºC, so they are suitable for dishwasher and microwave.We find it available on Amazon for 17.99 euros.

Binoster Fifter Bento Box Original Lunch Box Lunchbox Lunch Box Bundle Japanese Divider Style with stainless steel Spoon and fork (marble gray)

PVP en Amazon 17,99€

A lifetime riveter, a model that reminds us of lunches at school.In this case, it is a very complete lunchbook, with compartments designed for an entire menu.It is a perfect option to carry sandwiches and all kinds of healthy snacks distributed among the different spaces, since it includes even a hermetic tarrine.

It has a total capacity of up to 1.65 liters, and its size is 21.9 x 18.6 x 8.1 cm.It is a dishwasher, placing it on the upper grid of the same.It is also available in blue, pink and green.We find it on Amazon for 11.99 euros.

Bento to Go Fiambrera system with fruits or yogurt, 1.65 L, assorted colors (varies according to the container), 1 unit

PVP en Amazon 11,99€

We continue with an assortment of silicone colders.An ideal option if what you want is to save storage space, since they have a multi -layer folding design.One of the main advantages that they are silicone, is that there is no danger that they break or break with falls, resulting in very practical for your beach or field days.

The containers incorporate a breathable valve for better food conservation.Being light and being able to fold it, when you finish you will not have to worry about the space they occupy in your bag or backpack.Includes three containers: one of 800 ml, another of 500 ml and a third of 350 ml.When folding them, each of the containers occupies only 3 cm high.We found the set at Amazon for 15.98 euros.It is also available in green and blue.

Saracloth Folding silicone fossing for food storage in camps, 3 unit (pink)

PVP en Amazon 15,98€

Thought for your salad this summer.This liber is perfect to wear this Healthy dish wherever you go, since it is a round container.It incorporates a hermetic closure, reinforced with four tabs, and a special microwave valve.

In addition to the cold room, it includes cutlery so you don't need anything else in your meals away from home.It has a capacity of 1.1 L.It is suitable for both dishwasher and microwave, and for freezer.We find it available on Amazon for 4.99 euros.

Curver - Hermetic Smart To Go Lunch Round 1.1l.- Suitable for microwave, dishwasher and freezer - with cutlery - Lima green color

PVP en Amazon 4,99€

Finally, we finished the compilation with a liaberer for the most modern and technological.Although with high temperatures they usually feel like fresh food, it is not bad.

It is a model with a power of 40 w, which you can load even in the car, since it admits 12V/24V voltage, in addition to 110V-220V in case you want to use it at home or in the office.Incorporates a stainless steel tray that you can extract for better cleaning.Includes a spoon and stainless steel fork.Its size is 23 x 17 x 10 cm.We find it on Amazon for 27.99 euros.It is also available in red.

Timker 12V 24V 220V ELECTRICAL FIAMBERA 3 IN 1 FOR CAR/TRUCK AND TRUCK AND WORK 40W FOOD WITH TWO COMPARTMENTS Removable steel tray 304 Portable stainless 1.5L-304 holder and spoon

PVP en Amazon 27,99€ En TrendenciasVajillas perfectas para dar un nuevo estilo a tus comidas de esta temporada

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