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Picasso, beyond genius: misogyny, infidelity and abuse

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It has been characterized by many as a misogynist, a thug that put their 'women on a pedestal and then knocand narcissistic.Beyond her magnificent work, Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Mártir Patricio Clito Ruiz and Picasso can also be studied by the relationship with the many women of her life of her life.Undoubted genius with the brushes, the scholars of the Spanish painter agree that he did a lot of damage to the women he allegedly loved, whom he also treated and ruthlessly treated.Sources of inspiration and object of desire, I was spinning lovers and wives, being unfaithful if not all, almost all of them.

Picasso defined the erotic and emotional aspects of his creative expression throughout his career with the seven most important women of his life: Fernande Olivier, Eva Gouuel, Olga Khokhlova, Marie-Thérèse Walter, Dora Maar, Françoise Gilot and Jacqueline Roque.During World War I, from 1914 to 1918, the artist worked in Rome, where he met his first wife, Olga Khokhlova, a Russian ballet dancer.Olga dominated Picasso's composition from 1917 to the 1920s.At the beginning of his relationship, in 1918, Picasso painted elegant portraits of her as' Olga thought 'or olga in an armchair'.

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But after the birth of his son, Paul.She became her new muse and all her compositions showed expressions of sexual debauchery and surrealism.With Walter he had a daughter, Maya, who also appears in his paintings.When Olga learned from Marie-Thérèse's pregnancy she went to live far from Picasso, however they did not divorce for religious issues and remained united in marriage until her death in 1955 because of cancer.This relationship ended soon;A year after his daughter was born, Pablo met the French painter and artist Dora Maar, with whom he initiated a relationship.

Picasso, más allá del genio: misoginia, infidelidad y maltrato

Unlike Walter's portraits, Dora's paintings were more intense and turbulent.The reason was none other than the simultaneity of Pablo Picasso's two relations with Walter and Maar.They spent almost nine years together.Dora was a great photographer who documented the work of 'El Guernica' by Picasso, however he ended up abandoning this art for others and, in 1945, when Picasso began his idyll with Françoise he was so emotionally destroyed that he could not overcomeTo that abandonment.Dora ended his days in a deep depression and, after his death in 1997, he bequeathed all his possessions to his father and a monk who received a totality of 130 picassos and most of his photographs.

With the possible exception of Françoise Gilot, who had the courage to dissent from Picasso's controlling mentality and abandon the artist with his two children, the painter had an unfortunate relationship with all his women.Both Marie-Thérèse and Jacqueline Roque, her last muse and second wife she met when she was 26 years old and he 72, committed suicide.And when the artist's grandson, Pablito, was rejected at his grandfather's funeral for Jacqueline, also ended his own life.

Picasso fell in love with them and, in many cases, also ruined their lives, it was not easy.His modus operandi was always the same: at the beginning of any relationship, he represented beautiful and intimate portraits to those who followed melancholic canvases in the end.

In his memories, Marina Picasso, the painter's controversial granddaughter, strongly details the way in which the Malaga absorbed the essence of the women of his life: "He subjected them to their animal sexuality, domesticated them, made them, devoured them and crushed themIn his canvases.After spending many nights extracting its essence, once bleeding, it got rid of them ".

A definition close to the abuse that is not annulled when what Arianna Huffington wrote and published in his book 'Picasso: Creator and Destroyer' is read in 1988.In its pages it is ensured that the painter and sculptor from Malaga burned with cigarettes to Marie-Thérèse, which, in addition, took on vacation hiding it (taking advantage of her young age) in a summer camp for girls, since in that wayfed his ego by breaking the taboo with a minor.In the pages of this book it is also collected that, during the time that its relationship lasted, it frequently hit Dora Maar until they were unconscious, and there are several witnesses who claimed to have witnessed the beatings to which Picasso submitted to the photographer and artist.

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