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My baby fell asleep before making it wrong, should I wake him up?We explain to you

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Alimentación del Bebe
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Erurtos have an essential role in baby feeding.These eliminate the air that is ingested during breastfeeding and prevent discomforts such as colic and gases.

It is common for a little boy to sleep while eating, whether he is breastfeeding or using a bottle.As your belly fills, it begins to relax and enters a state of happiness that makes you sleepy instantly.

This behavior causes doubts among the first -time parents, since they do not know whether they must wake him up to do so to do or wait for him to do it naturally.

To solve all your doubts and that your child properly process the food, we explain what you should do if it falls asleep after eating and how you can make erructe while resting.Take note!

Should I wake him up to erruption?

According to the DRA.Karen Gill, pediatrician and expert in child development, it is not necessary for you to interrupt your baby's dream to do so to do it.

However, it is a step that you should not forget, since the accumulation of gases causes colic, pain and bad mood, says the specialized site Kidshealth.

Fortunately, there are positions and techniques that in addition to facilitating the expulsion of air, will take care of your little girl's dream.We show you below:

#1 Loan it on your chest

Mi bebé se quedó dormido antes de hacerlo eructar, ¿debo despertarlo? Te explicamos

The only thing you should do is bed your little.Once you have erruated, take it to your crib carefully and let it rest.

According to a study published by the National Medicine Library, when a baby listens to the heartbeat of his mother, his brain enters a state of relaxation that facilitates sleep and drives its growth.

#2 Upload your legs

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It is a very curious but functional technique.If your little one falls into Morpheus's arms after giving him a bottle or breastfeed.

This recommendation is perfect to relieve colic discomfort.

#3 side

Do you sleep in the same bed as your baby?This trick is for you.Lie down and accommodate it while feeding it, once you fall asleep, just palmaditas on the back to bottom.

In this way you will avoid waking it, you will respect its sleep cycle and manage to do it.

#4 Stand

Get up and place your chin on your shoulder;With the other hand, massage your back and wait for Eructe.Thus you can continue sleeping and release the gas without complications.

Take into account that sometimes, when the baby scholar, the milk can climb to its throat and expel a little.A cloth or wipe on your shoulder will keep you clean.

#5 Boca down

If you are sitting in a chair or sofa, you just have to lie down your little mouth on your legs.Múevelas from one side to another to rock it, and caress or rub her back until she expels the air.

A baby can stay asleep in this position for hours.

Follow our recommendations and make sure you give you the necessary tools so you can digest food properly and remain free of colic or intestinal discomfort.

Try it, your little one will thank you.

Do you know another recommendation that is useful?Write it in the comments.


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