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10 tips to wash your baby's clothes

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Your newborn's skin is very delicate: during the first year, take special care in how you wash your baby's clothes.

My baby's skin

Your baby's skin is 10 times thinner than that of adults and is susceptible to irritation, that's why we help you to answer the most frequent questions about the process of washing your baby's clothes.

We answer the most frequently asked questions:

1. What product do I use?

Prefer it to be dermatologically tested.

2. Do I use fabric softener?

Yes. Choose one that will protect your clothes and help the softness and freshness last, but more importantly, one that is dermatologically tested, like Downy Suave y Gentil.

3. By hand or in the washing machine?

Both options are appropriate. If it's by hand, be sure to rinse the garment well so that no soap residue remains on it. If you opt for the washing machine, use the special program for baby clothes or the delicate cycle.

10 tips to do your laundry baby

4. What kind of fabrics should I put on my baby?

Put her in cotton clothes, it's very soft. Avoid wool and synthetic fabrics, especially if it is underwear that will have direct contact with the skin. Before washing your baby's clothes, check the type of fabric. The looser it is, the more prone it is to pilling and fuzz. Also remove the labels.

Benefits of washing clothes with fabric softener before wearing them

It is very important to wash your baby's clothes before wearing them to remove dust or dirt accumulated in the store. We recommend you also wash the bedding, towels, cloths... everything that will have direct contact with their delicate skin at least a week before their birth so that you have everything ready, including the clothes, sheets with which you are going to receive them and that you will carry in the hospital bag. Downy Suave y Gentil fabric softener will help you prolong the freshness and softness of fabrics and at the same time take care of your baby's delicate skin.

5. Can I wash the baby's clothes with the rest of the family?

Try not to do it for the first year of life to avoid irritating their skin or having certain allergic reactions.

+ washing tips

* Turn garments inside out before washing.

* As your baby's clothes are very small, put them in a mesh bag. This prevents friction, pilling, or getting stuck in the washer!

* Wash soft fabrics (such as cotton) together with smooth fabrics. Avoid combining them with thicker fabrics like denim.

* Benefits of using fabric softener: it will keep your baby's clothes soft and have a delicate aroma, but the most important thing is that it be ideal for your baby, like the new Downy Suave y Gentil that is dermatologically tested.

Remember that before you put any clothes on your baby, you should wash them first, make sure it is with a dermatologically tested fabric softener.

Were you able to wash your baby's clothes before he was born or was your delivery early?

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