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The kind of learning to be supportive

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Elves and socks, an idea that Lala Doniz launched in 2012 with the intention that there is not a child without a Christmas gift and was growing to become an oenegé with the same extended objective to children living in host houses,minors and adults at risk of social exclusion and senior citizens who live in residences and do not pass such a family dates.It is about contact.


La clase de aprender a ser solidario

It is also the moment of calendars.And more if they are supportive, because the amount goes for a good cause.It is already on sale for 5 euros that has made the protector Aloia de Tui, with each month starring one of the dogs living in the shelter, some already adopted but others wishing to find a home.Other Almanaques, such as the one carried out and starring professionals of Vigo health area, collected 6.500 euros, which they delivered to the Association of Organ Donors.

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