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9 items you should have ready before your baby is born so you don't get caught up in a rush!

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The arrival of a new baby at home is a blessing and she should not be overshadowed by the anguish of knowing if she already has the essential things for her care.

Here are the essential items required for a newborn.

It is recommended to purchase the products at least one month in advance, because only 5% of babies are born on the date predicted by doctors; that is, some are advanced and others can be delayed.

#1 breast pump

This device simplifies the life of new moms. Regardless of the reason that prevents you from breastfeeding, thanks to the pump the baby has the possibility of drinking breast milk through bottles.

Even if you have everything you need to breastfeed (time, adequate space, etc.), pediatricians recommend having one because it encourages increased milk production.

It can also be used from time to time so that the mother can rest and the baby gradually learns to use a bottle, so that other family members can help feed him.

#2 Lots of scarves

Handkerchiefs or small blankets (also known as 'rags') are the undisputed allies for mothers.

9 artículos que debes tener listos antes de que nazca tu bebé ¡que no te agarren las prisas!

They are used when feeding them, to clean them when they drool, go to the bathroom, vomit and even when you help them burp.

Each handkerchief must be intended for a specific purpose (to clean your little mouth after eating, to dry the sweat on your forehead, etc.). The fabric must be extremely soft and must be washed with neutral soap.

#3 newborn diapers

It is necessary to have at least two boxes of diapers for newborns. It is best to buy from different brands, to try which one best fits the baby and to compare the quality of absorption.

#4 Wet wipes

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Wet wipes, cream to prevent chafing and talcum powder are essential for baby hygiene in the diaper area. With this, skin discomfort and discomfort are prevented.

As with diapers, it is important to buy from different brands to select the one that best suits the needs of the baby.

#5 Bottles

Another essential item is bottles for newborns. The baby has a very small stomach, so he must be fed every 3 hours until he is 3 months old.

#6 suitable crib

A baby sleeps about 8-9 hours during the day and another 8 hours at night; so his rest must be guaranteed with a suitable crib for him.

The place where the crib is placed depends on the parents, although the doctors explain that the newborn can share the room with his parents until he is 6 months old, for better monitoring and to facilitate his feeding.

#7 Clothes

A newborn needs basic clothes: onesies, pajamas, diaper bags, t-shirts and socks are the main ones.

The style will depend on the season in which the baby is born, if it is in hot or cold weather. In addition, it is not advisable to buy many clothes in a small size, since each week it will grow a little and it will surely leave it very quickly.

#8 Bathtub and bathroom essentials

Bathtubs are important, because they facilitate the task of bathing a newborn.

Bathing for the first time is usually a little scary, due to the baby's small size, but with practice it becomes an everyday thing.

It is important to note that during the baby's first days at home, only sponge baths can be given. It is only when the umbilical cord falls off that it can be submerged in water.

#9 First aid kit

A newborn kit should contain a baby thermometer, nasal aspirator, medication dropper, nail clippers, cotton swabs, and the pediatrician's phone number.

Do you already have everything to receive your little one? What a thrill!

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