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Amazon Prime Day 2021: A selection of fashion products with 20% discount for bazaar readers

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El Amazon Prime Day 2021 ya está aquí, y llega cargado de ofertas, rebajas y promociones de todo tipo de marcas y categorías que podrán disfrutar exclusivamente los clientes Prime del gigante del e-commerce. Chollos más que interesantes que podrás descubrir estos dos días en las diferentes selecciones de productos de tecnología, hogar, moda, belleza, deporte... que vamos a ir publicando en la web de BAZAR.Amazon Prime Day 2021: una selección de productos de moda con el 20% de descuento para los lectores de BAZAR Amazon Prime Day 2021: una selección de productos de moda con el 20% de descuento para los lectores de BAZAR

If you are not a prime customer, you can do it immediately in this link, benefit from all the bargains that Amazon has prepared for these two days and enjoy free for a month both shopping without shipping costs and the series of series and moviesfrom Amazon Prime Video.And do not worry, if you go down once those 30 days of trial end, you will not have to pay a single euro for the experience, although you are likely to not want to do without the advantages of being prime once the experience is over.

A 20% exclusive discount for Bazar readers

But if you still consider registering as a prime customer, we offer you a great opportunity to benefit from offers during these two days.These June 21 and 22, Bazar readers can buy with a 20% discount any of the 15 fashion items and accessories you will find in this article.Among them there are watches, suitcases, bracelets, earrings, skirts, t -shirts, shoes...A selection of products made by the writing of Bazar and that you can acquire saving you a fifth of the original price.Do not miss it!

To benefit from that 20% discount you will only have to go to Amazon from the links that we offer under the description of the product, add the product to your purchase basket and use the EMPRIMEDAY20 promotional code before completing the payment.The price reduction will be applied immediately.


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Tommy Hilfiger watch

The red, the blue and the white, the three emblematic colors of Tommy Hilfigger mark the design of this multisphere clock for men of the American brand.Another characteristic and shared feature with most of its products is the sports inspiration of the clock.Specifically, it evokes car races.It has three spheres: the day of the week, the day of the month and a third in matt navy blue with a sun ray effect.

As for the materials, it includes with a box of 46 millimeters in stainless steel and 12 millimeters thick, a mineral vidrio and a silicone strap, while the mechanism that keeps the clock in motion is of quartz is.Finally it has five bars water resistance.

You can buy it here for 152.32 euros, plus 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY20 Code

Fossil earrings

These slopes of the fossil brand are an off -road jewel: perfect for any occasion.They are the typical hoops that always have good to have, since they combine perfect.

They are made of stainless steel, so their durability is guaranteed (more.They measure 16 millimeters in diameter and are quite thin, so you can do sports, sleep or shower with them without any problem.In addition, their pink gold color gives them a very sophisticated and elegant touch.

They are delivered in a gift box, so it is perfect both to give a whim and to give them to someone special on any occasion.

You can buy it here for XX euros plus a 20% discount with the EMPRIMEDAY20 code.

Pandora heart bracelet

Another of the products that can be purchased with 20% discount from Bazaar is this classic brand bracelet of the Pandora brand.Manufactured in an alloy of copper and silver, it includes a colorful heart -shaped closure with bathroom in pink gold.

For those who still do not know Pandora's tradition, these bracelets are a magnificent idea to give mothers, sisters, daughters...And they are both a gift and the beginning of many gifts, since they open the door to go to the future beads in the future to fill the bracelet.Beads containing a message, tell stories or that simply are loaded with love.

Amazon Prime Day 2021: una selección de productos de moda con el 20% de descuento para los lectores de BAZAR

You can buy it here for 64.78 euros, plus 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY2020 Code.

Tommy Hilfiger T -shirt

A second Tommy Hilfiger product for this list.In this case, it is a short sleeve shirt in black (although you also have them available in white, gray and blue).It is made of 100% cotton, so it can be machine washed, and wears the logo of the chest serigraph (in white on the black of the shirt).

Among the exclusive details of the brand that includes this garment are the characteristic distinctive tape inside the neck and, once again, its embroidered logo on the top of the shirt.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros plus 20% discount with the Emprimeday 2020 code.

Women's print skirt

This Long Skirt of the Tommy Hilfiger brand is an ideal garment to carry in summer and combine the comfort and freshness that they want when temperatures rise with some elegance.They make it possible the fresh fabric in which it is made and its length to the ankle, which stylizes a lot.

As can be seen in the image, it presents a striking design stamped in red and blue, but combines perfectly with chromatically simple garments, such as shoes or a white shirt.

You can buy it here for 87.90 euros plus 20% discount with the EMPRIMEDAY 2020 Code.

Shorts Levi's

If summer was a garment, it would be jeans shorts.To go to the beach, chiringuito, to take ice cream or do tourism...They work 24 hours a day.Today, thanks to the Amazon Prime Day, you can get some of the Levi's brand at Low Cost firm price.From 22 euros.

This is the 501, medium shot, with buttons closure with beans.To choose the correct size, you must subtract 10 to your usual size.That is, if you use a 36, you must buy a 26 of Levi's.However, this model, being not very elastic (is made in 98% cotton and 2% elastane) it is recommended to add a 1 to the size.For example, if you use a 34, you must buy a 24 of Levi's and add 1, that is, buy a 25.

You can buy it here from 22.64 euros plus 20% discount with the Emprimeday 2020 code.

New Balance Sneakers

Long before the pandemic, the shoes had banished the heels and became the fashion footwear.But also, after three months without leaving home, with leisure and mobility limitations, nobody occurs now to put something that is not sneakers.

These New Balance 500 sneakers are perfect for this vacation for their touch peach skin and for their white color.

They are available from size 35 to 44 and also in navy blue, pink and black.

You can buy it here from 45.28 euros plus 20% discount with the Emprimeday 2020 code.

Vans t -shirt

The boss.You always find there the key to the result.And this Vans summer shirt falls on the flown and tight waist.It looks like a contradiction, but we know what we are talking about.Outline the figure without exposing;imposes a sports elegance.All of that is design, a success in the clothing pattern.

Although the classic option is the black color, it offers a chromatic range from the green thyme to the orchid violet, through several tones of gray and pink where the color of the logo even changes.

100% manufactured in cotton, soft and consistent, we must not fear good...For the twenty time.Nor is it disarmed.When the doubles after passing through the washing machine, you will see that it fits like the first time he left the bag.The lateral sewing in its original parallel, the round neck without alterations in the shape...

You can buy it here for 25 euros, plus 20% discount with the EMPRIMEDAY 2020 Code

American Tourister decorated suitcase

Choose well the design of this lize L and 96 liters of capacity, as it can accompany the smallest of the house or the whole family on trips for a few years.

In it, it is necessary to spend a summer away from home or to take the articles for a few days of family holidays, opting for a unique luggage for everyone.

It is a robust product and when it opens its great capacity, good design and quality of its components.

On the outside, the solidity of the plastic material is appreciated and the stability and ease of movement that allow its four double wheels is perceived by vertical.Directing it is very simple thanks to its adjustable telescopic handle.

It is spacious inside, it is carefully lined with a fabric and quality zippers and has cross straps so that the clothes remain in its place, in addition to a separator of zipper spaces and an inner pocket.

His three -digit integrated lock gives a plus of security and that is so particularly decorated not only makes it more personal, but also helps to stand out from the rest of the suitcases on the luggage tape.

This is decorated with the RD2D robot, the well -known character of the Galaxies War, but there are other models with Disney and Marvel motifs.

American Tourister, a brand that belongs to Samssonite since 1993, signs this article which, in some way, is a guarantee that it is a top -level product.

You can buy it here for 145 euros, plus 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY20 code

Casio Collection W800h

Although it is hard to believe, in the middle of the smartwatch, Casio watches have returned with more force than ever.Classic models like this, the W800H, despite not being able to connect to the Internet and lack other benefits, have other characteristics and functions and that vintage charm that does not achieve the most designer technology.Includes stopwatch, alarm, alarm function and automatic calendar, in addition to a battery that can last practically 10 years

Its silicone strap, as usual in Japanese firm watches, is very flexible and practically unbreakable.It is a comfortable and versatile watch that can immerse the water 100 meters deep.To consult the time during the night, it has a LED that illuminates the screen.

You can buy it here for 20.12 euros plus a 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY20 code.

Michael Kors watch

If you are a fan of the brand (there are people who are not?), You can't miss this chollazo.Who writes these lines does not usually wear a traditional clock, only activity bracelets.They tell the steps, calories, measure your dream and let you know when they call you on your mobile or send you a message.They are great, but, of course, when going to an event, be it a wedding, a birthday or a company party, because the plastic squeezes a little more and plays something more elegant.

Of course, he is also thinking about day to day.If you do not like the pink gold of the photo you have it in classic gold and silver color.The strap is stainless steel and you can adjust it according to your wrist.It is water resistant and comes in its gift box Michael Kors.

You can buy it here for 131.57 euros plus a 20% discount with the EMPRIMEDAY20 Code

Vero Fashion dress

The best of summer are vacations.The beach, the pool, the nights with friends and the ice cream.And also how comfortable it is to dress.Outside tight jeans and hello dresses.In addition, you don't have to be thinking about or below, in a few seconds you have it done.

This midi dress is cotton and you have it in three colors: white, green and meat color.Is tight, but it's elastic.If you doubt the stature, ask the usual yours, you have it from the XS to the XL.

You can buy it here from 16 euros plus a 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY20 code

Esprit hat

You have to protect yourself from the sun, and that protection goes beyond solar creams.It is important that we do not give us too much the sun in our heads, since it is a delicate area, so these types of hats come wonderfully well for the summer.You have it in black and camel and in two sizes, S and M.

You can use it on the beach and in the pool, yes, but it is also perfect for any other plan you have, since it is quite elegant.

You can buy it here for 25.99 euros plus a 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY20 code.

Desigual long sleeve t -shirt

The brand has accustomed us to colorful prints, so this long -sleeved shirt has surprised us.Of course, it has some details on the shoulders and dolls that are uneven 100%.Adjusted cut and round neck, it is perfect not to go cold on summer nights.Although it may seem black, it is navy blue.You have sizes from the XS to the XXL.

You can wash it perfectly in the washing machine and although it is adjusted it has some elastic to adjust without problems.

You can buy it here from 34.97 euros plus a 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY20 code.

Swarovski bracelet

This pink gold bathroom bracelet incorporates a transparent papé glass swirl that culminates with a brilliant chaton in claw sets.Its hinge closure is discreet and is integrated into the design.You can easily combine it with any set, both for day to day and for a more elegant occasion.If the pink gold does not convince you, you also have it with a Rhodium Bathroom.You have it available in three sizes.

You can buy it here from 83 euros plus a 20% discount with the EMPRIDAY20 code.

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