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Tania Llasera appears in 'Public Mirror' to claim the unification of sizes in all clothing stores

By hollisterclothingoutlet 28/07/2022 623 Views

The problem when finding your size when you are going to buy clothes from a store is something that we have all had to face in our lives.Therefore, Tania Llasera has used the speaker that gives her popularity to call on clothing sellers.

The episode took place on the morning of this Friday in a public mirror, where the presenter has been able to explain her claims that, although at first they were addressed to Marta Ortega due to her appointment as president of the Inditex group, she finally wanted to extend to the restOF TEXTILE SECTOR COMPANIES.

"I ask, not for me, but for all young people, because now the psychological problems have increased.That the sizes are unified.That goes by metric, like shoes, "said Tania Llasera in her connection with the morning.Susanna Griso has pointed out that, sometimes, when you go to a store in search of a larger size they send you to buy on the website and "that is stigmatize".

Walmart ofrece a una mujer una talla grande a la que llama "vaca" y levanta la indignación general

"For example, in Mango they eliminated Violeta, which was the store with large sizes, and tried to unify everything in mango, but they did it very bungling.You go to the store looking for a larger size and send you to online or take the hurro of the back room.It is humiliating.They make you feel bad and that is deplorable, "added Llasera.

Tania Llasera aparece en 'Espejo público' para reclamar la unificación de tallas en todas las tiendas de ropa

Griso wanted to know if this is a situation that also occurs in other countries United States, to which the communicator has replied that no: "When I buy in Holland, England or the United States I do not have these problems.Upside down.There I am the size s.I'm pulling normal and small.On the other hand, in Spain, women and people are a little smaller in size.Maybe that's why, too, they have always made me feel a bit 'Grandona' ".

"I am very angry to have to enter a store and buy a handkerchief, some shoes, a hat or an accessory because I have nothing," Tania Llasera criticized, visibly annoying.

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