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Supreme Grip contributes style and elegance to the street - Diffusion Sport

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Around the Street culture the most daring fashion of the moment is weaved.It is inspired and appropriates the trends derived from street garments, which are mainly reconciled with simple proposals such as t -shirts and sweatshirts, but above all with the Sportwear textile used on any occasion, not only sports.Is it possible to merge this style with a more classic and elegant one that can be worn in any circumstance?

Supreme Grip has managed to reconcile all this, creating a simple and winning project, in fact, we are spectators of the meeting of two opposite worlds: that of streetwear and the classic and elegant style.Its objective lies in creating a new vision that is completely diverted from the famous brand with which they share the Naming.In this way, Supreme Grip is revealed as the brand of the moment.

The firm has developed a male, female and child collection that, assimilating the Street vocation and skate culture, addresses a different and more heterogeneous audience.In the collection there is a real bond between street clothes and sportwear, formed by garments such as tracksuit and shirts that maintain a soft adjustment but, above all, a design that allows you to take advantage of garments not only for sport but also incasual situations.

Supreme Grip aporta estilo y elegancia a la calle - Diffusion Sport

It is a vision opposite to that of the street in which different aspects that identify it must be highlighted: Attention to detail, simplicity, comfort and versatility of use.In fact, even the most feminine products are "minimized" by elements that convert the look into more sporty, finally, the logo acts as a striking element of this change in the brand, leaving space for more sinuous lines, definitely erasing the chromatic memory of the chromatic memory of theClassic red background with white writing.

Supreme Grip has managed to reinterpret the concept of streetwear, raising it and combining it with something more heterogeneous, more classic and refined, maintaining a personal line but, above all, eliminating around it the label created with the homonymous brand, which has never deviated fromHis style linked to skate culture.It is a brand that has understood how research and detail attention can highlight the new concept, giving it a new, fresh, conscious and never seen character.He has also understood the need to expand his vision to a broader audience, a fundamental key to change of brand image.

Supreme Grip has made it possible for simple and impersonal garments, from sportswear to the most elegant and refined garments, can finally be recognizable but, above all, represent different types of personalities and be ready for any type of occasion."Elegant but not too much" and "sports but not too much": it is the perfect combination that encompasses this collection, allowing each different identity to express in the best way.

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