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Relaxing punches.Thus boxing has become the new yoga.And yes, it's also for you

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Cuando en 2005 se estrenó 'Million Dollar Baby', no solo se pusieron de moda las boxer braids con la que se peinaba Hilary Swank. Pese al drama que es el filme, supuso también una caída de venda en los ojos, la de que el boxeo es cosa de hombres, algo muy arraigado en una sociedad donde tenemos grabadas en las retinas los combates históricos de boxedores que, más que deportistas, son ya un icono pop: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, George ForemanPuñetazos relajantes. Así el boxeo se ha convertido en el nuevo yoga. Y sí, también es para ti Puñetazos relajantes. Así el boxeo se ha convertido en el nuevo yoga. Y sí, también es para ti

Thus, today the practice of female boxing - which does not have to be against 'another or another', but it is worth giving a punching ball or learning the key movements, it is the so -called phytboxing or boxing without contact - it is more than extended.They keep their body and mind in this way Jennifer Lopez, Elsa Pataky, Pilar Rubio, Adriana Lima...

And their reasons have, let's see the outskirts.

The physical benefits of boxing

Those who are only interested in boxing for what he can do for the physicist and the organism will not be disappointed, because it is "one of the most complete sports, since it demands cardiovascular and toning work that does not focus only on an areaIn specific body, but it involves a large number of muscle groups, "says Sara Álvarez, founder and creator of the methodology and gyms Challenge 48 (Madrid)

Thus, the expert summarizes three 'legs' on which this discipline works.

Jesús Blanco, Master Trainer from Brooklyn Fitboxing, delves into its cardiovascular benefits."The main objective of the 'cardio' is to strengthen the heart and improve the health of the lungs, in addition to helping to burn calories.And boxing is one of the best options: it has the power to condition the body to make it an energy efficient machine.Intensive work exercises with boxing sacks, followed by the constant and accelerated repetition of blows and punches, are excellent for developing an improved aerobic and anaerobic breathing that enhances the effects of the cardio, "says the coach.

Blanco also stops at the last point indicated by Sara Álvarez."Boxing is not just hitting the bag.There is a head and feet play, defensive techniques, training to develop power and speed.It is a complete body training that involves the entire upper and lower part of the body, combining Hiit exercises with the jacket to the sack, "says the coach.All this also enhances balance, coordination and control.

Boxing is for all

Puñetazos relajantes. Así el boxeo se ha convertido en el nuevo yoga. Y sí, también es para ti

Learned the benefits for the agency, there will be many that are not prepared to put in front of a sack to hit, by physical condition, age...Well, they were complex, because as Álvarez encourages, "age should not be an impediment to doing any sport; the most important thing is to know our starting point, start more than more, listen to the body and stop when you need it".

In addition, experts insist that it is a very fun sport, a sine qua non condition to create a routine and the benefits are seen, and for the challenge there are already the trainers, which are the ones who will teach how the posture should work, thebalance, hit times, distances control...And, of course, the blows in themselves.

Another advantage: boxing is an umbrella that hosts different types under its wing.The most suitable for women, in addition to classical boxing or fitboxing, according to Sara Álvarez, are:

The well -being generated by boxing: outside stress

"Day -to -day frustrations stay in the boxing sack," says Jesús Blanco.

And not only yoga has the magical powers of lowering stress levels.Although it might seem otherwise, boxing is a nate.

This is because when the blows, "we release adrenaline and, consequently, and contrast, at the end of the session, an extra relaxation is achieved," explains Sara Álvarez.

Also, as with all sports practice, although starting training gives a little laziness, finishing it gives a feeling of achievement and more energy.

It is worth noting that boxing is also fun, and improves the general mood.It has a long time emphasis on it: "You work hard, but in an explosive and dynamic way".

Boxing: more self -esteem and trust

The simple fact of training, as Álvarez defends, will increase security in ourselves, "since we are going to see how we can conquer new challenges and we are able to achieve everything we propose".More in boxing, where learning of everything mentioned - mode, balance, blows, defenses - is done little by little, and the evolution is seen session after session.

Trust also grows with practice, also working defense or self -defense as part of complete boxing training."There are attack and defense movements that, although they are not used in a day to day or outside the ring, generate more security and confidence in daily life," concludes white.

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