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Stradivarius returns to the knitted dresses of the grandmothers: relaunches the most vintage and tachycardic fashion

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    The second Stradivarius sales are going to leave you speechless due to the indescribable price of their chrochet garments, an absolute trend this winter season. The Inditex firm sends you the best traditional knitwear to your home in Jerez de la Frontera or the rest of Spain at a scandalous price. You cannot miss the selection of second sales made by El MIRA.

    Stradivarius is not going to leave you indifferent with the crochet garments that we are going to show you below. The firm founded by Amancio Ortega offers you the best crochet dresses and tops of the entire season so that you can rock this winter to the last.

    Generally, crochet, also known as crochet, is a hand-knitting technique with thread or wool using a specific needle known as a crochet or crochet hook, from which this work gets its second name.

    Stradivarius crochet garments

    Crochet sundress

    This dress with a V-neckline and crochet straps is all you need to succeed in the hot season that is coming. A delicate and precious cream-colored crochet whole dress. Minimalist, beautiful and that is going to fit you wonderfully. Do not hesitate and get yours.


    Braided crochet top

    Stradivarius vuelve a los vestidos de punto de las abuelas: relanza la moda más vintage y taquicárdica

    This V-neck top with straps, with a braided fabric detail, is the cornerstone of any look. At Stradivarius they advise you to wear it with jeans and a bomber, but there are many more options. This top is simple but very groundbreaking and perfect for summer.


    crochet vest

    This crocheted round neck vest with armhole sleeves is beautiful and will fit you wonderfully. A subtle piece that will lift any look thanks to its different and various colors available: pink, green and cream.


    crochet halter top

    It is a sleeveless crochet halter neck top. It has a very feminine sexy pattern that is characterized by not having sleeves but with a nice neckline. In addition, it ends in ruffles and leaves the navel exposed. It's available in various colors.


    crochet dress

    This is the most original crochet dress in the entire collection. It is a short dress with a halter neckline tied at the neck. Combine various pastel colors such as pale pink, lilac. green or cream color. It will suit you wonderfully.


    crochet dress de cenefa de Stradivarius

    This dress stands out for its V-neckline and its braided straps. It also has an exquisite color combination ranging from almond brown to black, passing through cream. Get yours on the Stradivarius web portal.


    sale prices

    Stradivarius is on second sales and it has been proving so. These garments have prices that are a real pass. The firm puts the opportunity to dress in fashion, follow the catwalk trends at an incredible price, just a click away. These garments have a minimum price with discounts that exceed 50%.

    Up to 50% discount

    But the best thing is that the sales break in with more force than ever in Inditex and for this reason these garments are much cheaper than usual. Visit the website to find the most useful clothes that will leave you speechless with their scandalous price.

    In Jerez de la Frontera

    Also, you know that Stradivarius takes them home. Whether you live in Jerez de la Frontera or in the rest of Spain, you will have your clothes on sale at home in just days. On the contrary, if you prefer to walk around and launch yourself into physical shopping, you have the option of visiting the establishments of the Inditex firm.

    Jerez Economía Moda Stradivarius

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