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The best hydration packs for trekking, running, cycling or any outdoor sport

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We definitely settle in good weather, and that is always synonymous with going for a run or going from sport indoors to doing it outdoors. It is true that we are experiencing a gadget revolution to measure our activity or make our workouts easier. However, we forget that high temperatures are going to be one of the biggest determining factors in the coming months. And that forces us to stay hydrated. Las mejores mochilas de hidratación para hacer trekking, correr, montar en bicicleta o realizar cualquier deporte al aire libre Las mejores mochilas de hidratación para hacer trekking, correr, montar en bicicleta o realizar cualquier deporte al aire libre

For those who enjoy their running sessions in the city or in the countryside without having to think about hydration points along the route, the most practical and simple solution is to get a hydration pack.

From hiking to climbing or cycling. The padded structure of this accessory in the form of an elaborate vest will be our great ally on those routes to remote places. And without the need to occupy our hands with bottles or to transport them with the risk that always leads to them falling or making our journey uncomfortable.


Before acquiring one of these backpacks, there are several aspects that you should take into account:

-Size and capacity. Of course, supporting as little weight as possible is always the priority in our training sessions. And that implies that we must think about the weight of the backpack that we are going to carry on our back.

We can find many models with a capacity of 2 liters of water, which will offer us great autonomy during our outings. However, if your idea is to prolong your getaway or you think you will need more hydration, you can consider options with a higher load, although you already know that this will reduce your lightness.

Also keep in mind that the weight of other additives such as bars, a small emergency kit or some gel or cream can be added to the load for the liquids.

-Fit and comfort. Let's also not forget that comfort is another key factor when transporting these backpacks. The most advisable thing is to get a well-padded one to facilitate ergonomic support and that it is made of flexible material to adapt it to our body firmly and without moving during the journey.

It is also advisable to choose those that have adjustments on the back as well as handles that can be comfortably adjusted or closures on the chest and waist.

-Breathable and waterproof. Without neglecting comfort, there is nothing worse than carrying a backpack soaked in water if we run in the rain or due to sweat. It usually happens that if we do not have waterproof material or that does not perspire properly, we end up with a soaked back.

This makes it very important that the backpack we choose is made with specific material for these situations. Especially if we run in areas where the weather can be unpredictable or if we run with mobile devices, money or documentation to get wet if we find ourselves in the middle of a storm. In the latter case, there are waterproof pockets suitable to avoid this problem.


Las mejores mochilas de hidratación para hacer trekking, correr, montar en bicicleta o realizar cualquier deporte al aire libre

-Wash the container frequently. Do not forget that, unlike a conventional backpack, we will use it mainly to drink, and if it is not perfectly sanitized, it can cause bacteria to proliferate with moisture. The tube and the mouthpiece are two essential elements to take into account to avoid bad odors or leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Above all, if we fill with liquids other than water such as isotonic drinks.

- Avoid the temptation to put it in the washing machine or use soap, as it can leave residues. It is best to resort to special brushes and disinfectant tablets to remove those small residues that are more difficult to remove.

-Leave it open and hang it upside down to air it and allow it to dry properly. Of course, now that the hot months are coming, try not to leave it exposed to full sun, as it can deteriorate the material.


Its manufacturer describes it as "comfortable minimalism". And is not for less. This backpack weighing only 230 grams is made of breathable fabric and high-density mesh, with elasticity and super breathability to absorb moisture. It is compatible with bladders between 1.5 and 2 liters (not included) and has a total capacity of 5 liters and 6 pockets: a main storage compartment in the back, 2 front soft bottle pockets, 2 zippered storage of shoulder strap and a 6-inch mobile phone store.

Its light weight and its multiple pockets make it ideal to go running with it, no matter how complex our route, it fits perfectly and does not move.

You can buy it here for 39.90 euros


This is one of the most affordable options you will find on the market, especially because of its current 33% discount. Ultralight, it has a total capacity of 10 liters and is made of tear-resistant and water-repellent nylon. It is also designed with a breathable and padded back panel padding system, adjustable sternum and shoulder straps. Its front pocket allows you to store your mobile phone or small accessories.

You can buy it here for 12.60 euros (with a 33% discount)


This backpack made of water-resistant nylon fabric will avoid any unpleasantness due to the downpour on duty in the middle of the mountain. It has a built-in bladder with a capacity of 2 liters as well as multiple pockets to organize your accessories. Another of its strengths is ergonomics, as it has adjustable padded straps for comfort, chest strap, waist strap to meet your needs and a breathable mesh cover integrated in the back.

You can buy it here for 37.98 euros


You will not find an easier system to fill your backpack with water than this one. This Camelback brand backpack with a capacity of 2 liters incorporates a direct system to recharge the water tank without the need to remove the water bag and has an ergonomic handle that prevents any type of leak. As well as keeping your water supply fresh, the insulated cover features attachment points that make it easy to attach to a kayak.

You can buy it here for 49.10 euros


For those who prefer to carry the weight on the waist instead of men, this CamelBak brand waist bag is perfect, especially for cycling fans, although it is suitable for any type of sport. It weighs 310 grams and has a 2.5 liter capacity, 1.5 of which is reserved for the hydration bag (which also includes its own straw). The rest of the space has several pockets to store small items

You can buy it here for 59.15 euros (with a discount of 18%)


This ultralight hydration pack is specifically designed for mountain lovers. Its wide and breathable straps distribute the weight effectively and reduce the consumption of force so that we can run with great comfort on hard terrain. In addition, its soft and fine mesh lining helps to absorb sweat effectively.

Includes a BPA-free, FDA-approved, pressure-resistant, leak-proof 1.5-liter hydration bladder. It also has front and back pockets to store other types of belongings.

You can buy it here for 47.99 euros


If you like to have the little ones in the house for your excursions or sports activities, you should also think about a suitable hydration backpack for them. This one with a capacity of 1.5 liters incorporates the Glass-Like coating that is made with a special fiber similar to fiberglass, which prevents any plastic flavor from being transmitted to the liquid it contains and keeps the water fresh.

This material also features antibacterial technology that blocks the growth of bacteria. This allows both the tank and the tube to extend their useful life. In addition, it has a Helix bite valve, with a safety lock to prevent leaks during activity.

You can buy it here for 55.12 euros


It is very important to increase visibility as much as possible when it comes to playing sports outdoors. And that is precisely the purpose of the manufacturers of this ultralight hydration vest (it only weighs 130 grams) and equipped with reflective bands.

It is an option designed for short outings, with two pockets designed to insert 150 ml bottles. It also has a smaller one with a zipper and a rear one with more storage capacity.

You can buy it here for 19.98 euros


This Camelback cycling vest is specifically designed to fit the female body for the best performance on the trails. It includes a water bag to keep you hydrated as well as numerous pockets to store personal items. It is made with mesh designed to maximize comfort and breathability.

You can buy it here for 89.16 euros

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